Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Drinking DEGANI Valpolicella Late On New Year's Eve DEcember 31st, 2014 That Just Turned To New Year's Day January 1st, 2015 : Wonderful, Grazie Alessandro Furlan!

  • Chantel DuBois Sounds very nice...I don't think I have ever had that...What is it like?
  • Anthony Quinn It is soft as the cheek skin as you go to kiss the rim of the glass, open your mouth just so to permit the bright red, translucent Corvina grape from the rolling hillsides of the Veneto in Italy enter your mouth with a lovely toasty red cherry, cheery berry flavor and a dry matt gloss of herbed spice and mature cinnamon round your palate and rock it in the gentlest of non-breeze inside your warm mouth to select and elicit the best it has tooffer come forward , the first and the second sips being essential to the third taste, to bring it all together, fleshing and meshing it all out, almost as if there were three players in your mouth, or at least one as an audience to the other two, the players being interchangable, of course. Lovely : in a word, I sip heartily now once again having written this all now off the tip-of-my-conscious thoughts ... you need to try some soemtime.
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  • Chantel DuBois You wrote that So well I could taste it in my mouth as I was reading. . I'm going to have to taste it now!
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  • Anthony Quinn The color draws you for forth in so into around UPon to curcle the perimeter of the glass with your captivated / cptivating eyes that, like around a volcano crater circles as if circling the eyes of someone for the third time as the glint of reflection of the dimmed room's lights shine just enough and are absorbed by yours as you find yourself sitting up momentarily as you descent or approach the landing of that glass with a clear and bright and musical medley of sound and cadence, nuance and noise that's calibrated ever so to just jostle and shake you so that you have to rearrange your orientation to both seat and glass and focus to get a good long draught, a sip to quech the imminent and the wave of flavors that you start to smell and that rush languidly and yet purposefully to their end of making you completely spellbound and entrance you at the entrance of thier three-ring play or circus of excitement and liquid translucent red tastes that have to be tipped to tongue, savored and tasted and absorbed to me completely believed and lived till you want to smile a shout of deference and sudden emotional satisfaction that is better with an audience of at least one, perhaps two, if you dare?!?

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