My collage work!
    Holding the full moon steady 'tween feet!
    A little Milo love!
    Louie King Of The Box, in theaters soon !
    Milo does his thing !
    Feeling the love!
    My acrylic canvas looks down at me!
    Go Alsace go @helfrich_la #wine !@ClevelandParkWines!
    Living a family and friends and cheese and crackers and divine red Greek wine dream!
    My collage art and me!
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    At @clevelandparkwines !
    Wine glass!
    My art from my past!
    Luray Caverns!
    Tasting life in wine!
    My collage, enjoy !
    The @schildestate lagoon of Aussie red wine!

    Playful innocence!

    Winging it beautifully!

    At @doimoidc excellent!
    At @doimoidc excellent!
    My hand painted acrylic wine bottles!
    Bordeaux reds!

    Anthony Quinn added a new photo.

    Happy Tuesday my oil pastel, cheers!
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