Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Anthony Quinn's Tuesday Weekly Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits' Store Email Of December 30th, 2014 : Cheers, Enjoy : Come Chase BUBBLES Here @ Cleveland Park!

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and
Want To Feel? Feelin' Alright?!? Dave Mason was, He & Traffic Were
Playing Up A Musical Store, a storm of sound and great cheer, just like we
are doing here today!

This Tuesday eve of the eve of New Year is beautiful here this morning
in Cleveland Park, breezy, a clear baby blue sky, some white clouds,
everything passing by, everything rolling past, people carrying cups of
coffee, one in each hand, that's four cups of joy for someone on a brisk,
lovely morning here in Cleveland Park, a ' happenin' neighborhood ', with a
collection of really wonderful people, too : many that are our customers
and we love that, really we do.

This Tuesday store email will be all about BUBBLY, all about the
BUBBLES ABOVE that I mentioned in the store header, we all need our share
of bubbles, and luckily for us all they come in so many sizes, so many
tastes from the driest dry to the sweetest sweet : we have some of all of
them bubbles.

We have BUBBLES here in all size bottles, too.

We have BUBBLES HERE from all the different countries.

We have BUBBLES HERE in all colors, from the palest whites to the
darker gold-to-straw-to-nut-and-honey-and-gold tints and squints and squats
and squares and wholes to fill all holes and the Albert Hall, too ....
ahhhh, a Day In The Life, where is that comb anyway?!? Any of you Sargeant
Pepper's fans? How many references, if any to BUBBLES are there in that

1) 2010 Brut Reserva Especial Metode Tradicional from CANALS CANALS ,
Spanish Cava, $16.99 : rich , flavorful, full, dry and creamy and complex!

2) French Champagne Brut from Ay, Champagne, France from AYALA, this '
Brut Majeur ' non-vintage is On Special for $49.99 a bottle. Come try some
of this delicious small-bubbles, dry and long-finishing, exploding
gracefully-middle that is quite rich and peaceful, too ... a great
state-of-being ...
3) ' Settimocielo ' dry blend of Lugana and Chardonnay grapes from the
PERLA Del GARDA in Italy, a magnum, double-bottle size non-the-less, and a
beautiful bottle and shape, with a beautiful and graphic and great design,
too label : it's part of : you see it and think and say immediately : WOW!
The ' Wow Factor ', and so well-priced. This in two regular bottles worth
of sparkling wine and it is On Special for $49.99 a bottle today. Come get
it today, or call and pay today, 202-363-4265 , and SAVE 15% OFF the bottle
price, and pay only $42.49 a magnum, 1.5ml bottle ... what a great deal. I
was drinking this last night with my family and we were loving it, really
loving the whole experience. It is a visual and a taste treat as it is so
smooth, so bright, no bite,not heavy, smooth and light-enough - just right,
fits all palates pretty well I believe.

4) SPRIZZ'ter Bianco Lajarda Organic from Italy, $8.99 a bottle, it's
very popular in Venice, it's fun, it's easy-to-enjoy, with grapefruit and
lime, makes a great sparkling cocktail, no fuss, great psychedelic label
that plays with your eyes as you hold it in your hand to see and read and
you sip more... and so inexpensive, PERFECT for a large party of happy
revelers celebrating the end of the year and the beginning of the ' new one
' ....

5) Clasico Spanish Cava Tetode Tradicional Brut from CODORNIU, this
sleek and slim and fun and sexy, practical, too 3-pack of 187ml bottles
sells for only $11.99, and can be enjoyed one at a time, or one when you
want just one big glass or two regular-size glasses. We love having it
here, it works for many of our customers yearly and is perfect, too as
gifts to offer, or late stocking-stuffers, last-minute gifts!
6) Brut Grand Cru French champagne in a 375 ( half-bottle ) size from
LOUIS SACY at $23.99 a bottle, for convenience, for easy-traveling, for
just two, romantic, tasty, long finis, and absolute delight!

We have BUBBLES HERE in shades of rose and delicate salmon and peach
to deep and even deeper textures and thicknesses and opaquenesses of said
rose all rosy all blushing all blue all cheery, all cherry, all strawberry,

You Can Read that I am quite relaxed as I sip my cup of Firehook coffee now
as I type. But it is joy and warmth and thanks that I want to convey here,
less seriousness, more casualness and relaxedness. YES, I was an English
major and here I am destroying and at the least rearranging the English
language and the words to suit my temperament and mood that is quite
cheerful and content now. I am awaiting your visit now as I type quickly.

We Also Have Red BUBBLES HERE from the delicate tint that is almost
transparent to the deepest and richest, darkest, dankest, most brooding and
blissful and blessed and cheerful-blued, too : from clear to cloudy with
more of the grape left in and not filtered out.

We Have IT All ... really we do, Trust Me , Trust Us ....   come on by, do
not be a stranger ...

R U Bubbly All Over? If not, you should be, come let us help you, it is
easy, really easy, wear your BUBBLE, your good cheer, your sparkle with
pride and freely, and share it all as that way we all grow, we all feel the
warmth and the joy of being alive and getting and giving all that we can

And Just From Melani on Facebook ...

Melanie Asher Happy new year Tony
47 mins · Like

Anthony Quinn Thank you Melanie Asher, I appreciate this, miss you , love
selling and talking about you and Aunt Rosa and your FABulous Macchu Pisco
and La Diablada, too finest piscos from Peru, part of the Cleveland Park
family of fine products from around the world. WE are also thrilled now to
be selling the wines of Peru here as of a month or so ago : dry and
off-dry, semi-sweet wines that are tasty and add something to our selection
here! Happy New Year to you and to your family .... I toast you all ,,,
always do .... TONY 12/30/2014
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THERE IS MUCH MORE to say but the store is filling so please accept my
apologies for not writing more! Come see us today and tomorrow and let's
share our BUBBLES with one another, tell stories, laugh, smile, relax and
get ready to celebrate New Year's Eve and ring in 2015 in style and in good
cheer, too ...

Thanks for everything, more to follow. Check our Facebook page for updates,
at : Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits to see what we are doing here on a
daily basis ....  TONY

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