Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2014 : VAN DUZER Oregon Wines With Our Local Rep Andrew Webber Of RNDC Distributors Recently : Liking Everything That I Tasted, Buying The Current Vintage Of Pinot Noir That's Now @ Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits For Around $4o A Bottle!

I loved this late afternoon experience at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits tasting through the current vintages and types of the Oregon VAN DUZER wines at RNDC distributors. I liked pretty much everything I tasted. I had no negative comments except to say that I would have liked the wines to cost me less so that I could charge less for them. Other than that I was immensely pleased and surprised.

I bought for our shelves the current release of the VAN DUZER Pinot Noir that is on our shelves for just over $40 a bottle, $41.99 I believe? I am thrilled to have it and will recommend it for special occasions as it will taste really fine this spring here in Washington D,C, as things warm up.

Being an artist I take what I call more artsy photos. Please enjoy these and stay-tuned as I add more. For now I want to share them with  you and encourage you all to look more closely at the excellent VAN DUZER Oregon wines. Cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn  4/8/2014   ... going to warm up into the sixties-seventies today and be partly cloudy : perfect to enjoy some VAN DUZER wines!   TONY

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