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One Year Ago Today, Tuesday December 30th, 2013 Anthony Quinn - I - Wrote And Posted This Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits' Weekly Newsletter On : BARROS Portuguese Port, Chateau Saint-Didier Parnac , Cahors French Red, Russell's Reserve Rye 6 Year Old Wild Turkey, TREMONTIS Mirto From Sardinia ... and More!

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
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Want To Feel Bubbly All Over?

COME TONIGHT for Part-TWO of our Big-Theme Sparkling Wine-Tasting , 5-8PM, No
Charge Everyone Welcome , Monday, December 30th, 2013. Taste & Buy In Time For
New Year's Eve!


THE STORE HAS NEVER, EVER BEEN FULLER, with more selection, with more product
behind the selection, never been better displayed or stocked and organized ...
and WE ARE READY for you and all your needs !

A Big " Shout Out " To Malkit and to Jagir for all their passion, diligence,
dedication and all the " extra hours " to being here and opening on Sundays now
to help any of you with " last minute " needs and requests! Thanks Malkit and
Jagir! THANK YOU, too for having the faith to invest in our current selections,
too : as we feel better-equipped now to handle any situation we encounter,
planned or unplanned!

CAN ONE EVER GET ENOUGH BUBBLY? I know, I know : not everyone shares the
bubbly passion. That's okay. That's why we have a full store filled right now to
overflowing with many more still wines than sparkling ones. Good. Something for
everyone : come check it all out and let us help you live your lives real and
imagined and fun and fanciful with whatever liquid libations 'n alcohols that
your heart or guts fancy?!

FUNNY, JUST BEFORE NEW YEAR'S WE SELL as much still ( non-sparkling wines )
as we do SPARKLING ONES. As some of you know we did our Sparkling Wine BIG THEME
Wine-Tasting here on Wednesday, December 4nd, 2013. We served 35 different types
and many of those are still here.

BECAUSE MANY of you could not come like Mark and Gay and Evie, Evan, Jim,
Richard, and so many more we decided to do another, smaller Big-Theme PART TWO
wine-tasting and to attach it to the wine-tasting that we had already planned
with Mike Cavanagh to taste more SALTON still and sparkling wines and also some
of the " new " OVER THE MOUNTAIN South African wines that Mike and his wife
Katie sell in their own import company called Cavanagh Family Imports. THUS : we
have five still wines which include from SALTON, in Serra Gaucha, Brazil :
1)  2012 Pinot Noir, $17.99,
2) SALTON  2011 Tannat dry red, $11.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume,  and the
3) SALTON " Flowers " off-dry, rather floral and fragrant and fruity white
blend, $10.99 that is 70% Moscadel.

FROM Mike From The Western Cape  , we have  ...

Seven Spring's OVER THE MOUNTAIN in South Africa ( as we celebrate both the
wine, and Nelson Mandela's inspiration and South Africa, too we have :
1) OVER THE MOUNTAIN 2010 Syrah, $21.99, 14% alcohol by volume dry red,
and ...
2) OVER THE MOUNTAIN Unoaked Chardonnay 2012, $15.99 a bottle, 13.5%
alcohol by volume

WE HAVE ALREADY SOLD many bottles of each so this will be a great opportunity
for you to try and buy some still-non-sparkling wines, too for tomorrow's
celebration as you may all tire of sparkling wines by then and want some still
wine to enjoy! This way you have choices, and you've just tasted them so they
will be fresh and exciting for tomorrow's celebrations!

WE OFFER TONIGHT Sparkling and Champagne wines, Prosecco , Cava, Vin Mousseux,
some dry , some sweet, some with more and tinier bubbles, some with fewer and
larger bubbles.

YOU WILL TASTE Sparkling Wines from Argentina, Austria,  Australia, Brazil,
France, Italy, Missouri, New York State, and Spain.


WHITE, ... like the NY State Vidal Blanc dry Shindig,$21.99...

ROSE ( includes the FABulous ESTANDON Sparkling dry rose from Provence, France,
$29.99 , and the STONE HILL, Missouri dry rose, 21.99 Methode Champenoise, and
the ... LOVISOLO dry Nebbiolo Piemonte, Italina rose, $16.99....and ...

RED  sparkling wines ( 2 types, one from Australia - THE CHOOK drier Sparkling Shiraz,
On Special for $19.99, 13% alcohol by volume, one fruitier  from Italy ), from


- 187ml size from France and Spain(  like CODORNIU, individual or packed as
three for a gift, ...

- 375ml bottles from , New Mexico - GRUET , Champagne, France - DUMANGIN,
$27.99 Brut rose, $29.99 Brut; Burgundy, France - BAILLY-LAPIERRE Reserve -
$12.99,  Valdobiaddene,Prosecco - ADAMI , Italy, $14.99 ; ...  and

- in Magnums ( From France, that's two 750ml bottles in each magnum, 1.5ml
size ), like the CHARLES DE CASANOVE Non-Vintage Brut, $71.99 - great value - ,
also a dry Loire Valley one  ...         and in

- 3-Liters from France and Prosecco, Italy - the FOSS MARAI cut-glass
bottle, beautiful, #179.99 a bottle ( that's four 750ml bottles in each 3-Liter
- like DUMANGIN dry Brut and dry Brut rose from Champagne, France!

LOTS TO CHOOSE FROM, some of which we will taste, others you have already tasted
or you have to trust us when we recommend it to you!

YOU WILL TASTE : 3 Sparkling wines you already have tasted. 21 that are " new "
and you have not tasted, and 5 non-sparkling wines listed above that we have not
tasted yet.

you have never tried any sparkling wines from Portugal and were not even aware
that they made any either.TONIGHT : We have the CASAL GARCIA for you all to try
at $14.99 a bottle!

the various ones that we still have from white to rose to red as well as from
dry to off-dry and sweeter still. Most of them sell for less than $20 a bottle
and have clever packaging and sometimes very classic, old-world labels as well.

CUSTOMERS HAVE TOLD US that they have never seen so many sparkling/bubblies and
champagnes here at one time like this. It's true. We have a whole selection of "
new " as well as " Favorites ".


HERE IS ONE TO ENJOY  From our 1st BUBBLY Tasting : Highly Recommended:

- LAETITIA " Brut Cuvee " Arroyo Grande Valley, CA.( $19.99 ) dry sparkling
wine was recently owned by the DEUTZ French champagne house and recently sold.
It has maintained the high quality of DEUTZ and for years we have enjoyed
selling it when it was available to us. It's made in a methode champenoise
traditional technique from France and I like the extra flavor and intensity of
taste that involves some yeast and some nice bread/dough overtones. This is fun
and exciting for us and perhaps a brand new discovery for you. TASTED On Wed.
December 4th, 2013 Part-One BUBBLY Tasting, Highly-Recommended!

BEER From Santos :

1) SAMUEL SMITH Handcrafted Fruit Ale " Organic " English ale brewed with
cherry juice natural flavors added. It's On Special for $4.99 ( 1Pt. 2.7fl. USDA
Organic  merchantvin.com ) is something that would be especially nice now with
this really cold weather. Also, my family is in London and I want to mention an
English product as I think of them. This is from the Melbourn Brothers All Saint
Brewery in Stamford, England.


1)DLC Cider Hard Cider from Jefferson, Maryland, $11.99, 7.5% alcohol,
plus all the " other " CIDERWORKS here as well, dry, unique, refreshing!

LIQUEUR : To Mix With Sparkling Wines Tomorrow:

1) Framboise-Raspberry from MATHILDE ( $12.99 a 375ml bottle, 18%
alcohol, make a lighter-brighter Kir Royale ). Also have the traditional Creme
De Cassis.
2) Premium Limoncello Lemon Liqueur from GIOIA LUISA, from Sorrento,
Italy, $24.99 a bottle, 30% alcohol by volume, blend with Prosecco!
3) Mirto from TREMONTIS, from Sardinia, $32.99, 30% alcohol by volume, be
fun and cutting-edge and give the French Kir Royale a " new " definition!
4) French Ginger Liqueur made with French VSOP Cognac from the DOMAINE De
CANTON ( On Special for $31.99, 28% alcohol by volume ) : GIVE a flavorful punch
of GINGER taste to the sparkling wine!
5) Elderflower liqueur flavor - Delice de Sureau -  of ST.-GERMAINE (
$32.99, 750ml bottle, Vie Parisiene en bouteille, 20% alcohol by volume , from
France ) : gives the sparkling wine a lovely elegant, delicate, charming
Elderflower taste. Cheers!!


1) RUSSELL'S " Reserve Rye " 6-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey ( $
56.99 ) is " new and Exciting " and well-worth the price. We had 55-year-old
veteran distiller of WILD TURKEY here a few months back pouring this as well as
all his other excellent small batches and " goodies " . Jimmy created quite a
stir here and we sure did have some fun. He knows so much and is willing to talk
about it and share with others. Thanks Jimmy : here's to you!


1) BARROS LBV 2007 Port on display, $29.99. This will make a great gift
and something wonderful to warm you over these remaining holidays into the New
Year. There are only three left so do not delay and respond to this email or
call Chris or me immediately. Cheers .... it sure does have some nice character
and many wonderful nuances of flavor.

FOR FRIDAY, January 3rd, 2014 we have Joe Buchter of LVDH Imports here from
5-8PM to taste a selection of wines from France, Portugal and Spain : RISCO dry
Portuguese red, $10.99, BARCO NEGRE Portuguese dry red 2009 Duoro, $12.99, VILLA
BARBI dry white Orvieto from Umbria, $18.99, and CHABERT Roussanne, $8.99,
French Pays D'Oc dry white ... and ...

SATURDAY, January 4th, 2014,  WE WILL HAVE Various Bottles Open Here at my
and Michel's choice. This will be fun. Now we have the CHATEAU St.
DIDDIER-PARNAC Cahors' Malbec red blend French Malbec 2010, $15.99, 13% alcohol
by volume. We will try and talk Damien to come by and taste his dry 100%
Viognier Cotes Du Rhone French white as well, $17.99 and his Old-Vine Granacha
Spanish dry red, too, the TEOREMA, $11.99! We'll make the call now and see! CALL
us here if you need to know, 202-363-4265. We are winging-it for the moment as
all our focus is on BUBBLES right now!

COME BY AND HAVE A TOAST WITH US! Happy New Year 2014 - as we say Bye-Bye
to 2013 - ...    and

THANKS from Malkit, Jagir, Michel, Louis, Santos, Sifredo and Tony ( me )
for a Great Year and all you support, patronage and belief in us. We appreciate
it, really we do. You all are the best. We are here for you, really we are,
without you we cannot survive.

CHEERS and do stop by anytime.... we are always glad to see you.   TONY

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