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Sadly Nam Viet Pho Restaurant Decides To Close In Cleveland Park Northwest, Washington DC, 20008 After Serving Our Neighborhood Admirably For Twenty Years : A Great Loss, We Will Miss You Ricky, Family, Servers & Cooks - You Have Added Immeasurably To Our Neighborhood & Cannot Be Replaced! Thank You!!!!

My black and white watercolor I did years ago, we toast you all and wish you all well at Nam Viet wherever you go, you have served our community magnificently these last 20 years!   Anthony TONY Quinn 6/19/2017

Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits
We all have enjoyed Nam Viet for many years now. I am the wine manager of CPWineSpirits and have had a great relationship with Nam Viet starting with Rick's father Mr. Toi that I came to know fairly well, always smiling and warmed by his smile, his keen alert and positive personality that engaged me often at the store as we worked at ways to increase both our businesses through wine dinners with the fine wines of Germany ( we did two or three dinners ), and with the wines of Australia, and of France as well, We would provide wines from the distributors like @WinesellersInc and the @CountryVintner and @TheGermanWineSociety , with @RobertWhaleSelections for the wines of Australia, with @LaurentGivry with the wines of @EliteWineImports, ... and people like @AdamSager and Valerie, RobertWhale and so many more individuals. I remember when Renee Schetler ( spelling ? ) of the Washington Post Food section wrote up the #51 Vietnamese noodles ( now the #61 ) , I called it : " comfort food ", brought it home for my family fifty or more times as they all love it still! What will we do?!? Go to the Clarendon northern Virginia restaurant I think ), I took many wine owners and wine makers there, too, also owners of their own import companies like Candi of World Shippers Imports in Pennsylvania, Alfredo Bartholomaus of Billington Imports, John Peters of Billington, Arielle Monaco of the Country Vintners was often there before or after her visits to us or to Ripple, the winemaker of Catena Vigil was there at lunch with Alfredo and me, and so many others. Mike Martin that worked with me loved their food, too, as did and does Santos Rivera, Ved Goyal and his entire family, too. Our good customers Don and Jae always went there, and Jae would always bring me the #51- with just the seafood, no chicken or pork ) when she would come to buy with us and dine there. Eric Platt is a huge fan, too : what will we all do?!? Life does go on, but I never thought it would have to go on without Nam Viet there! A sad loss, tragic really, Ricky and I spoke much on this, we are both greatly saddened by this turn of events. @AnthonyQuinn 6/19/2017

Beau Finley ANC 3C04
20 hrs ·
Today, Nam-Viet Pho 79 announced that it is closing its Cleveland Park location. Announcement below:
Dear Cleveland Park,
After 20 years, we have made the very difficult decision to close our Cleveland Park location later this month. We will remain open through dinner service on June 25th and we hope that you can stop by to enjoy one last lunch or dinner with us until then.
As we complete our 20th year in Cleveland Park, we want to take a moment to thank you for your patronage and support these last two decades. Over the past twenty years, we have served countless meals, taken numerous take-out orders, and catered many special events from private small personal gatherings to weddings out of this very location. We have been fortunate to be in a community that has blessed us with lasting friendships with residents in and around the neighborhood.
We would especially like to thank our supportive landlord, the Abbo family. We are grateful to Marcia Abbo, widow of the late Robert "Bobby" Abbo, for her kindness and grace in taking over Bobby’s responsibilities.
To our dearest friends, we will not forget your loyal patronage and friendship all these years. Special thank you to:
Whit & Mitch, The Paige's, Aunt Shirley and Michelle, The Crowley’s, The Stopfer’s, Tanc & Tiernan, Robin & Quin, Ed & Amy, The Petruzzello's, The Lesser's, The Kennedy's, The Reffe's, The Muldoon's, and The Lopez families for your patronage of Nam-Viet and most importantly for your friendship. Your visits, along with the visits of other patrons that extend this entire neighborhood, have been a gift to Nam-Viet every day we have been open.
Lastly, our neighboring storefront businesses over these past 20 years - from Byblos Deli to Fat Pete’s BBQ to Ripple - thank you for being the best neighbors. We greatly enjoyed our relationships of generous reciprocity through the years. We have grown together in this neighborhood, and to every one of these businesses, we thank you for your steadfast support and friendship.
In recent years as the District of Columbia has grown, we have seen new neighborhoods sprout almost monthly, and commerce move from one end of the city to the other.
Competition to remain significant and relevant in this fast-paced DC restaurant market has presented a challenge to Cleveland Park businesses the past few years.
We thank you again, and hope that the community welcomes the next business that takes over the storefront that we have called home for the last 20 years with the same open arms, faith, patronage, and support that you gave to us.
Nam-Viet Restaurant

Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Go to : @NamVietRestaurant #NamVietRestaurantClevelandParkNWWashingtonDC20008 for more info. Thanks you Nam Viet for so many splendid meals, times and moments and so much more over these last twenty years. Thank you Beau Finley for sharing this, glad to share it here, too, and good luck tonight as you all discuss once again the future of our service lane in front of our stores and restaurants.

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Beau Finley ANC 3C04 Thanks Tony.

Times are difficult in our neighborhood. We are seeing increased competition from Cathedral Heights and Van Ness and east of the Park. At the same time, the growth of Internet shopping for everything from toilet paper to wine has hurt ret...See More

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