Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Billy Brobett of Republic National Distributors Brings Niamh Buckley Of The KILBEGGAN Distilling Company Here Today, Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 To Taste The Line Of Five Irish Whiskies With Malkit Singh And Me, Anthony Quinn, We Have Set Up An In/Store Irish Whisky Tasting In Two Weeks Here, Join Us, Free, No Charge, We Already Have Three In Stock! Thanks Billy And Niamh...

Just had our local rep Bill Brobett of the Republic National Distributors with Niamh Buckley , New jersey Irish rep for 2Gingers, Kilbeggan Distilling Co., Connomara and Tyrconnell Irish whiskies come and taste with Malkit Singh and me / Anthony Quinn / and we just tried these, starting with the 2Ginger. My immediate comment was how smooth and silky and velvety it and the others, as I tasted them, one after the other , are/were! I was pleased, I was impressed, I was smiling and happy that we already had three here to sell and offer you all. We talked about doing and in/store Irish whiskey tasting here. I said it was a great idea as there is a lot of interest in this category, and they are all so smooth and silky next to many of the Scotch whiskies, so together both groups complement the other and that is great.

We have :

1/ 2Gingers Irish Whiskey, $21.99 a 750ml bottle, 40 percent alcohol by volume, I liked it from the very first sip, and I liked the name that is named after two of the redheads in the family as the term " ginger " is what they call redheads. I like that, I like it a lot, nice, just like this 2Gonger is, and quite the value, too.

2/ The TYRCONNELL Single Malt Whiskey , $39.99 a 750ml bottle, , est 1762, distilled , matured and bottled in Ireland by Andrew A. Watt and Co. is quite elegant, more body, more weight, more slight bite around the edges, and yet so pleasing and smooth,,, I like it, too, and told Niamh that we have had it the longest of the three I believe?

3/ CONNEMARA Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey, $ 50.99 a 750ml bottle, was the strongest and last that we tasted and right from the bouquet alone it was my least favorite. I told Niamh, however that for a peated whiskey that for me it was the most feminine, pleasing and easy to enjoy.

I would rather, however, drink the 2Gingers and the Greenore that we do not have yet as it is even thicker, creamier and sweeter and rounder than the 2Gingers.

In 2 weeks we will taste all of them here with Billy or someone else from the company. Who knows, we may even be lucky enough to get Niamh Buckley to come down from New Jersey and do the tasting here herself?!? We can always hope? It would be a great platform for her and also for us and we do have Nanny O'Briens Irish Pub just at the end of our block here. ... thanks Billy and Niamh ... TONY 9/ 16 / 2014

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