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Join Us Tomorrow 4 R Big-Theme BUBBLY Wine-Tasting, Free, No Charge, Try 40-45 Different Kinds From Around The World! 5:30-8PM Anthony Quinn's Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Weekly Tuesday Store Email : Enjoy! DOMAINE PFISTER Alsace, France, BOVE, PALTRINIERI, ANDREOLA, PERLA Del GARDA, GRUET, PIERRE MONCUIT, EDMOND BARNAUT, CANALSCANALS, CODORNIU - all fine Champagne and Sparkling Wines!

ALWAYS SAVE WEEKLY HERE @ Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits :

1) BUY ANY sparkling wine bottle over $20 a bottle and SAVE 15% OFF the
marked sticker price ( except for VEUVE CLICQUOT ).
2) Mix six or more bottles and save 10% OFF the marked sticker prices.
3) BUY 12 or more bottles of sparkling or still wine and SAVE 15% OFF the
marked sticker prices.
Includes Port, Sherry, Marsala, Madeira, Sake.

WEDNESDAYS : ( tomorrow because of our BIG THEME Sparkling Wine-Tasting
that is free here we will have special pricing of all sparkling wines
except for Veuve Clicquot that can get up to 20% OFF the marked sticker
prices. ) COME, Join US, Never any charge, everyone always welcome ...

1) BUY ANY Still Wine over $20 a bottle and SAVE 20% OFF the marked
sticker prices.
2) BUY SIX or MORE bottles of still ( non-sparkling wine ) and SAVE 15%
OFF the marked sticker prices.
3) BUY TWELVE OR MORE non-sparkling wines and SAVE 20% OFF the marked
sticker prices.
INCLUDED are Port, Sherry, Madeira, Marsala and Sake.
MIX THINGS UP. Have fun, get more of what you want this way. spread out
your experiences, too.



JOIN US For Our CHAMPAGNE/Sparkling Wine BIG THEME Tasting tomorrow night,
Wednesday December 3th, 2014 from 5:30-8:00PM. THERE IS NO CHARGE for this
tasting and so bring family and friends, office associates, neighbors :
EVERYONE WELCOME! This is the most popular event that we do each year and
people talk about it all through the year and get these really big smiles
and grins that cover their faces. It's fun to witness, always makes me
smile and grin, too. ALL Sparkling wines and Champagnes will be On Special
tomorrow during our tasting, and that's from Bottle #1! You can get even
better deals by buying six or more bottles or even more when you buy twelve
or more bottles. That can be assorted between all the bubbly we sell here
in the store, any size, any style ( everything except the Veuve Clicquot )
: SAVE and SAVE and SAVE SOME MORE.  ...   MOSTLY have a great time and
learn something as you taste, meet others and PLEASE BUY ONE BOTTLE Or More
to show your thanks for these Monthly BIG THEME Tastings that we hold here
and do not charge for.

WOW : What fun, we know how to have fun and to teach you bits and pieces of
things, as well as make your time here memorable  and an experience that is
both serendipitous, somewhat unplanned, and that will catch your attention.
That's the idea, we want to add positive things to your life. This is
important and we can facilitate this for you. Trust in us, we trust in you.

SO : It's Tuesday now and so today and tomorrow is all about getting ready
to finish 2014 with a bang, with a sparkle, with a grand blast, to close
out 2014 and reach out to 2015. We have our tasting with eleven tables and
between 40-45 sparkling wines to taste you on for you to better decide what
you would like to accomplish these lofty goals with over this holiday season
that started last week with Thanksgiving.

GAS PRICES are down and that is a tremendous boost to our economy we all
hope. Perhaps we can pay down some of our debts and also think about
spending some of our savings on a more special holiday season. That will be
nice, I hope that we can all accomplish some of that with some success,
especially if the gas coasts stay down for a longer period of time this
time? WE can only pray and hope.

SPEAKING OF THAT I read quite, for me, inspirational article in the
Washington Post newspaper on the Pope and his humble origins in Argentina.
I loved reading about the grandmother that raised him that was more
open-minded than her children that would not allow divorced people into
their home. I also loved the story about the nurse that saved the Popes'
life there that tripled the dose of the medicine he needed thus saved him.
It is stories like that, of personal initiative that inspire me and make me
smile broadly, really broadly! There are other parts of the article I liked
as well and I am happy that I read it, even mentioning it this weekend to
both my daughter and my wife.

ALE, BEER and CIDER From Santos Rivera :

1) Hand-Pressed Seasonal Reserve Hard Cider Naturally Gluten Free from
McKENZIE'S , $11.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 5.% alcohol by volume,
mulled with cinnamon and nutmeg, Seneca, New York,  ... : " Sip,smell and
savor the rich mulled spicy goodness of McKenzie's Seasonal Reserve ... "

2) Fresh Hop IPA " Celebration " from SIERRA NEVADA ( Purest
Ingredients, Finest Quality ), On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack, " brewed &
bottled by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Chico, California, and Mills
River, NC,... 6.8% alcohol by volume, go to : www.sierranevada.com for more
info .... one of the ' original ' brews from one of the first breweries
making fine, small-batch beers way back when! Most people have forgotten,
but SIERRA NEVADA has keep up with the times and is still very pertinent
and relevant! Cheers to an original, I notice and am pleased to report this
to many of you that may not know this.

3) Christmas Ale Since 1993 from BRECKENRIDGE Brewery that make fine
Colorado ales, On Special for $12.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 7.4%
alcohol by volume, from Denver, Colorado,

Hey, WE HAVE LIQUEUR and LIQUOR from Malkit & Jagir to share with you here

1) Superior Irish Cream Liqueur from THE IRISHMAN, On Special for
$19.99 a bottle and made from more than the 1% required by Irish law to use
in these creams, that's saying something and you sure can taste it, it's
fabulous! Love it.

2) Single Malt Irish Whiskey aged 16 years and matured in three woods
by BUSHMILLS, $89.99 a bottle, from Ireland, a beauty. Check it out for
it's ultra-silky finesse and taste.

3) Rhum Vieux Agricole 1887-2012 from CLEMENT, Edicion Limitee ,
vieille futs de chene are used to produce this flavorful yet silky rum, On
Special for $33.99 a bottle.

4) Premium Cranberry Liqueur from BLACK DUCK On Special for $17.99 a
bottle, 12.5% alcohol by volume, this can add just that right Cranberry
flavor, character and zip to many of your holiday drinks. Be creative, try
mixing it and see what you can invent! Cheers!!

5)  Preferred American Blended Whiskey with both an intriguing rare
flavor and a really fine bouquet, too, On Special for $16.99 a 1.75ml
bottle, in a plastic bottle to keep the cost down from transporting, 40%
alcohol by volume, a GREAT DEAL! Try some.

WE HAVE MANY BOTTLES of wine to interest you in but with our BUBBLY TASTING
tomorrow we will focus just on the bubbly here : 40-45 types to taste
tomorrow. I do not have time to list them here today but they cover many
countries and all price brackets , so come get a list from us here tomorrow
and taste if you have time. Cheers...


Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 : Our Big-Theme BUBBLY Wine-Tasting from
5:30-8PM, free, join us.

Friday, December 5th, 2014 ( 5-8PM ) :    still working on this, check our
Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits for an update ...

Saturday, December 6th, 2014 ( 2-6PM ) : check back for an update here ...

pretty big range of the sparkling wine world. Cheers and thanks again for

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you all,   Malkit, Jagir, Santos, Sifredo, Cesar,
Augostino, Chris and Tony

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