Monday, September 22, 2014

Nora Favelukes Surprises Me With Julian Inarra Iraegui ( a Basque name he says ) Of PROEMIO Wines In Argentina ( Export Manager ) Here At Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits On Monday Morning, Monday, September 22nd, 2014 Before They Go On With Their Business Of The Day! Gracias Nora E Julian!

I am here now with NOra Favelukes and Julian Inarra Iraegui from PROEMIO Wines and they are about to meet with tweo fine small wholesalers to get the wines that they just launched in New York a week ago ( " Everything is very fresh! " says Julian chuckling, " I have to be very careful! " more chuckles, Nora chuckes, too : : And I am delighted to see my friend Tony! " " At the end this business is about friendship and relations, isn't it beautiful? " says Nora ) : You bet it is is Nora! It warms my heart to see Tony, enthusiastic and full of positive energy. Tony and I sold Catena eons ago....pioneering times.....Salud Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello DC friends! here we are for meetings as Tony sayd. Hope to conquer you soon with our juices! salut

I copied and pasted this from our Facebook page that we just wrote awhile ago there while all three of us were together here at Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits on a drop-dead gorgeous day here in Northwest Washington D.C., 20008, in Cleveland Park a ' happenin' neighborhood! "

It was great to meet you Julian and to see you again Nora after all these years! Thanks for making our paths cross as you did here, what fun, so unexpected, so delightful, makes my day!! I do not even mind that I am here on my day-off as you have come to see me and I would not have seen you otherwise. It's a sign, a great sign, love it, love you Nora, always have!

Nora, great to talk about our trip to Argentina together back in 1995 when you were with Billington Imports and you brought Nicolas Catena to the United States and got his business started for him with Alfredo Bartholmaus' help of course. It always takes more than one, it's always a combined effort and one that is strengthened by the solid help and work of each member contributing.

I cannot wait to try these PROEMIO wines soon. You said Nora that I would be the first in Washington D.C. to try them, I am holding you to that. Cheers,  hasta luego mios amigos Nora e Julian ...   TONY

I added this at the end when I posted this on Google+ ...

Great to see you today Nora and to talk wine ,  Nicolas Catena, Catena Cabernet Sauvignon, our FABulous trip to Argentina in 1995 when you gave it 120 percent of your effort!,  Brazil, Tom Clare, Jess Moshbach, the MANOS NEGRAS Argentina wines, Range restaurant and serving the GUIGAL Condrieu white so cold I could not taste it - you said Nora that that is the way people like their wines today, Southern Imports, Barbara Ruppel, Valentin BIanchi, New York city, my portrait sketches, my art, my son, the gentlemen like Guilermo at the Embassy of Argentina, and so very much more, in such a short time : then I sketched you, two quick portrait sketces, what must Julian have thought of all this with photos and all?!? That's okay, that's life in the fast lane with Anthony Quinn and a great friend like you Nora! Gracias ... TONY  9 / 22 / 2014

I showed Nora and Julian these pics from way back when with Nicolas Catena ...

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