Thursday, September 11, 2014

Robert Kennedy Brings Today Thursday September 11th, 2014 To Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits The Fine Sudtirol Alto Adige Italian Wines Of KUEN HOF To Taste : Dry Eisacktaler Veltliner, Dry White Riesling And Dry White Sylvaner : All Delicious World/Class Whites! Cheers, Grazie Robert ...

KUEN HOF FROM Sudtirol, NORTHERN ITALY, comes to Washington D.C., Northwest, 20008 in Cleveland Park today for the first time with Robert Kennedy as we tasted three : the 1 / delightful elegant and bright and fresh and lively and a bit richer Eisacktaler Veltliner, the 2/ Eisacktaler Riesling that was most pointed and sharp and muscular, and the light and lilting and elegant and silkier Silvaner Eisacktaler, all three will sell for between $36 and $39 a bottle when here in October, 2014 /// what a lovely treat Robert earlier today, Thursday, Sept. 11th, 2014 to taste these with Marty and with Soren ... cheers, TONY

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