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Anthony Quinn's Tuesday Store Email Of Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits Sent On September 10th, 2013 On : Compass, Dreyer, Yorkville Cellars California Wines, Chanarmuyo Argentina Rioja Alta, Tenuta Valdipiatta Tuscan Montepulciano And Colli Senesi Chianti, Riebeek Cellars Swartland South Africa, Maculan Italian Pino And Toi White Blend, Adoli Ghis Dry White Greek Blend From Sotiris Bafitis And Much More! Read On ... Enjoy ...

HAPPY YOM KIPPUR that begins at sunset this Saturday, September 14th, 2013!

BY THE WAY, DID YOU ALL KNOW that on the Teddy Roosevelt Bridge , driving to
work each day from Virginia that I see on the edge of the Bridge to my left with
the Kennedy Center as a backdrop, a " living GREEN " Washington Monument! YES :
it's true. Right there, growing before our eyes all summer long is a wondrous,
fun and spirited,  shooting upwards tendril vine , a most-certain climbing green
vine that quickly grew to cover up the lamp post that became it's anchor, it's
grounding for such a living spectacle of sun-loving green growth! I loved being
a witness to this and wonder if anyone else has noticed and made the same

FROM MY DRIVER'S SEAT I could see both this living . changing yearly " alive "
green  Washington Monument, right to the left of the now scaffold-covered "
original ". What fun, what life, what splendor, what a monument this all is to
being alive and reaching out for the essential embrace of our sun that keeps us
all alive and gives us the unique ability to thrive, stretch our arms and wings,
to climb, to reach for so very much. Cheers.

CIDERS FINDING " New " EXPRESSION : this is a great time for so many categories,
the sky's the limit, really it is today as we all scramble just to keep up, just
to keep our heads above water. That's a challenge these days as many of you
already know. I have to say that I welcome this challenge as it certainly keeps
me feeling quite alive and younger, too.

TODAY : The " New " LANDSCAPE is much more than wine and that is something that
becomes painfully obvious to me each and every day! I have to try and keep up
with all of this, and I welcome writing this weekly store email as it really
does help me.

AS YOU ALL COME FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD we try and have at least something from
your home , wherever that may be. I wish that there was a better system in place
to help us. We get requests for things like Chinese wines, for more plum wines
with the plums inside the bottles, for the wines of Uruguay, or Peru, and of
Chile, too. That's just scraping the surface, believe me.

TWO YOUNG LADIES from Hungary, one named Anna came in search of their country's
wines and were very disappointed that we did not have any good Bull's Blood. We
will soon, that is one situation that Michel and I have been working to solve
and should have nipped in the bud by the end of this month.

WE TALK WITH YOU , OUR CUSTOMERS and explain that we need more help from our
suppliers, brokers, importers, wholesalers, reps to bring more of these things
to our attention. For example, I know that Ethiopian Honey Tej wine must still
be available? I know that the Ethiopian restaurants here must be selling it? SO,
if that's true, why aren't the wholesalers calling us, too : and asking us if we
would like to buy any? That would be nice, we would order it.

WHY DON'T THE EMBASSIES work more closely with us all, their Commercial Sections
could call us in the store and restaurants to alert us to what is available to
us and to you? That would be a " big help ", really it would, hint- hint ...

SPEAKING OF EMBASSIES, yesterday the Embassy of Uruguay had a major wine-tasting
from 1-5PM , including the excellent wines of CATAMAJOR,  STAGNARI, ... and , I
hope, BODEGAS CARRAU & BOUZA? We carry the BODEGAS CARRAU and the BOUZA ( 2011
Tannat Reserva, Montevideo, $23.99, 15% alcohol by volume,
www.bouza@bodegabouza.com ,  ALSO : bouza@bodegabouza.com, Tel : 598-2323-7491 ,
Chacras del Sur, S.A., INAVI 287 ), we used to carry both the CATAMAJOR and the
STAGNARI wines, lots of Tannat and Tannat Reserva. That's the French red grape
variety Uruguay has adopted as their own, and done very well with it. The grape
comes from France's Madiran region and is the grape with the highest amount of
natural Resveratrol, and thus been very much in the public's eye since 2006 when
many studies were released as to the benefits to all of us of Resveratrol.

AS A MATTER OF NOTE :  We carry the CHANARMUYO Reserva Family Wine from La
Rioja, Argentina : the 2009, $19.99, 15% alcohol by volume, from the Valle De
Chanarmuyo, go to : www.chanarmuyo.com.ar for more info. Big, flavorful, a fine
food wine when you grill outside in this late summer of ours. Enjoy, stay

I WANT TO GIVE A " Big SHOUT OUT " TO YOU ALL : for all that you do to help us
keep Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits well-stocked. Because of you largely we have
the diversity and the variety that we offer you. By so often coming back from
trips with wonderfully-enriching experiences that you want to keep alive and
healthy, you come in search of products that we have or try and get for you.
Together we make a real difference, and for that I want to " MAKE SOME NOISE "
for you all! Cheers , thanks, obregado, merci, gracias, prego ....

SO : Let's Talk SOME ALE & BEER & Cider, Too : From Santos :

1) Scotch Ale from McEWAN'S ( On Special for $10.99 a 4-pack of 11.2 US Fl.
Oz bottles, 8% alcohol by volume, since 1856, WELLS & YOUNG'S Brewing, Bedford,
UK, MK40 4LU ; go to :   www.mcewans.co.uk for more info ) : glad to have this
here for you all, what a treat. Cheers.

2) Pivo Beer Stoljetna Tradicija, Okrunjeno Kvalitetom , since 1854, from
KARLOVACKO ( On Special for $3.99, 500ml bottle, 5% alcohol by volume, product
of Croatia, go to : www.karlovacko.hr for more information ) : what fun, we also
sell wines from Croatia. People's eyes light up with the mention of Croatia. How
many of you have been there? Please do comment at the end of this store email
and let us know. Cheers.
3) Organic Chocolate Stout from SAMUEL SMITH'S Brewery ) $4.99 a 1 Pt. 2.7
Fl. Oz bottle, 550ml, 5% alcohol by volume, Tadcaster, UK USDA Organic, ) : "
Brewed with water from the original brewery well sunk in 1758, the gently
roasted organic chocolate malt and real organic cocoa used in this ale impart a
delicious, smooth and creamy character, with inviting deep flavors and a
delightful finis - ...  ".

4) " Old Thumper " A Beast Of A Beer  from RINGWOOD BREWERY ( On Special
for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12 ounce bottles, 5.6% alcohol by volume, brewed by
SHIPYARD BRewing Company, LLC. in Portland, Maine,  ) : brand new from what I
can tell, looks FIERCE with the wild boar on the two labels as well as on the
gold bottle top! Taste it, enjoy, and be protected as you do by a local wold
boar, that's the message I get from this. What do you think, any of you tried it
yet? Cheers.

5) Pumpkin Ale from SCHLAFLY Special Release ( $12.99 a 6-pack, 12 Fl. Oz,
brewed and bottled by The Saint Louis Brewery, LLC, St. Louis, Missouri, go to :
www.schlafly.com for more info ) : " Schlafly Pumpkin Ale blends the spices -
cinnamon, nutmeg and clove ) of the harvest with full-bodied sweetness for a
beer that tastes like pumpkin pie . "  NO WONDER then, that this Pumpkin Beer is
so very popular each year here. Cheers.

OUR FAMILY FRIEND is on a two-week trip to Peru and our thoughts and prayers go
out to her for a safe and wonderful trip and journey. I have contacted our good
friend Melanie Asher that, with her sister, makes their very own Peruvian Piscos
: the MACCHU PISCO, $23.99 - and the topflight " La Diablada " , $39.99.

THE " LA DIABLADA " : " is named after an Andean spiritual dance reenacting a
legendary fight between anges ( angels ) and demons, and just as the dance
strives to achieve perfect harmony , this blend achieves a sumptuous balance of
bold , sweet aromas and spicy round flavors." I agree, the Pisco Sours that you
made the other weekend with your Aunt Rosa here were sublime Melanie, the very
best.Go to : www.macchupisco.com for more info on these two fine products from
Melanie that she is now making in Lima, Peru. See you when you return Melanie.
Cheers.   We have both here in stock now for you all. What a treat, a fine
Peruvian Pisco Sour to make you dream and feel free and good.


1) Sambuca Superiore liquore from CASTELLO MIO ( $21.99, 750ml bottle, 38%
alcohol by volume, family-made since 1898 ) : " Ignite your evening with the
cool, rich taste of CASTELLO MIO Sambuca Superiore... "

2) Espirito Puro Da Natureza  Ypioca RUM TOUCANO from Brazil ( On Special
for $24.99, 1 liter, 40% alcohol by volume , since 1846, ) : " Carefully aged
for a shimmering taste, versatile  Ypioca TOUCANO makes ordinary rum cocktails
take flight! Try it where rum is not typically used - for there the Adventure
Truly Begins! ... TOUCANO is born of the first flavorful crush of sugar cane. "
I've enjoyed this at home now and can attest to it's very fine flavor and taste.
Top-notch : glad to find a local distributor for it here - FINALLY! Enjoy.

3) Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey from SPEAKEASY ( $30.99 a 750ml
bottle, 47.2% alcohol by volume , distilled in Kentucky, bottled in Bardstown
Club Distilling Company, Bardstown, Nelson, County, Kentucky ) : Original Sour
Mash Bourbon. Try some. Cheers.

4) The Original GORDON'S London Dry Gin ( $11.99, Est. 1769, 4-% alcohol by
volume, in a plastic bottle, lighter, easier to travel with, won't break ) : "
The World's No 1 International Gin ... the original ". I have a new respect for
it as it was featured in the second-to-last James Bond movie that I saw with my
son. That must have cost the people of GORDON'S several pretty pounds, for get
the pennies! GREAT VALUE. Try some again as if for the very first time. Who
knows, Daniel Craig might be there in the same restaurant or bar when you ask
for it " shaken, not stirred " ... Cheers everyone.

5) Island Spiced Caribbean rum with Coconut liqueur & natural spices, with
Truvia sweetener , by MALIBU 70 Calories ( On Special for $14.99 a 750ml bottle,
imported Caribbean rum, go to : www.malibu-rum.com for more info and recipes ) :
Try this one :  with your favorite zero calerie mixer, like diet cola or
sparkling water for a light, fresh drink. Cheers.

WINE From Michel & Tony :


1) 2011 Sauvignon Blanc  from South Africa's Swartland region, made by
RIEBEEK CELLARS ( $7.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume,  ) : what a delightfully
engaging crisp and dry white wine, and what incredible value, too. Great outside
with shellfish, goats' cheese, salads with a fine mustard vinaigrette, oh yeah.
Nice on a boat, a sail boat would be ideal, anchored, the sun in full splendor,
you there at the edges sipping wine, feeding each other some goats' cheese, or
the goat and cow version that's a bit firmer and won't fall into the water as
might the goats' cheese if the boat rocks, with you there I feel most certain
that it will! Cheers.

2) Viognier 2012 from Argentina's La Rioja region, from CHANARMUYO, $On
Special for $9.99 - regularly $13.99, this 13% alcohol by volume dry white is
quite engaging , quite the listener, will hear  your concerns, and help you to
deal with them as you have a moment to enjoy with family and friends with a meal
somewhere close at hand. It's bright, it's fresh, it's flavorful, it's firm with
flesh but well-balanced and tastes really good in this 90 degree weather of ours
now. Go to : www.chanarmuyo.com.ar for more info. Cheers.

3) Sauvignon Blanc From New Zealand's Marlborough region, this TEN SISTER'S
dry white, 2011, is showing beautifully now , reminds me of nice Sancerre that
is fruit-forward, bright, still steely but less so than some, smooth, sits so
elegantly on one's palate, a delight ( On Special for $13.99, regularly $16.99 a
bottle, 13% alcohol by volume, go to : www.TenSisters.co.nz for more info.

THIS WEEKEND ON SATURDAY afternoon I was " waxing poetic " as is my
serendipitous artistic nature and I started to talk to Sara and her husband
about the indigenous two grapes found in the ADOLI GHIS dry white mainland Greek
mineral-laden wine : the Lagorthi ( 70% ) and the Aspoudes ( 30% )  blend - that
they had the unique capability with their root systems that are so ancient to
still grown from them tendrils that reach out, burrow the soil and rock around
the roots, grow Peacock-like, colorful plums that fan and thus air the roots
themselves and provide them both with some color and some more room to breathe
and expand. I was waiting for some reaction. I was about to continue this
description, to say that the roots that are living have their own language. That
when they speak of the vines above they refer to them as being " down under "
and in the dark, so-to-speak. I would have , too. But I did not want to continue
without admitting that what I was telling was just a story to draw attention to
these two delightful grapes from Greece that Sotiris said are not used for any
other wines that he knows about. SO : the morale of this story  : always
remember the two indigenous grapes - Lagorthi and Aspoudes, that they have fine
tendrils with Peacock feather-like fans to illuminate these roots and bring
color and life to the grapes they eventually grow " down under ". It's all
depends on one's perspective or point-of-view. Cheers.

4) 2011 Dry Greek white blend of indigenous grapes called Lagorthi and
Aspoudes ( read above ) that produce this magnificent dry white Greek wine , the
ADOLI GHIS that, when less chilled is rounder and fuller and softer on one's
palate. When chilled it is leaner, sterner, more firm, less fleshy, with higher
levels of acids and minerals to taunt and tease and ultimately please one's
palate. We sell it for $21.99 and are almost sold-out because of our Greek
wine-tasting here this Saturday with Sotiris Bafitis that was a grand success!
What a treat, what a wine. Thanks Sotiris. After your tasting Michel came up to
me and complemented your fine selection of Greek wines as perhaps the best
available to us? I agree, excellent job.

5) 2012 Pino & Toi dry white Veneto white, a refreshing and flavorful wine
by MACULAN that's a blend of three grapes : Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio and Tocai
" get it?!? It sells for $10.99 a bottle, 12.5% a;cohol by volume, from
Breganze, Italy : it's charming, it's delightful. Jody Jackman poured it here
this past weekend. Thanks, grazie Jody e a presto!


1)  2012 Cape Rose from RIEBEEK CELLARS in South Africa's Swartland region
( $8.99, 13% alcohol by volume, est. 1941, 100% Pinotage dry rose ) : " Abundant
and distinctive flavours of fresh strawberries and ripe cherries with a crisp
dryness on the palate will be charming at many an occasion. .. enjoy a glass on
its own or pair with seafood and light meals with smoky flavours. "

2) Dry Greek rose blend made from the 85%  Xinomavro and 15% Moschomavro
grapes in this 2012 from DIOFILI at the Siatista Winery ( $14.99, 13% alcohol by
volume ) : made from 70 year-old vines this is spectacular and so fresh and
bright and " friendly " and right. It was a big hit this weekend when Sotiris
poured it. Everyone loved it, even those that usually do not like rose wines
Heard that as frequent refrain as people grabbed a bottle and walked away with
it. Cheers.


1) 2011 dry red Piemonte Barbera red from Italy, from BRICCO Del TATI (
$8.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume, go to : www.briccodeitati.com for more info ) :
" ... we make this delightfully fresh Barbera. We make it for ourselves,
friends, and family. " Mary Beth & Manu. It's a beauty : so lively, so bright,
such a tasty treat to enjoy with many a meal year-round!

2) La Cappucina " Madego " Biodynamic ( made with organic grapes of
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Carmenere ) , this Veneto dry red blend 2011, On
Special for $11.99, regularly $14.99, estate-bottled medium-to-light-bodied red
is fleshier, riper, ,more fruit-forward, and easier to sip from the first sip
than the past vintage. it's a great price now. Chill slightly and serve inside
or outside, with many a grilled or well-seasoned meal. Andrew Stover tasted us
on it recently and we gave him an order immediately once we tried it. Excellent.

3) 2011 Chianti Colli Senesi from the TENUTA VALDIPIATTA ( $16.99, 14%
alcohol by volume ) : made in Montepulciano from their grapes this 2011 is
perfect hot-weather dry red. medium-to-light-bodied, chill thirty minutes to
focus  and firm-up and energize these toasty cherry-berry flavors that are quite
polished and still young. This is perfect outside with many a meal. Love the
colorful label, too. It's a well-balanced wine where the tannins and acids are
softer and allow the fruit and accents of spice to find true expression. " Enjoy
with hearty and red sauced pastas, red meats, game, roasts and aged cheeses." It
will fill-out more with time.

WED HAVE ENJOYED selling a whole lot of the excellent vintage 2008 of this
Colli Senesi up until last week when the last bottle was sold. AS A MATTER of
interest one of our customers this Saturday stopped me to tell me what a big
success the 2008 VALDIPIATTA was : he and his friends loved it. What more can
any wine ask?!? That's success, that's pure enjoyment and satisfaction, and all
for only $16.99 a bottle. Thanks for tasting it here this past weekend Jodi.

4) 2010 1005 Agiorgitiko dry Greek red from the MITRAVELAS ESTATE ( $25.99,
14.5% alcohol by volume ) is seriously serious, tasty, great classic Greek wine
to enjoy with a meal. Take a sip, close your eyes, lean your head back and
swallow " in steps ", not all at once, move the liquid around your mouth with
your tongue. hold your breath shake your head ever so slightly, pause, reflect :
let the wine charm you as you charm it : what a tactile, wonderfully personal,
unique experience, swallow and smack your lips to get whatever acidity there is
and taste the finish now for a very long time. Thanks Sotiris for tasting this
here this past Saturday. What a wine.

WEEKLY WEDNESDAY 3-Part Non-Sparkling Wine, Sake, Port, Madeira, Marsala,
Sherry SALE :

1) BUY ANY BOTTLE of the above for $20 or over and SAVE 20% OFF the
marked sticker price.

2) BUY ANY 6 or more bottles of the above and SAVE 15% OFF the marked
sticker prices.

3) BUT ANY 12 or more bottles listed above and SAVE 20% OFF the marked
sticker prices.

MIX THEM UP, get a variety. Call us here at : 202-363-4265 if you cannot
come and either Michel or me ( TONY ) will be glad to help you.


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th, 2013 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Boutique here to taste an
assortment of their fine California wines I believe? I think we will make it all
about the west coast and with wineries like COMPASS, DREYER, YORKVILLE Organic
CELLARS and KENNETH VOLK. Ohhhh what fun! Cheers. Just tasted some really fine
Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from KENNETH VOLK, but might have to use their dry red
Negrette or dry white Verdelho ( $21.99, Paso Robles, " Pomar Junction "
vineyard, 2010, 14.4% alcohol by volume, for more info go to : www.volkwines.com
) instead?!? We will decide this all tomorrow.
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th, 2013 ( 2-6PM ) : It's Yom Kippur at sunset! : we
have Fernando from Tradewinds Specialty Selections coming to pour the ESTATE
Series from CHANARMUYO, all four On Special for $9.99 : as well as perhaps the
Reserva Tannat and the Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon, both selling for $19.99 a
bottle. Cheers.

JOIN US : Always Free, Never any charge!

I KNOW I HAVE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING but it is time to send this email. Thanks for
all your support and please join us this week for all our many store specials.
There are MANY ITEMS on DEEP DISCOUNT in all categories. Come see for
yourselves. You are always welcome and we are always happy to serve you.
Cheers,  ... LIKE us on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and also
follow us on Twitter at : cpwinespirits and also at wineenabler. See you soonm

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