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Owner Of FINCA RIO NEGRO Of Spain Here Tonight, 5-8PM Tasting 2 Spanish Reds, 1 Gewurztraminer 5-8PM, Join Us, Tomorrow, Wed. March 8th 5-8PM, Marie Of Bordeaux France Pours Her 6 Red Bordeaux Wines To Celebrate International Women's Day, Thurs : Ajai Bhouja of PAUL JOHN Indian Singel Malts Pours 4, FRI W/ Valerie Taste Chateau Les Arromans Bordeaux, Sat Taste TRE MONTI Romagna Wines W/ Robert Kennedy!


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WOW, MARDI GRAS Fat TUESDAY has passed already & we get ready here for marie of bordeaux, france to taste her fabulous red bordeaux selections, with you all as we celebrate international women's day wed. march 8th, 2017 ...

5-8pm, free wine-tasting, ...

join us, everyone always welcome!

let's make some great noise ..

music, sounds theater, ...

plays, spectacles, cultural displays, ...

family and home appreciation ...

for all you incredibly essential, invaluable, inteligent, skilled, mothers, vounteers, business women !

we love you all, thanks for everything that you do to enrich the fabrics of our intense, complicated, fast-paced lives today!

TODAY IS BEAUTIFUL and we are all so fortunate to have this warmer, more comfortable weather to celebrate today and tomorrow, what good fortune for us all, as it is in the sixties now.
THE BORDEAUX WINES you taste with Marie will be some special Bordeaux wines from Saint-Emilion, Pauillac, Haut Medoc, Fronsac, and Margaux, yes! Some great wines to taste now and you can enjoy them all with food now and then again on the weekend when temperatures drop and we may have either more rain or even some snow?!?
TO CELEBRATE we will taste :
1) Chateau Grand Le Queyrons 2011, Bordeaux, a Cabernet and Merlot blend that is remarkable in flavor and brightness, a lovely treat to enjoy everyday at $12.99 a bottle, hard not to fall right in love with this balanced expression from a more angular, spicy and earthy year that is bestter-suited for a meal, though this wine is showing beautifully now, and may be enjoyed thoroughly with or without food!
2) Chateau Beausejour, Fronsac, 2013 : fleshier, brighter, more weight and mouth-feel, really enjoyed the wine earlier with Marie and Narayan! A Treat, $18.49 a bottle! Great deal, classic food Bordeaux with balance and a touch of fire and flame, too.
3) Chateau Rocher Lideyre, Castillon Cotes de Bordeaux,, 2008 , an amzing wine to thoroughly enjoy now. Plenty of bottle-age, some extra flesh and layers of flavor to buffer, soothe and please our senses, an insane deal at $19.99 a bottle, only $16.00 with the twenty percent we take off the bottle on Wednesday's wine discounts here!
4) Chateau Abelyce, Saint-Emilion 2010 , $44.49 a bottle, another winner that is from a great year and made from 100% Merlot. This is really rare to find in Bordeaux that almost always mixes their grapes to make their wines, It had more brawn, a higher level of acidity, is refreshing and alive and a wonderful wine to enjoy with a meal as this medium-bodied, vibrant, elegant Bordeaux will cut through many seasonings, sauces, and more! With the 20% OFF tomorrow it will cost you $35.59 for great food wine from a great vintage and more.
5) Chateau de Malleret, Haut Medoc, Cru Bourgeois, $38.49 ( with tomorrow's 20% OFF this wine will cost you $30.79, and this is amazing from the very start as the bouquet is pungent : brilliantly dirty I call it, sublimely earthy, and yet the taste when you sip it is redolent with so many amazing layers of flavor and taste that inspire, fire, flame, cajole, please, pleasure and accent our sense. It blows me away for all the brightness and fruit-developed-forward calming and entertaining accents it holds! WOW, wow, wow, wow! Love it!
6) Chateau Lynch-Moussas , 2010 , Pauillac 5eme Grand Cru Classee, $97.99 a bottle, an amazing treat this, hard to get much better for so much intensity, brightness, nervously wonderful Bordeaux-grape excitement and taste to be enjoyed with a meal, many a meal! It makes a great gift!
TOMORROW Marie can sign any of these bottles as gifts for you to enjoy now with a meal , great friends, on vacations, whatever !
OUR WEATHER IS LIKE A YO-YO NOW, so it is hard to plan, and yet it is fun, too and gives us some really special challenges to anticipate and work our ways through them.and we have so much going on on Mardi Gras/ Fat Tuesday - 2 Dinners Tonight, 2 Wine-Tastings and all is well and cheery and bright, breezy and clear on this drop-dead gorgeous day here in Cleveland Park. We have lots to do now to get ready for all these evening activities that originate here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits.
IT'S ALSO THE INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY TODAY! WOW! Let's hear it for all women - they are lovely and inspire and fire and intrigue all us mean and we are thrilled to recognize them and their multiple talents and charms and efforts!

HEY : We Have Other Goodies for you, too :
From Santos Rivera we have : In Beer & Cider :
1) Citra Mantra India-Style Pills Lager, from OTTER CREEK Brewing Company, Vermont, " brewed with Citra hops and 100% positive vibrations. ... Citra Mantra brewed with 100% positive vibrations, the aura of the citra hops is elevated by clean-fermenting lager strain." On Special now for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles. They must be Beach Boys' fans, that's the vibration I get!
2) ' Nugget Nectar " ale from the TROEGS Independent Brewing Co. is On Special for $14.99 a bottle, a tasty blend of hops here : Nugget, Warrior, Tomahawk, Simcoe, and Palisade. ... with 7.5% alcohol by volume, an an IBU of 93ish! Yes on all counts, come try some, be ignited in speaking artful soulful hops! From Hersey, PA : how about some dark chocolate on a side plate by HERSEY'S?!? Migh be glorious combo.
3) IPA from the MANOR HILL Brewing Co., On Special for $11.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans, from Ellicott City, MD, keep cold, drink freshwith 6.8% alcohol by volume, check this IPA out for size, fit, feel, expression, smile, grin, groan, moan, magic, mystery, myriads of tastes, too! Family-owned, farm-brewed.
AND HEY Once Again, We Also Have :
From Jagir we have some amazing SPIRITS to share with you :
1) Civic Charcoal-Polished Vodka from Ivy City, Wash. DC, from REPUBLIC RESTORATIVES Distilling,  On Special for $27.99 a bottle, owned by females, FABulous products made here locally, what a treat. Support female ownership and fine-quality products and business, too! Tasty, clean, fresh, great ' cut ' on the palate and tongue, yes!
2) ' Vigilant ' D.C. District Dry Gin, On Special for $29.99 a bottle, a fresher, livelier, less-heavy, more tropical, refreshing citrus-accented gin that lilts and layers and loves and lessens our loads, made by Nicole and she knows how to make great gins having run the Gin Joint of the New Heights restaurant for the first eight years!
3) ' Borough Bourbon ' Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey , French oak finished, $51.99, Batch No. 001, this is owned by the same two women that make the Civic Vodka, and it is as impressive as the vodka, if not more impressive. Everyone loves it, great price, too! A warmer, rounder, more loving, caring embracing taste that makes all our worries and stresses melt quite literally quickly ahhhhhh away!
4) Mezcal ' Alipus ' Pink-Label Joven 100% Agave ' from Mexico, On Special for $44.99 a 750ml bottle. I recommend this for the purity, frankness and concentration of taste and flavors, for the label, too as the icing on the cake with the glorious saturation of deep pink and the word joven and SnANDRES deep blue on on the tiny upper sticker-label. I like the designs, too on both! Top-flight products!
ALSO : We Have :
1) Appalachian Whiskey from BOAR CREEK, made by E. Wright & C. Wallace Didtilleries, in Hillsvale, VA. $30.99 a 750ml bottle, cloudy, tasty, flavorful, unique-distinct tastes that add to the pool of flavors already out there, but do not duplicate them, ... a real treat : " Aged for three weeks in a little holler down in Appalachia! Mmmmmm, so goo, YES!
2) DR. STONER'S Smoky Herb flavored whiskey , $29.99, is thick, redolent and dripping oozing lush ripeness, unctuousness like honey and like pots filled to overflowing with psychadelic memories, old-and-new-and-growing-mellowing-magical-spells that may be enjoyed straight or blended and cut to make them blossom on our tongues and take flight in our bellies! Mmmmm.
3) ' Phoenix ' Limited Edition Irish Whiskey from TULAMORE DEW, with 55% high strength non-chill-filtered, $68.99, a treat with , 55% alcohol by volume, what a treat with St. Patty's Day on Friday, March 17th! We have many fine Irish whiskies here.
NOW : On This ....
TONIGHT , Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : We have the owner of FINCA RIO NEGRO os Spain here to pour his one dry Gewurztraminer, 2015, $18.99, dry, ... 992 estate-bottled, 55% Tempranillo , , 20% Syrah, 15% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, ...and the 2011 , $21.99, a blend Tempranillo, 20% Syrah, 10% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, .... si si si si si! Venga ici esta noche , degusta con nosotros!
WEDNESDAY, March 8th, 2017 5-8PM, taste six great Bordeaux red wines with Marie and Narayan, let;s all celebrate International Women's Day ... 
THURSDAY, March 9th, 2017 , 5-8PM : We have international rep Ajai Bhoja of his own PAUL JOHN Single Malts from India : 1) non-peeted " Brilliant " non-cask, ... 2) Classic-cask-strength , ... 3) Peeted Non-Cask, and the ... 4) Special Classic Peeted Cask-Strength , ... all tasted a week ago at the bihWhisky Fest at the Marriot/ Marquis Hotel, costing $250 and 350$ to attend, and these were appreciated by all, everything is sold-out in the country except the small amount reserved for our tasting here. Join us, have an experience here of a lifetime! Free to taste these four!
FRIDAY, Come taste with Valerie of Elite Imports as we try the great wines of Bordeaux, red and white from Joel and Sandrine Duffau of Chateau Les Arromans and La MOtte Du Barry! 5-8PM. Dry white and reds, too.
SATURDAY, March11th, 2017 ( 2-6PM ) : We will taste Vittorio's incredible range of the TRE MONTI reds and whites from Romagna, Italy, Albana whites and also Sangiovese, ... Vittorio will be in town and we are hosting a wine-dinner with him at Piccolo's in Geirgetown on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017. Call there for the menu and to pay, will post it here tomorrow as soon as I get it!

THANKS For Everything, you all are the very very very BEST! Cheers, TONY
WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is an old store email that I wrote and posted on March 15th, 2011, way back when. Read and enjoy it if you have the time, check for availability and also current pricing and vintages. Cheers,  TONY

I'M STARTING THE DAY OFF BEAUTIFULLY having just met again and tasted with owner Jerome R. Quoit of Chateauneuf-Du-Pape ( tasted the 2005 DOMAINE DUCLAUX $54.99 , and the  and the DOMAINE VIEUX LAZARET 2007 , $41.99 ), and some DOMAINE HOUCHART Cotes Du Provence 2006 and 2007( both $16.99 a bottle ). I liked all the wines and could see adding both the 2006 Cotes Du Provence and the 2005 Chateau Duclaux because they drink so well now. We will have some added here shortly as we need some Provence wines here desperately. It was a pleasure to meet and to taste with Jerome. I used my Flip camera and I think that I will post them on U-Tube. He says that he has complete confidence in me. We looked at what I shot and he really liked it so it will be podted soon. What fun, here on Mardi Gras with a delightful Frenchman drinking really good French wines of Provence and Chateauneuf-Du-Pape and talking about life and love and all impulses strong, healthy, good and filled with promise and cheer. What else could be better? Perhaps a cigar with beautiful people around us sipping his excellent Domaine Duclaux 2005 Chateauneuf-Du-Pape ( $54.99 ) which has layers ans layers and " niveaux " of tar, leather and tobacco and spice and dust and warmth-of-the-sun and pith and spit and sparkle and splash -panache of course ... stay-tuned for more info on these wines of Jerome Quiot.
       1) Jean Marc Espinasse , owner & wine-maker at ROUGE-BLEU of the " Dentelles "  Vin De Pays De Mediterranee )2008 ( 55% Carignan, 45% Grenache )  & the " Mistral " Cotes Du Rhone  2008 ( 75% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 3% Mourvedre, 2% Roussanne ) dry red wines. 5-7PM.
       2) Oded Shakked, wine-maker of LONGBOARD Vineyards in California tasting the Sauvignon Blanc 2009, the Pinot Noir 2008, the " Point Break Red " North Coast 2008, the Syrah Russian River Valley 2005 and the " Rochioloi Vineyard " Russian River Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007.
     TWO WINE-DINNERS -       
       1) LONGBOARD Vineyards Dinner at Ardeo with Oded Shakked, CA. $65 plus tax and gratuity. Go to : www.clevelandparkwine.com to see the full menu. Call Timothy Galvin at : 202-244-6750 for reservations.
       2) ROUGE-BLEU Vineyards Dinner at Dino restaurant-ristorante at 7:30PM. May be sold-out, call Dean and Kay to check on any available seats. The menu is on their web page and looks delicious, too.
     ASK JEAN-MARC about his American wife's delightful blog that she writes in France called : OneFrenchWordADay? LOts of people already know about it and follow it. Many will be here tonight in the store before this great meal at Dino.
     ALL WINES ARE ON SPECIAL TODAY at the wine-tasting and later at the two dinners. This is a great time to taste and to save.

BEERS From Santos Rivera :
     1) ABITA " Strawberry " , $8.99 a six-pack of 12-ounce bottles.
     2) GREAT LAKES Brewing Company " The Dopplerock " ( On Special for $9.99 a 4-pack, 12 oz bottles, Cleveland , Ohio, 7.8% alc. by volume, ) is " Round and Malty ... dopplebock lager that is German for double bock ...
LIQUORS From Ravinder Sharma ( back from India! ) :
     1) CAP ROCK Organic Gin ( $32.99, 41% alc. by volume, from Hotschkiss, Colorado, www.peakspirits.com ) is getting a lot of really good press these days.
     2) KNOB CREEK Aged 9 Years Single Barrel Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey ( On Special for $39.99, 60% alc. by volume, 120 proof ) is brand new and really exciting!
     3) DAMRAK, Imported Amsterdam Original Gin ( $20.99 , 750ml bottle ) is also brand new and really exciting. ( the old Grolsch bottle - reusable cap seal - fun ).
     4) ERISTOFF Premium Vodka - triple distilled ( 100% pure grain vodka, ) is a " new " imported vodka from France. What a great price for a 1.75ml bottle of vodka!
     VERY SPECIAL Wine-Tasting Event Opportunity Here At Cleveland Park : 
     ON Saturday, March 19th, 2011 ( 3-7PM ) : Come try with Regis of Roanoak Imports the great red and white burgundies of DOMAINE LEROY :
         1) 1998 Bourgogne Blanc, $59.99
         2) 2007 Bourgogne Rouge, $49.99
         3) 2000 Savigny-Les-Beaune Blanc ( White ), $127.99.
     Regis will taste other wines as well along with the LEROY Burgundy wines and we will have a great tasting.
WINES For Mardi Gras & The Week From Greg & Tony :
          WHITES :
       1) PUERTA VIEJA Blanco white 2009 Spanish Rioja from Bodegas Riojanas ( $11.99 ) is showing nicely now with food.
       2) Malvasia Di Puglia 2009 " Montevento " from Puglia, Italy ( $8.99 ) is dry and crsip and firm and a treat with a meal now.
       3) MACON-LOCHE dry white Burgundy 100% Chardonnay was tasted here last Friday and I was really very pleased as it displayed unique features and flavors that distinguished it from some of the others and yet the price is reasonable at $19.99. The owners have been here before and they also make really fine sparkling cremant from Burgundy from 100% Chardonnay grapes.       
       4) The SUPERNATURAL 2009 100% Estate-Grown Hawke's Bay Organic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Great packaging, a bottle top like a Coke bottle : BLOWS ME AWAY, Stunning on all levels. I love it! Great wine at $24.99 a bottle - great gift, perfect for tonight for Mardi Gras.
          SPARKLING -
       1) OMMARIVA Onegliano Valdobiadene Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G. Italian Veneto Brut, $19.99 is brand-spanking new and really thrilling and exciting and a new plateau, too.
       2) FRV 100 De Jean-Paul " Terres Dorees " from 69380 Charnay, France and imported by Joe Dressner ( www.louisdressner.com ) is another fun, new sparkling French wine.
          REDS - 
       1) MALBEC 2009 from Mendoza, Argentina, the TAMARI Reserva ( $15.99 ) is back by popular demand and makes for a nice liquid foil to many foods. Warm you up now with these cold, breezy days and nights ...
       2) Tempranillo 2009 from Spain's Rioja region, this EL PRIMAVERA ( $14.99 ) is elegant and fine and smooth and bright, red-cherried-berried and a medium-to-light-bodied delight to enjoy as we harbor thoughts of spring these days and nights. Laurent Givry tasted it here this past Friday evening. Really nice, I liked it a whole lot.
       3)  Tempranillo 100% 2009.EL ARTE DE VIVIR 2008 Spanish Ribera Del Duero dry red ( $14.99 ) is thicker and beefier with more pillars of rock-solid flavors that was also very popular this past Friday evening when Laurent Givry tasted it. It needs a meal for me to fill it in and round it out but that did not bother many of our customers.
       4) Pinot Noir/ Gamay dry red French Burgundy blend called PASSETOUTGRAIN, 2007 from Francois Mikulski ( $19..99 ) is lovely to enjoy now with a meal as the acidity levels are still pointed and the toasty berry flavors still a touch tart and in need of some hors d'ouevres to flesh it out and make it sigh and cry with joy and murmur with pleasure and almost complete abandon and contentment ...
       5) Gamay and Cabernet Franc is it?!? DOMAINE DE LA BERGERIE " La Cerisaie " from the Loire Valley in France and from Yves Guegniard ( $14.99 ), this Anjou 2008 is a great Spring-anticipating French dry red wine delight! Best again with food - try it with whatever you grill now outside...
       6) Pinot Noir Reserva from Argentina's Patagonia region, this 2010 Pinot Noir ( $16.99 ) is only going to get better and more defined and more complex, too... it's at the very beginning of it's promising life - already very smooth and bright and freshh - now let the complexities develop ...
       7) Pinot Noir from Oregon's Willamette Valley, this " Spruce Goose " 2006 ( On Special for $17.99 ) from the EVERGREEN VINEYARD is really flavorful and with extra body and flesh and stuffing and age, too. It's got it all with the focus and the character and the great everyday price of $17.99 a bottle!
       8) 33% Cabernet Sauvignon/ 31% Merlot/ 25% Syrah/ 11% Cabernet Franc from Washington State's Columbia Valley; this 2006 " Pomatia " HELIX by Reininger ( $19.99 ) is showing beautifully, We had it open here last week and it's smooth as can be - classy and svelte and silky, too ... nice mouth-feel ...
       9) Merlot 2008 from Napa Valley in California and made by DUCKHORN, this " Decoy " dry red ( On Special for $21.99 ) is a treat to enjoy now with this cooler weather and breeze and blue skies ... and while hunting and enjoying the spoils of one's hunt ...
       THURSDAY, March 10th, 2011 ( 5-8PM ) : We have the wine-maker of DARK HORSE here to taste two of his wines. This will be the first time we have the wine-maker from DARK HORSE here. Join us, this will be another treat. Join us, never any charge.
       FRIDAY, March 11th, 2011 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Matt from Washburn Imports here to taste a cross of Spanish, Italian and perhaps Chilean wines, too. Join us, never any charge.
       Saturday, March 12th, 2011 ( 3-7PM ) : We have Alexis here to taste some of the excellent L.A. CETTO Mexican wines - Nebbiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon , Chardonnay and more. We were just featured at the Mexican Embassy with the Mexican Ambassador at a meal there a week and a half ago. Really nice wines at $11 and the Reserves at under $25 a bottle!
     COME SEE US NOW - HAPPY MARDI GRAS!  Jean-Marc just walked into the store and Oded is landing at Dulles or National now I believe ... we are starting to hop now!  Cheers,  TONY

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