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Anthony Quinns' Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits' Tuesday Weekly Store Email Of December 23rd, 2013 On : OVER THE MOUNTAIN South African Wine, Come Taste Them Here Tonight With Greek Wines, VOIRIN-JUMEL French Champagne, TOCCO Prosecco, ANDREA OBERTO Dolcetto D'Alba 2011, DOMAINE MONPERTUIS Counoise Red French, IL BORRO Tuscan Wine. LIEFMAN'S Goudenband Juicy Beer, DOMINION Baltic Porter Winter Brew And Much MOre : Enjoy, Come By!! Happy Holidays 2014 ALL!!!!

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

CLEVELAND PARK ALIVE and healthy and constantly changing and growing and we're
thrilled to be a part of all this! Thanks for including us in your rich and busy
lives ...

THIS IS THE TIME of our lives ...


Like Carroll that is never too old to learn. He and his wife shop here and come
by and call us all the time. They buy when here, we deliver sometimes. He loves
his GEORGE DICKEL, his MOET & CHANDON, his HARVEY'S Bristol Cream... but as he
said this weekend : " Tony , I want you to teach me. " I recommended the AYALA
Non-Vintage Brut French champagne ( On Special for $40.99 a bottle instead of
the MOET Brut Imperial Non-Vintage champagne at $49.99 a bottle. For the Spanish
sherry I recommended to Carroll to try the ALEXANDRO Cream, $20.99 : his wife
still prefers the HARVEY'S so we keep both. EVERYONE has to be happy, as Elmo
The Grouch said years ago on Sesame Street :  " Everyone plays again. "

WE NEED all our customers to feel comfortable and welcome here. There's a lady
that grew up here and tells amazing stories of spending the whole day
practically across the street at the Uptown Movie house and going to the same
movie more than once, the prices were insanely low and the whole day cost way
less than a dollar for so much popcorn, soda and entertainment : those were SOME

IT TAKES lawyers that are amateur photographers like Michael that bring us gifts
of their own calendars with their own photos in black-and-white that we use here
to record the dates when owners and winemakers will be here doing in-store
wine-tastings, as well as other " events ", from dinners, beer, cider and liquor
and liqueur tastings as we are equal opportunity to everything as you all are
interested today in everything!

WE ENJOY the shared experiences of so many like the quiet man that comes and
plays the lottery and that Stephen my friend and customer told me that I know,
that I speak to in French, and that wrote the story : " To Sir With Love " where
Lulu sang so beautifully in the movie and that Sidney Poitier acted so
brilliantly in!

AND OUR MOVIE STAR look-alikes : Michael that looks like Brad Pitt and his wife
Penelope that presents herself with the warmth and charm of Susan Sarandon, that
have a lovely daughter in John Eaton and Michael today needs beer for a good
friend and so has just selected some large format bottles like ALAGASH, some
Riondo " New " Baby Blue Sky RIONDO, $12.99, and other things, too. Thanks
Micahel, grazie Michael : he loves Italy and goes often ...

NASA'S ANDREA that we love and that always needs a three-liter bottle to give to
her dad each holiday season. She just stopped by and picked up a bottle each -
packaged nicely in wooden boxes of Spain's  :  1) MAD DOG 2003 red blend of
Shiraz, MONASTRELL and Canernet, $79.99, and  the  2) LIBRANDI from owner Paolo
who's wife had a baby recently that has tasted here with you all, his 3-liter
Gravello IGT Gaglioppo Calabrian Italin red 2010, $133.99, too. These two will
provide a nice contrast to one another and we have a couple of bottles each here
for any of you looking for a large size! Let us know how these two go this
holiday season Andrea? Cheers.

IT TAKES Clark that knows our favorite " Pam The Butcher " to come by for a
bottle of the BORGES' Ruby port, $11.99 that will be used in a recipe soon to
stop by and say " hello ",  ask : "what's a ruby port? I've never heard of it. "
I explained. Clark said he's sitting on a case of port at home. I asked him to
write down what it was so that we can better help him here. It may be a vintage
port, or it may be a Late-Bottled-Vintage port, or a Tawny or even a Ruby port
or a " Character House " style that shows the typical style of the Portuguese
port in it? Once I see what it is I will be able to advise him to to serve, and
when to drink what he has : IMAGINE : twelve bottles of port just sitting
there?! Good thing that they age slowly and gracefully and are nearly

THANKS Cathie, thanks Samantha for your cake and cookies thanks STEVE Our Eye
Doctor Across The Street for your gift of Pretzel-chocolate-covered treats ...

THANKS Melanie Asher and Aunt Rosa for your cinammon bread- or is it banana

ROMA stopped by just now, poked her head around the corner of our office, waved
and said : " Merry Christmas! " Thanks Roma for that and for all the great
visits and conversations over these many years. She just got a bottle of the
Eric Mellot " Sincerity " dry Loire Valley still rose, $10.99, a favorite, and
made by a fine Sancerre producer, too! What a value. We need all the VALUES that
we can get, can hold onto, not lose, remember, cherish and live with and by ...
cheers Roam ...

EMILY JUST STOPPED BY, she needed a red for lasagna, maximum cost $30 a bottle.
I sold her the D & N  FOSSI  Vino Nobile de Montepulciano 2007, $21.99, anfd
them two Croatian wines, a dry red Teran indigenous wine, from TRAPAN , $32.99,
and then the last dry white Mavasia from BASTIANICH, $21.99 a bottle! She wants
to go there and to Italy as she's Croatian on her mother's side. I told her we
would help her and that Scott of Monument Imports that will pour wines here this
Friday sells us the BASTIANICH " Adriatico : series and that perhaps he can pour
some, or Alex that sells us the TRAPAN can help her with her visit? Cheers
Emily, thanks for stopping by, thanks for your beautiful smile.

IT INVOLVES CALLS like the one I just got now from Tom that simply asked me on
the phone : " Do you sell Barolo? " I said immediately : " Of course. " He then
said : " Do you have any 2008? " I responded : " Is that all you need to know? "
He responded : " Yes " So I went to see what we had, returned with a bottle in
my hands and told him : " We only have Barolos from the 2007 vintage like
VIETTI, $54.99 a bottle. We also have the BRUNO ROCCA 2008 Barbaresco, $61.99
that's like a Barolo, from the same Piemonte region, using the same Nebbiolo
grape, and with similarities to a Barolo. " Tom said he would think about it and
call back if he needs the BRUNO ROCCA 2008 Barbaresco. I told him my name was
Tony. We will now wait and see? Cheers Tom, Happy Holidays 2013 I wished him
before hanging up.

IT SURE DOES TAKE A CLEVELAND PARK with a National Zoo to have spectacular
lights like those Holiday Zoo Lights that are so bright and colorful and that
present such a vibrant contrast to each other there almost side-by-side, one
tree after the other, and climbing all the way up the stark brown tree trunks as
they do! Wow, imagine of there was a structure to walk up in the tree tops like
they do in western Australia in the old, ancient trees just about an hour's
drive from Denmark, Western Australia that is so breathtaking! This could be,
too. Anyone ever thought of this before? Cheers. Good work, what a lovely
spectacle for this time of year. Bravo!

I GOT A CALL EARLIER from Beth asking me : " Do you still have the two bottles
of the JOHNNIE WALKER GREEN that I bought and paid for last week? " I said : "
Yes. " And then Beth added : " Tony, can you mix me up a case of
medium-to-full-bodied reds that I can give some as gifts and some for myself? "
I said : " Sure. " Beth came by just now and asked me if I had done her case,
and I said I had . We chatted, got her rung up for the case. Found out she does
marketing for Ogilvy Public Relations, that she's done work for Diagio . that :
" JOHNNIE WALKER GREEN is : " My favorite. So smooth and so nice. " Sorry they
are not making it anymore Beth. Happy holidays to you !

CLEVELAND PARK TAKES people like Evan that's organizing a tasting on the Tannat
grape used all over the world like in Madiran, southwest, France where it's the
best-known, as well as now in Uruguay and also in Brazil where SALTON Vineyards
is making an excellent version that we sell for $11.99 that made Evan perk up
immediately and want to try to include in his tasting of five Tannats for his
group that meets locally, they set up several tables  - up to twelve tables, and
each table gets a bottle to share . It's fun, it's entertaining, it's
educational, too!

CLEVELAND PARK NEEDS PEOPLE, TOO like Jim that comes with his Summer and his
Winter sampler of music mixes that he gives out for free and helps to spread the
world of music that is quickly dying and disappearing as it is old and not
available anymore. I sold Jim a bottle of this SALTON Vineyards' Tannat dry red,
$11.99, that he liked and wanted a case now!

OUR COMMUNITY @ CLEVELAND PARK is also about getting letters in the mail like
the one Michel just gave me from this very same Jim that addressed it to : Tony
Quinn & Michel Dumas . Michel loved how it was addressed : Jim ... Total Wine
Trash ... and wanted to see the label that's Jim's personal invention : called
:  FLEUR DE PLONK  2013   " Deep Dew-Dew Red  " ... Alc. by Vol 14%   ,
Bonaparte, and the Government Warning reads : " Changing patterns of female
pregnancy ... have brought us new drinking regulations. Visit our web sit - ...
" I cannot print it all here , ask to see the label and we will share it.

CLEVELAND PARK has people like Jane that we have known forever that loves French
red Burgundies, California Zinfandels, traveling, culture, the local museums,
theater, our wine-tastings, that knows well the same Jim mentioned above and
that have been at his home when he tastes the wines he has found while visiting
many of the lesser-known states for wine on his BMW motorcyle - until it was
stolen in front of another wine store - not ours - Phew! - and then opens these
various bottles with whoever shows up to his home on the Sunday afternoons.
Thanks Jim.


IT TAKES A GROUP , it takes many people, it takes many organizations, many
businesses, many individuals, many people of all ages and all religions, all
ways of life, all cultures, all countries, all colors and that's Cleveland Park
at it's most dynamic, most appealing, most interesting, most engaging ...

LIKE ...

Michon and Taqquiena that just came in with a request for a $10-$12 bottle of
dry white that would be good with a recipe from the book " Jerusalem ", a
cookbook by Ottenghi for Pan Fried Sea Bass. They are going to Twitter me with a
picture the results and how the PURATO Pura Sicilia dry white blend of Organic
grapes  Pinot Grigio and Cataratto went with it, $12.99. I had to bump them up a
dollar from their budget to have a wine with enough flavor to hold up to the
extra seasoning! They were cool with that, thanks Michon and Taquiena. Happy
holidays and happy new year 2014 to you both and your families, too!

We ALSO HAVE HERE Sarah that came looking for reds for a lamb dish. Michel
helped her. She had three bottles in her hand and asked me what I thought for
lamb ? 1) TERRA SAVIA Reserve Petit Verdot 2009 Organic California Dry red, On
Special for $29.99 a bottle, the  2) Chateau Cheval Brun Grand Cru 2009
Saint-Emilion red Bordeaux On Special for $31.99, and a bottle of the OBSIDIAN
Cabernet Sauvignon On Special for $27.99 a bottle. I said these would be fine,
especially with a flavorful version of lamb. Cheers Sara! Enjoy!

I WAS STRUCK , too by a visit from two of our oldest, charming and faithful
local Cleveland Park customers, Hona and Lidia. They have discerning relatives
that really know their French Armagnacs and Cognacs and needed to have some " of
the very best " in each category. Once I fully understood their request I was
able to really help them and they bought a bottle each of the PAUL GIRAUD Grand
Champagne Cognac XO for $70.99 a bottle, and the TARIQUET XO Bas Armagnac,
$82.99. That was just this past Saturday. What fun. I know that they will have
happy relatives as these are two of the very best! Cheers Hona and Lidia, happy
holidays to you and to your relatives. Travel safely.

WE HAD Nicolas' parents from San Raphael by Nice. It was nice to meet Nicolas'
father, Jean. Jean's wife Monique was shopping in another store. Jean and
Nicolas needed good French wines at a good price so I showed them some Touraine
Sauvignon Blanc On Special for $12.99 from Eric Fournie. We still have a few
bottles left of this excellent, full-blast-flavored dry Sauvignon Blanc! Now
it's just a matter of waiting and having Nicolas or Jean come back with their
report! Cheers, sante a vous, bonne annee 2013!

MARY ANNE just came by needing Marsala for a Chicken Marsala dish/ recipe and
she bought a small, 375ml bottle of the DUCA Di CASTEMONTE I.P.  D.O.C. since
1880  V.L.Q.P.R.D. for $9.99, going with a half-bottle because she does not know
if she will drink any while cooking, or serve any with the meal, though I
suggested she do both as Marsala was made for drinking and not just for cooking
: try some ; live a little, largely!

SO :

IT TAKES A CLEVELAND PARK to be all that we can be as individuals and as a
functioning group of people gathered together here for the wonderful but brief
and fleeting moments that we have here and on this glorious land and wonderful
and amazing earth of ours!

WE @ CLEVELAND PARK Ales, Beers, Ciders, Spirits, Waters, Olive Oil & Wines are
thrilled to be a part of this and of your lives. Thanks for that! Thanks for
your faith and trust in us.


DON'T WAIT until the weather turns nasty as it most surely will and soon.  I
implore you all to call , come by, think about what you may all need for the
rest of this December to celebrate your holidays with family and friends.

THERE'S NO BETTER TIME THAN NOW to shop as the store is filled with " new " and
" exciting " things in all categories for you to enjoy as the temperatures
tumble and you want to bundle up and enjoy that precious time you have off with
family and friends. Read on :


CHECK WITH SANTOS for the availability and prices of these below:

1) LIEFMANS Goudenband Juicy is " one of the world's most complex beers. An
aged Belgian Brown Ale... it is brewery-cellared for many months until it
matures, only then is it blended and bottled. " It's a 750ml bottle beautifully
wrapped in paper. Try this Belgian Brown Ale!

2) Tripel Ale Brewed With Honey & Ginger from BEERHIVE, this high gravity
series from NEW HOLLAND ( www.NewHollandBrew.com, Vintage 2010, 1 pint, six f.
oz, 8.4% Alc. by volume is made from Little John's local bees that create a
wildflower honey that gives a sweetness, an earthiness complexity with a snap of
ginger, too. Great with fresh veggies, soft-ripened cheese, fruit of late
summer, custards and biscuits. Fun, great package, great gift, too.

3) Baltic Porter Winter Brew from DOMINION ( a 6-pack, 6.8% alc. by volume,
12 fl. oz, made in Dover, Delaware ) is " a bottom-fermented lager brewed to
meet your need for warmth on a cold winter's night. Hints of licorice, toffee
&chocolate mingle with German Pilsner, Crystal, Dark Speciality Malts and a
touch of Rye giving our Porter a full-bodied taste. "


1) Nux Alpina / Walnut Liqueur Nusse-Noix-Nocino  from Osterreichisches
Ereugins, 375ml bottle size, product of Austria is here at last! We have had so
many requests recently for a walnut liqueur and there simply has been none for
us until we got this one last week. Beautiful, stylish bottle shape and
presentation and it, too would make a great gift for someone wanting something
fun and definitely on the cutting edge!


1) Vieux Carre Absinthe Superieure grain neutral spirits distilled with
herbs with additional herbs added is On Special for $56.99, 60% alc. by volume (
120 proof, ) and was a Gold Medal winner at the San Fransisco Spirits
Competition 2009. It's made and bottled by PHILADELPHIA DISTILLING and inspired
by New Orleans the old-quarter- vieux carre - the soul of the city. Great
package, great gift that will keep on giving until it's all done. Go to :
www.VieuxCarreAbsinthe.com for more info. Cheers.

Wines : From Michel Dumas and Tony -

WHITE - Try the full and firm and fragrant, FLESHY, creamy -dreamy 2011 "
Lamelle " Toscana I.G.T. Chardonnay from IL BORRO , from San Giustino Valdarno,
Arezzo, Tuscany, $30.99, that's na delight to drink with or without a meal - so
deliciously subtle and pleasing.


1) -Counoise, this " Cuvee " made from the indigenous grape called Counoise
( one of the thirteen grapes that are blended to make the famous French
Chateauneuf-Du-Pape ) at $17.99 from the DOMAINE MONPERTUIS is a real joy and so
fun and unique and special. You have to love it : I used it recently in one of
my wine-classes and it was a huge hit. You need to try it on for size, fit and
feel - you won't be sorry that you did. It will hold it's own against many meals
served at this time of the year.

2) Dolcetto D'Alba 2011 from Andrea Oberto, $21.99, 13% alcohol by volume,
from Italy's Piemonte region, this dry and tasty red will cut through many
flavors, may sauces, and really refresh and brighten and accent any meal. It's a
great food wine as it helps to highlight a food as the food helps to flesh it
out even more - together the combination is a piece of magic on earth, a piece
of magic locally here in Cleveland Park and around here! Cheers.


Friday, December 27th, 2013 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Scott of Monument imports
here to taste California, Oregon, Washington State, some great sparkling Cava
wine - the MONTEVICOR that's made from the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir grapes.
$17.99 a bottle - delicious! Colorful, festive label, too!

Saturday, December 28th, 2013 ( 2-6PM ) We have Regis here to try two
delicious and value Prosecco Veneto wines, One for only $10.99 a bottle, and the
TOCCO Prosecco D.O.C. Michelangelo TOMBACCO for $16.99 - bright, fresh, vibrant-
a whole party and so energetic and so dance-like/musical, too! WOW!! It's a
pleaser! ALSO the French Champagne, a 1er Cru VOIRIN-JUMEL Brut Non-Vintage from
Cramant, a Blanc de Blancs, $43.99 a bottle, 12% alcohol by volume - that's so
tasty and flavorful and mesmerizing, too! Another great winner.

Monday - December 30th, 2013 : Our PART TWO  Bubbly-Champagne - Sparkling
Wine-Tasting With a few still wines, too from Brazil ( SALTON Vineyards' Brut,
Muscatelle sweet, and their dry still Pinot Noir and Tannat mentioned above ...
and South Africa's OVER THE MOUNTAIN dry Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc and
Syrah dry red ... to challenge and please and surprise you all - in the spirit
of discovery and celebrating! Ohhhhhhh WHAT FUN! Come with family and friends,
no charge ever! JOIN US.

WE HAVE MANY MORE THINGS, TOO Of Course - but not enough time to list
everything. These Are But A Few of the SPECIALS we have going now here in
Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and we encourage you to come by in person and
check out the variety of beers, liquors, liqueurs, etc.

I'M SURE I'VE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING but it's time to post this.

I had a great  writing about Stephen Stills and Veronique Sanson and the concert
that I saw them perform in Paris on Thursday, June 1st, 1978 vers minuit- close
to midnight at the Palais des Sports at the Port of Versailles when I was in my
twenties... wonderful.

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CHEERS and THANKS For ALL Your SUPPORT!! Happy Holidays to one and to all and -

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