Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Olivier Lotterie Of Vineyard Brands Brings By Owner Jason Haas Of TABLAS CREEK Wines In Paso Robles, California To Try Current Vintages & Releases From 2010-2013 : Dry Reds ( Patelin De Tablas, Cotes De Tablas & Esprit ), One Dry Rose ( Patelin De Tables ) & Dry Whites ( Patelin De Tablas, Cotes De Tablas & Esprit ) : Wow, What A Treat - I Was Elevated By The Esprit This Time Of The 2011 White Esprit Blend!

This was quite the wonderful tasting on this clear and bright, breezy day here on a Wednesday in Cleveland Park, Northwest, Washington D.C., 2008 with Olivier Lotterie of Vineyard Brands Imports -Selections and family-member/owner Jason Haas of TABLAS CREEK Vineyards in Paso Robles, California. The wines , all of them showed beautifully today - not all a loser. They all have their distinct, unique personalities and character and ' California - Paso Robles - Patelin - Terroir ', and I love them all for that!

We already have the Patelin dry red 2011 here in stock that I love and was a bit - or a lot of an epiphany for me as I told Jason and Olivier earlier : so bright and fresh and lively and it ' defies gravity ' for me on many levels and is airy and refreshing and elegant : a FABulous wine for $24.99. Jason signed some bottles for us today. Thanks Jason.

We will buy the Cotes De Tables 2012 Blanc, the Espril 2011 de Tables Blanc and the 2012 Cotes De Tablas Red ( that is brand new and just released here to this market - with little availability of it - thanks Jason ), and they will come the first week of May 2014.

I will add more, for the moment enjoy these photos that Olivier took on his phone and sent to  me earlier. Cheers, happy Wednesday all! One day after Earth Day!!!

Merci Olivier, thanks Jason, thanks Danny, too!     TONY  4/23/2014

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