Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Matt Daniels Stops By Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits To Taste CVNE Monopole Dry Spanish White, CVNE Crianza 2011 Rioja Red, SANTO RISTO Garnacha Red , the 2011 MAURO Red, Too ... & LUSTAU Pedro Ximenez Sherry Was It Matt?!? On Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 : Great Start To The Day Today! Thanks - Gracias Matt!

Matt Daniels brought by some pretty special Spanish dry reds and whites for me to taste this Tuesday around noon . he had a list, I scanned it and said that this is pretty impressive and he said something like he knew that with a smile on his face, the MAURO I will sell for $60 a bottle,...

 the GRANBAZAN Albarino Green Bottle -  the intro  - not the brown bottle, wow, so balanced, so fine, so pure and fresh and balanced and appealing, loved it.

Then Matt poured the CVNE white after and it was simply too awkward for me after the lightness, airiness and lilt and swag of the Albarino, lovely, yes, but definitely a food wine and some appetizers liked some fried calamari perhaps would have brought it to life and made it sing to me in a language I would want to learn immediately even if I did not know it already! he Crianza 2011 CVNE Rioja red pleased me enormously because it was fleshier, meatier, more red red blood, sweet red blood color and taste, and I loved the balance and it's frame-o-reference, and it's scope : lovely, also reasonably-priced.

 I also liked the SANTO RISTO Garnacha that is pictured here as it will sell for around $12 and it delivers pretty much everything to enjoy these fall days, and enjoy them thoroughly, immediately, with or without a meal.

 AND : the 2011  Maura was amazing, more forward and more fruit-centered and fleshier and brighter and better-balanced than I remember, still quite young and yet very approachable now with a meal. his was a fine tasting Matt and we will enjoy getting these this week. Cheers,  TONY

Matt promises to come back with some of the LUSTAU sherries for me to try once again and we have some of the Fino coming back this week! Cheers. It's beautiful fall weather here now and perfect for all of these selections.    TONY

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