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Anthony Quinn's Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits' Tuesday Store Email Of October 5th, 2010 : Creme De Lys , Navarro Correas Claude Thibaut's VA. Sparkling ' Fizz ' , Ribolla Gialla Sparkling Italian, Duca Carlo Guarini Primitivo From Salento, Hugh Hamilton's The Ratbag Merlot Aussie Dry Red 2007, Asso Tuscan Dry Red 2009, Simonnet-Fevre 2006 Pinot Noir, Riebeek Cellars Swartland South African wines, Pravis Muller Thurgau Italian White and More!

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and

WE CAN HELP YOU MAKE Many Wine decisions

ULTIMATELY we do this without your knowing perhaps anyway as you come and
we ask you if you need any help, and when you say " yes " we make suggestions
that may or may not agree with you at the time. We try and listen really
carefully to you all as it is such a personal choice whichever wine works or
does not for each and every one of us. We all have to pay attention : to try
and understand the event, the mood, the occasion, the people involved: mush
easier said than done. But it's all fun : all done in good fun ...   and fun we
have! Cheers!!

CLEVELAND PARK DAY this past Saturday here, October 2nd, 2010 from 1-5 PM
was a huge success any way that you call it. The weather was as drop-dead
gorgeous and beautiful as anyone could have ever imagined with clear clue
skies, hardly a cloud anywhere to be seen and warm and a touch of a breeze and
everyone in great moods from children and the Moon Bounces and Dunking Vats to
parents and their wines, eye-glasses and freebies to fitness-center deals and
chocolate croissants, activities for the kids tied-in with the National Zoo in
the front of Firehook Bakery; and all the wines, beers, liquors and liqueurs
that you could possibly ever want ( 7-8 of them in all I believe )!

IT WAS GRAND  and we also had cheeses that Ravi bought along with
crackers, baguettes from Firehook Bakery and pate and cheese from owner Dean of
Dino restaurant, too. It was a smash, and thanks for coming and checking out
our two blocks of activity this past Saturday that I know carried into the
evening at dinners at Dino, Sorriso, Palena, Lavendou, Ripple and more.

WE ALSO HAD guest owner/wine-maker Hugh Hamilton himself of the Hugh
Hamilton Winery in McLaren Vale, South Australia tasting his Scallyway unwooded
Chardonnay 2010( $18.99 ) and his Ratbag Merlot 2007( $18.99 ) with bottles
here signed for gifts to family and friends. Hugh who is a great friend now at
one point announced during his tasting here : " All roads lead to Cleveland
Park ". Thanks Hugh for that, really do appreciate such strong sentiment.

OUR 2ND BEGINNER'S WINE CLASS was another success I believe. I know that I
certainly had a blast tasting the six wines : 1) ARGYROS ATLANTIS 2007
Mandelaria-Mavrotragano indigenous grapes  Greek Santorini dry red( $18.490,
2) FAKUE Txakoli 2009 Spanish slightly-sparkling Getariako Txakolina white (
$23.49 ),  3) Alvarino indigenous grape variety dry Portuguese white Vinho
Verde ( best of the style , $14.99 , lower alcohol, too : 12.5% ),  4)
Sangiovese I.G.T. " Perlage " biodynamic from Marche, Italy ( $16.49),   5 )
Zweigelt indigenous spicy, pithy, earthy, mineral dry Austrian from Burgenland
Austria  from Leo Hillinger ( $19.49, 2009 ),  and the  6) dry Riesling (
minerals, brightness, freshness, crispness ) 2008 German Mosel from
DR.H.THANISCH - so bristling and yet so smooth and elegant and refined and
lovely- that's the word - lovely. JOIN US : Call or respond to this email and
tell us you want to come for the next Beginner's Wine-Tasting this Saturday,
October 9th, 2010 ( 11:30-1 PM, $10 for six more exciting wines ).

SO  MUCH GOING ON : SO MUCH to keep track of and yet it all SPELLS SO MUCH
FUN! HERE ARE SOME " New Revelations " TO EXCITE YOU :

From Santos  BEER / CIDER :

1) Certified Organic Ben Gleason's White Ale ( On Special for
$6.49/6-pack 12 fl. oz bottles, was $9.99 , wolavers.com , Otter Creek Brewing
Middlebury, Vermont ... since 1997) is certainly really exciting and new.

2) Pilsner beer Cervejaria PETROPOLIS " Itaipava ( On Special for $9.99,
6-pack 12 oz bottles, www.aidilwines.com ) is also certainly " new and exciting
3) " Old Thumper " Extra Special Ale from the RING WOOD Brewery ( On
Special for $8.99 6-pack 12 oz bottles ) is hand brewed and bottled by SHIPYARD
BREWING CO. Llc Portland , ME .
4) Cider ( $8.49 6-pack 12 oz bottles, made from freshly pressed local
apples, HARPOON 4.8% alc. by volume, MA and VT ) is another really exciting "
new " entry here for us in Cleveland Park.

RAVI'S Liquor and LIQUEUR :

1) Cherry Liqueur " Rouge " from Roi Rene of COMBIER ( $26.99, is from
Saumur, Loire Valley France and brand new and shiny and fun for us all here in
Cleveland Park.

2) Pink Grapefruit BELVEDERE ( $32.99 , from Poland, 40% alc. by volume,
) made by BELVEDERE is again " new and exciting " for us all here in our
3) Old Tom Gin " RANSOM " Alambic Pot Distillation Herat Cuts Barrel
Aged for 3 to 6 months ( On Special for $34.99 ) , Batch No. 012, Bottle No.
1319 is handcrafted from naturally farmed grains and botanicals. It's 44% alc.
by volume (  88 Proof ) and brand-spanking new. I tried it : it's in it's own
league : flavorful and very distinct and got a great golden color like
sun-filtered cognac except that it's gin made in Sheridan, Oregon. There's so
much information on the label by the way that it could easily be the first
chapter in many a book. We should do some in-store readings from this label :
it would add and air of gravitas to any particular moment here in time.

Chris & Tony's Wines : Finally! I Can Breathe Again....


1) Chardonnay California 2009 CREME DE LYS ( $12.49 ) is one that both
Chris and I tried the other day with our rep Kelly and really liked. It's got
balance and finesse, flavor, style and brightness. Something very " new and
welcome " for us here in Cleveland Park.
2) Russian River Valley Chardonnay 2009 ( $12.49 ) called RUBUS is
another really exciting new California Chardonnay with even more body and
flavor and nuanced complexities that hold one's palate and then latch onto
their mind and imagination as they calm one's gut. Yes, si, oui, claro que si!
3) Chardonnay Swarthland " Collections " South Africa 2010 ( wow, so
joven, so jeune, so young! $6.99 so value-oriented, too! ) from RIEBEEK CELLARS
is another real treat and value for us to have here and be able to offer you.
Pretty amazing and dry and fresh for this low price.
4) Sauvignon Blanc Swartland " Collections " South Africa 2010 Sauvignon
Blanc ( $6.99 ) is another dry, great crisp and flavorful and refreshing white
to enjoy now and when the mood strikes.
5) " Malamatta " Collio Bianco dry white Friuli Italian blend Of Ribolla
Gialla and two other grapes lends great gravitas and flavor and intensity - so
much depth that your tongue can float on it's shoulders for hours daydreaming
of more great things still to come ... It sells for $26.49 and is well-worth
the price.
6) Muller Thurgau from PRAVIS " San Thoma " 2009 from Dolomiti, Alto
Adige, Italy, Lasino, at $16.49 offers so much extra layers of flavors :
several as in Mille feuille sort-of-idea and it's so well-carpeted that you can
stay a long time with it - ride on it's carpets of flavors, land softly, float
and fall into it, use it as a wonderful crutch to lean into and collapse
amongst as you enjoy your meals - many - as it will hold it's own with many
solid food flavors indeed.


1) Pinot Noir 2006 from SIMONNET FEBVRE ( 1840) at $10.99 is a
great/grand/spactacular everyday value of French Pinot Noir from the Vin De
Pays De Mediterranee. Great value.
2) ASSO Tuscan red 2009 Sangiovese red blend from Italy at $10.99 is
another great red to enjoy now and in many situations except that it's from
Italy this time and a bit more concentrated and darker in color, too.       3)
Merlot 2007 The Ratbag from HUGH HAMILTON ( $18.99 ) sure is showing
beautifully these days and a treat : medium-bodied, fresh, bright, lively and
balanced and with great color extraction and toasty/berry-cherry flavors. NICE!
3) Dolcetto D'ALBA 2007 " Bricco " from MASCARELLO ( $29.99 ) is silky
bright elegant, refined, flavorful, SUPLIME red to take over to Dino restaurant
tonight for no corkage fee and an absolutely wine to treat you and all your
tired bones and muscles and senses, too. Wow, what's not to love here?!? This
is really fine wine - period.
4) Primitivo " Vigne Vecchie " from the DUCA CARLO GUARINI in Salento,
southern Italy( $21.49 ) is another "no-brainer " to take over to Dean at Dino
restaurant on the corner tonight and not pay any corkage and have an absolutely
sublime and sinfully great red wine with pepper and spices and earth and warm
sun overtones that will complement to a " T " many of his Italian dishes. It's
a guarantee! Trust me on this ... I know.


1) Virginia Fizz sparkling wine , $21.99 from Claude Thibaut is another
great bottle of local sparkling wine to enjoy with or without food. It's a true
delight. So smooth , so bright and lively and with rippling speed, finesse,
charm and sparkle - lovely!
2) Ribolla Gialla Vino Spumante Brut from Friuli, Italy is a sparkling
wine of charm, liveliness, brightness and appeal that won both Chris and me
over immediately. It sells for $26.49 and is a treat any way that you slice it.
Cheers,  TONY


Friday, October 8th, 2010 ( 5-8 PM ) : We will taste with Jody Jackman
an assortment of her excellent " new " wines that have just arrived here in the
store this past Friday.
Saturday, October 9th ( 3-7 PM ) : We have Kelly Bigel here from
Pinnacle Selections to taste some of her " new " releases like the CREME DE LYS
Chardonnay California 2009 ( $12.49 ) and the Cabernet Sauvignon " Collection
Privada " from NAVARRO CORREAS: this 2007, $15.99 is a real benchmark for
great, traditional-styled Cabernet from Mendoza, Argentina. JOIN US, NEVER ANY

I AM SURE I have forgotten something but it will have to wait. Don't
forget that we have the BEGINNER'S CLASS this Saturday from 11;30-1PM if you
want to join us let me know by responding to me , Tony , on this email. It's
$10 a person for six wines and an hour-and-a-half of me.

ALSO REMEMBER : The next BIG-THEME Wine-Tasting on lesser-known U.S.
States ( Hawaii and Idaho and Arizona and Michigan and more ) has been changed
to Saturday, October 16th, 2010 here from 1-5 PM. JOIN US. NEVER any charge.
Cheers,  TONY

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