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Happy Halloween! Join Gabriela Tonight To Taste Her Fine Romanian Wines : Perhaps Tonight Because Of Halloween On FRiday We Can Refer To Her As Countess Drakula?!? Cheers : BOO! Enjoy, Join Us Tonight, Tuesday, Oct. 28th, 2014 ... No Charge ...

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and
LOTS OF SPOOKS and GOBLINS, Caspers The Ghost, Count Draculas, Harry
Potters, Princesses and Ariels and POwer Rangers and Dynamite Bonapartes,
Batmans, Spidermans, Cinderellas, Beauties and Beasts soon enough ...

TONIGHT, HOWEVER we have Gabriela that comes from Romania and she will be
here with her ' liquid red and white blood-wine ' to taste with you all,
made from indigenous blood-clones that have morphed over the centuries into
fine wine clones and hybrids and unique grapes like the Feteasca Neagra and
the Babesca Neagra that are bottled MONSER ( pronounced in Romanian as : "
Mon chere ", as well as HEREDITAS.

AND SOMEHOW the Cabernet Sauvignon grape got through the Romanian security
( Count Drakula, you are slipping ! ) and found it's way into one of these
HEREDITAS bottles and we will be tasting that as well as the indigenous
white that I, for my life, for my blood, for my very existence, I cannot
remember it's name now! HELP ME Gabriela, Michael, Katie : what's it

SO TONIGHT a much more reassuring vision and presence, personality and
pleasure and person and wine-educator in the form of Gabriela will be here
to lead us into the dungeons, the cellars, the haunted castles and
vineyards of Romania that provide us with some of the greatest wines
available to us, thanks to Gabriela and her husband ... and the prices are
all really reasonable, all so affordable. I think that the Cabernet
Sauvignon is the most expensive with the others all being under $12 a
bottle to you? Come tonight and discover Romania through it's fine wines.

NEWS UPDATE : We have Jean Gagliolo of Prestige Beverage Group with
Benjamin Melin-Jones of Clement Rhums of Martinique ( Benjamin's mother is
French and his father is American ) , and Benjamin and Jean have here two '
new items ' to us that we do not yet carry : 1) CLEMENT Mahina Coco, ...
and the 2) Limited Edition CLEMENT by JonONE ( the artist of this label )
VSOP Rhum. Here's Benjamin to tell you what he knows : " It is exciting to
have Clement by JonONE introduced in DC. Only a few stores will be able to
get this bottle because we have limited production. Clement Mahina Coco is
a new expression to the US market. It is a very light and luscious coconut
liqueur perfectly married with Rhum Agricole, which allows you to always
have a good quality coconut ingredient for your cocktails and cuisine.
Nothing else compares" By the way, we just had this past weekend here
Nikolai here tasting the Premiere Canne, On Special for $32.99, as well as
the CLEMENTE Select Barrel Rhum, $32.99, and both did really well. We did
not taste the orange liqueur as it was out of stock at the time. Cheers,
TONY   thanks Jean et Benjamin.

BENJAMIN JUST SIGNED his bottles of Rhum for any of you looking for fine
rhum/rum to give as gifts to your family and friends! This was fun, this
was serendipitous, this was totally unexpected for me and I enjoyed it
thoroughly. Cheers, ...

BUT HEY, Let's talk now some ALE and BEER and SANTOS RIVERA :

1) Pumpkin Patch Ale from ROGUE FARMS " Grow The Revolution ", ale
brewed with Rogue Farms Pumpkins , $15.99 a 1 Pt. 9.4Fl.Oz Bottle , 6.1 %
alcohol by volume bottle : orange in color, perfect for the season, perfect
for Halloween that is this Friday. How many of you might be sitting out
with Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus and Sally in the Pumpkin Patch waiting
for the Great Pumpkin to make an appearance, drinking this ROGUE ?!? What

2) " Nosferatu ", a Handcrafted Imperial Red Ale from the GREAT LAKES
Brewing Company in Cleveland, Ohio, On Special for $11.99 a 4-pack of
12-ounce bottles, 8% alcohol by volume, again, perfect now for Halloween
this Friday!

3) " Pecan ' Harvest Ale from ARBITA in Abita Springs, Louisiana, On
Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 5.2% alcohol by volume. I
just had a customer raving about how good this was at the register this
past weekend. I cannot wait to try it myself, I love pecans, love pecan
pie, how about pecan ale : makes perfect sense!

4) " Blast ! " from the BROOKLYN Brewery : " A decidedly robust IPA "
they say , for $12.99 a 4-pack pf 12-ounce bottles, with 8.4% alcohol by
volume, almost out, try some while you still can. Cheers.

LIQUEURS & LIQUORS From Jagir & Malkit :

NEWS UPDATE : Jagir's operation went well and he is recovering from it
really well and will be back home tomorrow. Glad to hear this Jagir. I was
thinking about you this weekend and so happy to hear this good news from
Malkit this morning.

1) CRISTAL Sin Azucar/ Without Sugar Exportacion Imported Ind Licorera
de Caldas, $18.99 a 750ml bottle, 30% alcohol by volume, is a cane neutral
spirit with natural flavors, from Columbia. This is very new and exciting
here! Glad to have it on our shelves.
2) Beach Plum Gin Liqueur from GREENHOOK GINSMITHS , $51.99 a 750ml
bottle, 30% alcohol by volume, ... " crafted with a rare, finicky fruit
with a prized, piquant flavor, ... " this is a really unique recipe.

NEWS FLASH : Mike Miller from BIG C Wines in Raleigh, North Carolina, and
Dwight Weidenhamer of Global Wines are both here now with two Chilean wines
I tried that I liked : 1) Single Estate Centra Valley D.O. Cabernet
Sauvignon, On Special for $9.99 from the CASAS DEL TOQUI and the ' Terroir
Selection ' Carmenere Gran Reserva 2009, On Special for $19.99, also from
the CASAS DEL TOQUI. Dwight also sells the AURORA CELLARS wines of Brazil,
great news, too. Cheers. Here is Mike to say something about his wines : "
Unique Chilean producer, these wines are not currently available
elsewhere... come enjoy! " Thanks Mike! Here's Dwight with his ' two bits '
of info : "  Delicious wines from Chile that won't break the bank. " Thanks


3) ' Wild Berry ' from ERISTOFF Black , On Special for $18.99 a liter
bottle, is a premium vodka with natural flavor and certified colors, 20%
alcohol by volume, , imported from France. Fun and new and totally
exciting! Imagine all the possibilities, all the blends you can create with
this and other things!

4) ' Aztec Chocolate Bitters ' from the FEE BROTHERS , On Special for
^.99 a 5Fl. Oz bottle, , made in Rochester, NY, ... wow, I just saw this
and am thrilled to discover this chocolate bitters with an Aztec flavor :
will have to do some tests on it here and get back to you with more
suggestions of how to use it. Cacao beans, peppers and spices : what a
great idea.

5)  Honey Flavored Vodka Alaska " Buzz "  is always so
well-appreciated here and they have ' tweaked ' the label and it's so
attractive. Come try some if you do not already know it.


TUESDAY, TODAY : SAVE BIG ON BUBBLY here today, up to 15% OFF when you
purchase and pay today. Call us if you cannot come : 202-363-4265. Cheers.

WEDNESDAY Weekly 3-Part Still/Non-Sparkling Wine Sale : Includes Sake,
Port, Sherry, Marsala and Madeira : Mix them all up and SAVE BIG :

1) BUY ANY BOTTLE of Still Wine over $20 and SAVE 20% Off the marked
sticker price.

2) BUT 6 or More Still Wines and SAVE 15% OFF the marked sticker price.

3) BUY 12 or More Still Wines and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker prices.

You may assort/include the port, sherry, sake, madeira and marsala bottles
( any size ), and also the box wines, too.

SAVE BIG here at Cleveland Park Wines each Wednesday on Still Wine
Purchases. Call and ask for Michel or Tony to help you. We also deliver
here in
the neighborhood. Call : 202-363-4265. SAVE BIG!

UPDATES From This Past Weekend :

1) The LALTRINIERE sparkling Lambrusco wines from Emilia did really well,
from owners Alberto and his daughter Cecilia, the " Bianco " is $14.99,
it's rare and exciting and soooooo much fun!

2) The " Palazzina " 2012 Sangiovese Superiore from Romagna, Italy was so
silky smooth, so polished, so bright, so elegant, without any oak taste,
aged in stainless steel to preserve the purity and the brightness of the
grape, and this weekend with Silvia the owner pouring it everyone seemed to
agree and like it. It was a huge success! Selling for $18.99, we have some
here for you all still ...

3) 2010 Dry red Spanish Rioja from the MAZUELO de la QUINTA Cruz, On
Special for $17.99 a bottle, usually $21.99 ... showing really well now,
nice with a meal. I like it a lot.

4) " Perla Real " Merlot 2010 Monovarietal from Spain's Jumilla region, On
Special for $14.99 a bottle : fuller, rounder, richer, thicker, a nice one
to sip a glass or two of and then enjoy a bit more with your evening ,
guests, friends and meal!


TONIGHT, Tuesday, October 28th, 2014 ( 5-8PM ) : Gabriela, perhaps for
tonight our Countesse Drakula because of Halloween this Friday ?!? Come and
taste and discover the fine wines of Romania!

FRIDAY, October 31st, 2014 ( 5-8PM ) : Come meet and taste with Jonathan of
Lanterna Imports the fine West Coast wines of DESERT WIND and also of DUCK
POND. What a treat : great dry reds and dry whites, too. Cheers.... help us
celebrate Halloween here with Jonathan. We will do a great job at both.

SATURDAY, November 1st, 2014 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Stephane Defot from Z Wine
Gallery Imports pouring some FABulous wines from both France and from

JOIN US : NEVER any charge, everyone always welcome.

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING ... follow us on Twitter at : cpwinespirits and also
LIKE us on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits.

COPPI'S Organic restaurant will be opening soon at the end of the block
where Lavandou used to be. We welcome Coppi's back that used to be next to
us and then it was a Ligurian restaurant, now it is an organic restaurant.
What great news.

THANKS AGAIN for believing in us, we believe in you, too.  TONY


IT'S HALLOWEEN this Friday, October 31st, 2014 and we will be ready for all
of you as you go off to your parties all dressed-up, or as you pass through
quickly with your kids while trick-or-treating with your fabulous young

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