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My Anthony Quinn Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits' Store Email Of Monday, September 22nd, 2014 Starting With Nora Faveluke's Visit Of QW Wine Experts Based In New York City, With JUlian Inarra Iraegui Export Manager Of PROEMIO Wines, We Spoke Of CATENA Wines, Nicolas Catena, Range Restaurant, The Best Temperature To Serve GUIGAL's Condrieu Dry Northern White, And Much More ... Enjoy!

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So much to share... like Nora Favelukes' surprise visit just now with Julian
Inarra Iraegui the export manager, bottle buyer, decider of what and how much to
bottle, and so much more for PROEMIO Wines in Argentina ... this is what we
wrote and posted an hour ago or less here on our Facebook page, Cleveland Park
Wine & Spirits ... go and see the pics we took using Julian's phone that he sent
me asap ..

I cannot get it to work the copying and the pasting and am frustrated not being
a computer person, so go to our Facebook to read more about this.

I have known Nora Favelukes now for many years and she lives in New York City,
the ' Big Apple ', and I want to g see her sometime there to discover some of
New York that she can show me I am sure!

She is with Julian Inarra Iraegui ( it's a Basque name according to Julian, and
I am not to blame him as he had nothing to do with naming himself when he was
born, even though it is hard to write and remember the spelling of! You are off
the hook Julian, do not worry, it's on your business card and so I look at it
while I type, no problem!

Loved having Nora and Julian visit as I would not have seen Nora at all if I had
not switched schedules today with Chris to be here on this drop-dead, gorgeous
day which is normally my day-off as many of you know. I am so thrilled to have
seen you Nora, really I am!

Our Trip Nora to Argentina in 1995 with Billington Imports was one of the best I
have even been on ( a group of perhaps 12-14 ), and I tell everyone every chance
that I have that you gave 120 % of yourself to make it a great trip, and it was.
We had a magnificent visit at CATENA just as the annual harvest celebration was
beginning there in the town of Mendoza.

We arrived in the town of Mendoza and were pretty much immediately whisked off
to the park with the great open-air stage and we took our seats there with one
of the younger Catena's and her small daughter and her daughter's friends , and
we had meals packed in bags for us to enjoy while the spectacle of dance and
music and lights and sound and merriment, pure joy and relief and gratitude all
unfolded there with so many performers, right before our spellbound eyes. It was
amazing, it was wonderful.

We were there to visit both the CATENA winery in the northern area of Mendoza
and also to there to visit VALENTIN BIANCHI in San Rafael in the southern
region. We did both, too : and were the better for it all, being wined and dined
and made to feel special and like royalty and with the food, the wine, the
company, the good cheer, the country and the warmth and the joy all around us,
with owners and winemakers and Nora all so attentive and wonderful to us and
every whim and whimsy of ours. What more could we have ever wanted?!? Not much I
can still say to this day, not much at all.
What I remember after this twenty-plus flight to Argentina was a certain amount
of fatigue and nervous and excited energy and wanting and expectation and
hunger. The bags were a start, but a weak start and more was needed. More,
muchas mas did , in fact come later when we got back into the town of Mendoza
and around midnight or so found a restaurant, took our seats outside by the door
in a long rectangular table and ordered many delicious wines from Argentina as
well as much-need carne rojo / red meat : thick and juicy and succulent and
charred and steaming and delicious! Now we had arrived, now - ahora - the big
smiles covered all our faces and we were all brimming broadly!

The next day we were off to visit the CATENA winery and that was exciting. Nora
said it to me just awhile ago : that we were at the start, at the beginning of
some marvelous adventures for the wines of Argentina back in the 1990's. She is
right, too. Things were just starting to happen then. In the 1980's the wines of
Argentina were largely unknown and unappreciated. All true, it was a bit of a
struggle to get people's attention and to both open their eyes and their palates
to the splendors of Argentina's wines, imagine that now when the whole world
seems to be in love with them and with the Malbec grape that originally comes
from France's Cahors and Limoux region ( yes, we have both the Cahors of France
that blends Malbec, Merlot and Tannat often to make their dry red wines that
used to be referred years ago the the ' black wines ' of France ,  ...

as well as the ' Original ' Malbec , a 2012 from Anne de Joyeuse, depuis-since
1868 - from Limoux, France, south of Bordeaux and the Lot region where Cahors
is. This ' Original ' 2012 sells for $14.99 a bottle,  with 13.5% alcohol by
volume, and Certified Protect Planet By Bureau Veritas International ( BVQI ).
It is bright, balanced, fruit-forward, medium-to-light-bodied, and a treat to
sip by itself or enjoy with many a meal. Come try some, we have it on our
shelves now, and it is perfect for a drop-dead gorgeous day like today!

ANYWAY, when we went to CATENA the whole world then was in love with Cabernet
Sauvignon ( no one knew much about, ot talked much about, the wines made with
the Malbec grape, except for the ' black wines ' of Cahors that I have already
mentioned ) ; and the world was loving the dry and flavorful and complex white
Chardonnay that winemaker Paul Hobbs had helped them make at CATENA. This was
the news back then in 1995 when we were there, it was about this incredible and
tasty and complex and fine Chardonnay from CATENA made in Argentina that was not
at all until known for it's white wines.

No one knew yet about the Torrontes dry and aromatic and exotic/tropical-style ,
lively, bright whites that Susana Balbo would pioneer later ( with much dissent
from her male winemaker counterparts I am told ) at the time, and that has sold
marvelously-well since and prompted many of them to make their own similar
versions. It's called the CRIOS and we sell it here still.

Also no one knew then about the French indigenous dry white grape that was taken
there called the Saint Jeannet that we also sell now from ALLAMAND, called the '
Cuvee Saint Jeannet ", a 2012, $13.99 a bottle, that is, in fact a blend of 50%
Saint Jeannet and 50% Chardonnay, 13.7% alcohol by volume, that is flavorful,
tasty, unique and fun, and full-balanced and excellent with food in my opinion
than to drink on it's own.

We sell many Torrontes dry whites in all price brackets and the QUARA
Estate-Bottled 2013, $10.99 from the Vale de Cafayate, 13% alcohol by volume,
seems to be a favorite now for it's freshness, vibrant qualities, and real
balance and zesty taste, too.

Back in 1995 the Cabernet Sauvignon was king, and the CATENA was a real delight,
balanced, flavorful, best with food, and a great complement to a hearty steak
meal. We currently have the 2011 from CATENA, the ' High Mountain Vines ' that
we sell for $20.99 a bottle. It has 13.5% alcohol by volume, and for me it is
the better, the more balanced and tasty now bottle to enjoy from CATENA. I
always recommend it and am happy to have it here and to share with all those
that come in search of another Malbec.

From Cahors, France we also have the excellent CHATEAU Du CEDRE 2010 ( an
incredible vintage in that part of France for both Cahors and for Bordeaux ),
$29.99 a bottle, 13.5% alcohol by volume, tasty, beefy, earthy, pithy, perky,
great spice and flavors, and best with a meal, anything that you grill or that
is seasoned and marinated-well.

Nora and I also spoke of the Range restaurant, of Tom Clare, of Jeff Moshbach
and his wines of MANOS NEGRAS like the 2010 Pinot Noir that we have here from
Pategonia, Argentina, $21.99 a bottle, 14% alcohol by volume, the Red Soil
Select from Neuquen, Pategonia, Argentina. Nora, you have to arrange a trip to
Pategonia and take me! I have never been and that would be fun to discover as
well. It would have been nice, I told Nora, to sip and enjoy this or their
Malbec from Mendoza with our meal at Range restaurant and not some of the French
wines already on the list at Range a couple of weeks ago!

When I asked both Nora and Julian to pick up a bottle and hold it Julian picked
up the bottle of the ALPAMANTHA Estate Malbec , a 2010 from Mendoza, Argentina,
$27.99, 14% alcohol by volume. He knew the wine and I told him that the owner of
this organic property in Argentina, Andrej Razumovsky had tasted it here with me
years ago with Dan Terrasa of William Harrison when Dan picked him up at the
airport and whisked him right here where we have continued before and since to
sell Andrej's fine wines now for years. Gracias Dan, Andrej e Julian, glad to
draw attention to it once again. It's so balanced and fruit-forward and a
delight to enjoy now with a meal or age even longer.
So : thanks Nora and Julian, you gave me the start for today's store email on
this beautiful Monday, and I thank you very much for that, I really do. Thanks
also for the FABulous trip in 1995

BUT HEY, there is more to Cleveland Park than just wine. What do you have for us
today Santos ?!?


1) Sucks Brown Shugga' Substitute Ale from LAGUNITAS, 1 quart , 32 Fl. Oz
bottle, On Special for $8.99, from Petaluma, California, 8% alcohol by volume,
... what a fun treat, great label, bottle and packaging, too : along with really
fine ale!

2) Punkin Ale from DOGFISH HEAD, a " full-bodied brown ale brewed with real
pumpkin, brown sugar, allspice cinnamon & nutmeg" This 4-pack On Special for
$10.99 a 4-pack, 7% alcohol by volume, a 2014 vintage, in 12 Fl. Oz bottles is
available here now in limited quantities. Come get some while you still can.

3) Pumpkin Ale  U.S.A. Finest Selected from BLUE POINT Brewing, Long Island
Brewery, On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, ... a malt beverage
brewed with pumpkin & spices. Get some soon, we will be out pretty soon , as
always, buy some now, put it away, and enjoy when the time is right for you ...

AND From Jagir and Malkit we have in Liquor :

1) Gin distilled & bottled in Alaska by BRISTOL BAY, On Special for $28.99 a
bottle, 90 proof, in Wasilla, Alaska, made by a small, independent company
located at the foothills of the Alaskan Range , using ultra pure glacier water
and the finest grains, too!

2) Imported Vodka made with Bison Grass added at BAK'S in Zubrowka, Poland, On
Special for $22.99 a 750ml bottle, " rich in authenticity with an intriguing
flavor. " It's 40 % alcohol by volume, this is the real thing, come by and
experience it for yourselves. Excellent anytime that you want to add any apple
taste with vodka, really complements the flavors in an apple. Cheers.

3) Anejo Superior Rum from BRUGAL in the Dominican Republic, On Special for
$19.99 a bottle of 750ml size, it is double-distilled, aged in oak casks for
extra balance and smooth flavors, and I LOVE the rich, deep color that the oak
barrels give it, makes me feel good, draws me closer, makes me want to linger
and taste and take a sip or two or three or four ...

4) Beach Plum Gin Liqueur from GREENHOOK GINSMITHS , $51.99 a bottle 750ml size,
30% alcohol by volume, from Brooklyn, ... the base being cane sugar. " Enjoy our
Atisan Gin Liqueur inspired by the traditional,English Sloe Gin " says Steven
5) The Peat Monster Blended Malt Scotch Whiskey from the COMPASS BOX Whisky Co.
, $58.99 a 750ml bottle, with natural colour, non-chill filtered, 46% alcohol by
volume, ... is ' new and exciting. " Come check it out, come try some ..

SALE of up to 15 % and 20 % Tues/ Wed.!

SAVE TOMORROW, Tuesday up to 15% on sparkling wine and on Wednesday, save up to
20 % on still/ non-sparkling wines, same as every Tuesday and Wednesday! Cheers

Four more wines :

1) Vinho Verde Dry white Portuguese wines from SANTOLA, $7.99 is a perfect
wine for this warmth and sunshine, love it, love it a lot!

2) Sweet Cabernet Sauvignon from California, a fruity , delicious red to
chill and enjoy anytime, with or without food, $10.99 a bottle, no tannins , no
acids, just ripe, pure fruit of Cab Sauv! Yeahhhh!

3) Blanc De Cabernet Sauvignon, a 2012 from Moldova, tastes of pure ,
fresh, barely fermented Cabernet Fruit and richness, ripeness and sunshine and
is a delight to sip anytime, with or without a meal, $11.99 a bottle, 13%
alcohol by volume ...

I am prompted to write about this Moldovan Cabernet white now as I just tasted
with Stephan Murray-Sykes  a bottle of cloudy, unfiltered dry white Cabernet
Sauvignon in a Bordeaux bottle, the CHATEAU le QUEYROUX Blanc de Noir 2013 that
was delicious and which we will sell, recommend here at $34.99 a bottle. So fun
and exciting, so utterly different and unexpected, too! There is always a first
time, even for me after more than thirty years ...

4) 2013 Pinot Noir from New Zealand called the BETTER HALF ( referring to
the husband of Jules Taylor that makes this . ) Jody Jackman our loved Winebow
rep tasted this with our customers here a couple of Friday's ago. Chill it
thirty minutes and enjoy it now in this unbridled sunshine of this
almost-perfect Monday ...

5) Late Harvest Hungarian white sweet blend of grapes, a late-harvest  half
bottle, $16.99, that Andrew Stover poured here this weekend, 11.5% alcohol by
volume, that was so amazing, so wonderful, so distinct and balanced, flavorful,
edgy, I loved it all over again having already written about it and loved it at
the beach on the ' super moon ' night in early August. Cheers, enjoy!


Friday,  September 26th, 2014 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Eric Platt here to taste
some superb New Zealand wines of SIEFRIED, FORREST ESTATE, perhaps even the '
Sparklin' Savie Sauvignon Blanc, their Pinot Gris perhaps, their excellent
Sauvignon Blanc?!? So many choices, join us ... never any charge.

Saturday, September 27th, 2-6PM : We have Kelly Burgess here of the STELLAR
ORGANICS wines of South Africa to do a tasting of little sulfur, none-added
during the wine-making process, etc,... Shiraz, Cabernet and Merlot and Pinotage
reds, and maybe a Chardonnay, too?!? Will see, have to talk with Andrew Webber
our local rep for them tomorrow.

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, call if you need a delivery at " 202-363-4265, follow us
on Twitter at : cpwinespirits, LIKE us on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wine And
Spirits ... cheers, happy Monday!   TONY

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