Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Day In The Life Of Anthony Quinn Thursday April 20th, 2017 A About Pot & Earth Day & More!

Come by the store in Washington DC, check us out! Cheers!   TONY  4/20/2017

Tasting fine French Calvados with father and son Thierry and Giillaume Desfrieches of Normandy France 4/20/17

Paul Scott here if @HeavenlySpirits here NIW tasting these plus the @RogerGroult 12 year old what a real treat most! Here in Thursday 3/20 a treat fir be, come by!

3 hrs ·
We have Thierry and Guillaume Desfrieches @ calvados Le pere Jules tasting fine #Pomneau #Cakvados 3 and 10 year old, wow, pure bright fresh! 4/29/17

We live love selling Greek wines here!

Spoke to &TyEldien of @NoletSpiritsUSA and he explained the relationship between @KetelOneVodka and @NoletsDryGin #Silver $44.99 @TheNoletDistillery, all in the family! #Spirits #Holland thanks @TyEldien and Jimmy of @BreakthruDustributors! 4/20/17 MaryJane, too!

On Rock Creek Parkway on Thursday morn 4/20/17 a weedy celebration day today, come get some @DrStonersSpirits today yes, celebrate!

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