Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Robert Wiedmaier Hard @ Work One Sunday Recently With Bobby Kacher, Kelly, Antoine, Ronnie & The Whole Robert Kacher Selections Wine Group For The Launch-Off Of Four Fine French Winemakers Grand US Tour! What An Extraordinary Feat, Took Everyone's Help!

These are my quick photos that I took during this amazing Sunday afternoon event in Washington D.C. that took the help of everyone involved to make it come off so beautifully and successfully for so many people lucky enough to have been invited and able to attend. I was one of those, Thank you Ronnie for thinking of me and inviting me, I appreciate that.

I did not know quite what to expect. I never quite do, it all depends on so many variables and so I go prepared and ready to enjoy myself and to ' dive-in ' where I can to make and to give the most of it and myself that I can.

To be so close to Robert cooking like this was such a treat. Thank you Robert. You said to me that you do not often do these meals like this outside of a restaurant but that when Bobby calls himself you always do what you can to help. We all appreciate this.

The food was excellent as these pictures I hope will convey in some sense. I know I loved what I ate and that the meal really did complement a lot of the dry French wines we all enjoyed from the Rhone Valley, from Burgundy, too. There was something for everyone there.

I will add more as I am able but this is more a visual ' thank you ' from me to everyone for having been a part of this extraordinary event on a beautiful day in Washington D.C.

I have included many pictures with Robert and I am not done yet. I do want to post this now ' as is ' so that what I have here so far can be enjoyed.

I try and combine some of the wines here, too and pictures of some of the fine guests that attended as well. Cheers to you all, and stay-tuned for more.  Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn  4/29/2014

Of course I also have tried to include at least one photo of each of the fine French owners/winemakers in attendance like the one here above from Burgundy.

Being an artist I always like to add my spin on things, as here I spin and twirl my wine glass to capture the man through his own wine - a white burgundy in this case. One does not exist without the other - they are tied for life!

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