Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Celebrating International Women's Day Here Tomorrow, 5-8PM, With Marie From Bordeaux, France When She Pours Great Reds For You All, Free Wine-Tasting, Join Us!

Tomorrow we taste fine Bordeaux wines with Marie from Bordeaux as our celebration of #InternationalWomensDay here from 5-8pm. I just spoke to our customer Gaby that alerted me to possible misunderstanding if our event. It is not our Big Theme that we already did on March 1st, 2017, celebrating them one week early thus grand event tomorrow. I am sorry fir any misunderstanding if we or I did not explain these two events clearly. We welcome you tomorrow to try great red Bordeaux wines here to celebrate as a community how special and important women are to the fabrics of our lives! Please join us tomorrow from 5-8pm with Marie and Narayan as we make a whole lotta noise for all you fabulously inspiring, intelligent, essential and beautiful women! Cheers! Pictured here are the wines we will be tasting with you. I just was trying them when I got Gaby's call, they are incredible, really classic expressions of Bordeaux wines! Free wine-tasting!

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