Monday, September 29, 2014

Rediscovering the Swartland South African Bush-Vine Hearty and Rustic Grapes Of Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and Viognier ( Only 3 % ) In The BLACK ROCK 2004 Signed Bottle To Tony By Eddie That's Caked In Brown Mud In Our Shed Outside Today, Monday, September 29th, 2014 ... Wow, How Did It get So Muddy?!?

Just a little while ago reconnecting with BLACK ROCK that was signed to me, TONY by Eddie it looks like way back when I tasted it with Eddie. it's a 2004 and it is from Swartland and is a dry blend of 75% Chenin Blanc, 22% Chardonnay and % Viognier, made mostly from bush vines that can survive in this rugged territory by the sea where the ancient Swart Renoster - Black Rhinoceros  - made this region famous as it is largely unspoiled. I wonder how my bottle got so caked in mud? Did it come this way from South Africa? Did Eddie bring it all caked in unspoiled Swartland South African mud? And if he did , or if she did, how did they get past our US customs?!? I think I got it this way out in my shed where I still make red and white home-made vinegar in the small barrels that then French chef Alain Planche gave me when he cooked at Le Rivage on the waterfront not far from the Jefferson memorial and just off of Mains Street. Remember?!? Anyway, I think the mud is fitting and so I leave it for authenticity. I ask Eddie to come back with a fresh bottle so that we may see what the current vintages taste like? Is that a deal eddie?!? Cheers and thanks for this, love it, love reconnecting like this. I scanned these two pics just now. Hope they reve some of this dry blends' flavors?!? TONY 9 / 29 / 2014

I just took another picture to show the word " Eddie " and I also poured what was still in the bottle to show, can't be sure that it is the original wine, I do make my own home-made vinegar, so it may not be the original wine, all brown and smelly and funky and murky, the ' authorship ' of it is in question, but fun to show all the same. Cheers, it's interesting to see what I get by scanning a bottle and shining a flashlight down onto the liquid to illuminate it even more, or so I hope. The jury is still out on that as I experiment. Cheers,   TONY

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