Monday, October 13, 2014

CHATEAU PRETY Is Looking Pretty Good Still Today, Monday, Columbus Day, October 13th, 2014 Even Though It's Damp And Gray!

Happy Columbus Day all ... obregado Jandir, I drank some 2009 CHATEAU PRETY Beaujolais Villages ( `3% alcohol by volume, mis en bouteille au Chateau par Philippe CURIAL 71570 Saint- Veran, France a Murray-Sykes Selection ) last night a great year and I enjoyed while I grilled our chicken breasts outside and I was impressed how much flavor, taste, character, personality, and pleasure was in this 2009 Gamay red for me to enjoy. I likened it to having the flavors of the rain and the ground and the dirt and the mold and the vines and the leaves, all as if they had fallen into a barrel on the ground by the grape vines in the vineyards and everything had fallen in and the grapes had released their precious liquids and everything had combined to make a taste of so many elements, just like listening to an orchestra that does much the same with sounds. Cheers, TONY
This was grand, enjoyed the wine over a period of time yesterday and have just a little bit left to see how it tastes today, one day later, now on Columbus Day, Oct 13th, 2014. I liked the wine on so many levels and will be curious what the price is when I see Chris that gave me the bottle to taste and evaluate on this past Friday I believe? I am hoping the price is good. I would like to sell it now and tell everyone to go ahead and enjoy it during the holiday season over the next couple of months' or so as it is really showing well and I think that between $12 and $15 would be a really good price for it now. We will see, stay-tuned for more. Cheers, TONY

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