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Store Email Tuesday February 7th, 2017 : Join Us! #CelebrateWomen #WomenAppreciationYear2017 #CelebrateBlackHistoryMonth #BlackLivesMatter #MakeThisYour2ndHomeAtClevelandParkWineAndSpirits!

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Celebrate Your Love, Black History Month, Appreciate Women's Invaluable Contributions ...


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Cleveland Park Wines

Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 6:56 PM
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IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY, will be unseasonably warm today on this Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 day, as my wife and I celebrate 36 years of marriage, listen to the Senate confirmations on the radio here at work ( our education is key to a strong society and economy and country ), and I am feeling both worried and proud, on the edge, anxious, thrilled, so happy that yesterday I was outside in a t-shirt enjoying the warmth and sunshine, and thinking to this busy week here in Cleveland Park.
WE CELEBRATE BEING ALIVE and many things now, and this Big-Theme Wine-Tasting of 25-30 wines, with six passionate wine professional wine-lovers will be a grand treat indeed.
TO PAY and ATTEND, go to : @Eventbrite.com and pay the $15 that will later be applied to any purchase you make of the bottles tasted.
DATE : Wednesday, February 8th, 2017
TIME : 5:30-8:30PM.
COST : $15
WE ARE celebrating so many things as well as Valentine's Day. I am so pleased to celebrate this month of @BlackHistoryMonth, and so excited that I saw the movie about the black women labeled " computers " in the late 50's and early 60's that worked at NASA in Virginia and helped to get John Glenn and others into space and onto the moon! The movie outraged me that it took so long to acknowledge these wonderful young black women and their invaluable contributions to our lives and country and world. I was so excited when actor Kevin Costner hammered-down the ' Colored ' metal signs for the bathrooms then! That made me proud to be an American, proud that someone did something to abolish that should never - ever - have been.
WE CONTINUE  to celebrate women and all that they contribute to the fabric of our lives, INVALUABLE. We started in January and only made it so far so I had the idea to extend it to the whole year of 2017. We will celebrate many of our wonderful women's causes, too here. Just inquire, or tell us which are nearest and dearest to you, and we will do what we can to include them.
WE CONTINUE  this to be a second or third home for all you spectacular women : 51% of our population that we would be miserable wretches without! Let us know what we may do for you to add in any ways that we can to your lives. You inspire all of us, you are a true inspiration. There were many wonderful scenes, like when astronaut John Glenn broke away to go and shake the hands of the group of ' computers ', loved that, I clapped in the movie during both these scenes, proud to clap, proud to show my appreciation for all these amazing contributions!

SO : Come celebrate with us tomorrow, try between 25-30 wines, enjoy a full range of wines from around the world which include : South Africa , Spain, Moldova,  California's  TRIONE Vineyards & Winery wines, Italy, France, Argentina, the Basque country, Bulgaria, Portugal, ...
     1) Stephen Watkins, of the Winebow group
     2) Stacy McArthur and Serghei Gulceac of their own Old Town Cellars
     3) Megan Charnero of Well Crafted Wine & Beverage Co.
     4) Diana Richer of G&B Importers
     5) Christina Caswell of Kysela Pere Et Fils Et Fille Imports
     6) Reid Harper of TRIONE Vineyards & Winery
TABLE # ONE : Stephen , of the Winebow group pours sparkling and still wines of Spain :
          THREE  sparkling spumante Cavas, ONE still dry white blend  from JUVE Y CAMPS : I like the expressiveness and individuality here : wines made to suit their place of origin and all that is wonderful from Penedes, Spain, including the jambon that is cured so devilishly inextricably wonders-of-wonders-tastes-of-tastes GOOD, to need these wines to make the whole place get up, dance, sing, smile, and be comfortably loved.
     1) Gregal D'Espiells 2014 dry still ( non-sparkling )  white, 3-grape blend, $14.49, rich, full, some real  body, great cold-damp-weather white!
          Sparkling Cavas :
     1) Cinta Purpura Reserva N.V. Brut,  of JUVES Y CAMPS Cava$16.49 a bottle : a great discovery here, do you agree?
     2)  2013 Essential 100% Xarello indigenous grape variety cava, Brut , $17.49, that added depth and character that plumbs us deeply delightfully so much so that we are stopped to reflect our exact state of well-being at that exact moment?!!
     3)  Brut 100% Pinot Noir NV dry rose, $16.49 ( Chris just enjoyed a glass last week during Restaurant Week and came back really pleased. ) Some impressive liquid solidness of the Pinot Noir grape that sparkles and spews splashes, spurts tenderness in a big comforting bear-hug to top all liquid bear-hugs!!??!!!!
          TWO Still dry  reds, Spain  :
     1) Enrique Mendoza Tremenda 2014, 100% Monastrelle ( also called Mourvedre in France ), $13.49 : layered, full, really rich! Chris was really impressed with it.
     2) SVMMA 2008 dry red Rioja blend including some kick-perfect Petit Verdot , $32.99 : this blew my gaskets to smithereens! Loved it! Enjoyed it here, took the bottle home and enjoyed it with my family at our meals and was ' under it's spell! " Earthy, musky, masked, unmasked, gruff, abrupt, smiling, eyes-determined, knowing it's value, it's place, no apologies, just layered of focused tastes and flavors filling many nooks, many crannies, many divides, many gulches, many ravines, many air pockets down low in cave and grotto, and up-high in mountain, hills. rolling lush meadows, ... an amazing liquid work of art! I think I like it?!?

TABLE # TWO : With Serghei Gulceac and Stacy McArthur of their Old Town Cellars Imports, fine wines of Moldova & more!
     1) Crisecco Vin Spumant Alb Brut Nomen est Omen CRICOVA Winery, $13.49, Original sparkling dry white blend , brut, from Cricova, Moldova. Made from 90% of the indigenous grape variety Feteasca Alba, and 10% Muscat, with 12.5% alcohol. I was pleased, so delicate, so subtle and fresh and lilting and refreshing in it's understatement. This is to be sipped slowly, some food to flesh it out at first, some appetizers from Marco across the street at Byblo's Deli for example, or go down to Coppi's Organic and get a pizza made in their brick oven? The food gives it something to hang around longer so that the taste lingers and fingers, splashes, pokes and pleases just that extra millisecond or more. Mmm. Great price, too.
     2)  Feteasca Alb 2013 VINARIA Din VALE , $10.99, an impressive dry white with great distinction, clean clarity, alacrity, presence and poise, to : like it, refreshing!
     3) Feteasca Regala Vin sec alb , $10.49, here we have so much depth, presence, perfume of grapes that resonate, reverberate, insinuate, seduce and lull us into a state of comfort, too! Yes!
     4) Feteasca Neagra vin sec ' Rosu ' 2014, , $11.99, made from the indigenous 100% Feteasca Neagra an indigenous grape that develops, evolves, perks and percolates, simmers, summers, winters, wander, wonders into dried fruits like plums and prunes and other stimulations, elations!From Calarasi, Moldova, 14% alcohol by volume, Yes!
TABLE # THREE : Megan Charneco of Well Crafted Wine & Beverage imports ... Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Italy ...
     1) Alto Landon Dona Leo , $17.99
     2) Ixeia Blanco Chardonnay , $10.99
     3) Alto Landon Rayelo Bobal dry red, $21.99
     4) Ixeia Tinto dry red, $10,99
     5) Aravissa Malbec, $15.49
     6) Capello Prosecco, $16.49
     Megan is new tasting with us. I asked her, last-minute to come up with her ' faves ' to pour here for you tomorrow. I have not tasted them, am trusting her here. I asked her to write something for us all :
     " [ Tony and ] I have selected some beautiful wines at incredible values for your special celebration this Valentine's Day. I chose to focus on incredible female winemakers from around the world and their impressive passion projects. From bubbles to the unique Bobal grape, you're guaranteed to fall in love with these wines. Celebrate you this Valentines' Day and treat yourself! "

     1) Pixels sparkling Glera indigenous grape wine, $21.99 a bottle, subtle, velvet finesse and flowery fragrances whaft so smoothly up into your head and play gently with your state-of-excitements! $15.49, a dry brut, Thracian Valley, Bulgaria : sooo much fun.
     2) Jampal really really so very rare and wonderful dry white grape variety, indigenous, called Jampal, from DONA FATIMA, Cheleiros Manz, from Lisboa Portugal, 2015, qith 12.5% alcohol by volume, $28.49, I loved the dense dwelling depth living deep and far, close and fragrant, flowers and honeys and miels and creames cremes of " de la " fleshy grape essences that are both opaque and translucent at the same time. Ola, bom dia , obregado amigos, amigas!
     3) 2015 Rose of Pinot Noir from BLAIR Estate, Arroyo Seco, California, On Special for $26.99 a bottle, looks unfiltered, looks cloudy and un-fines, like pink salmon-colored rose clouds to hand all your weight, worries, maladies, problems, stresses at, then be bolstered, be amazed, Maybe, NO : definitely Paul I am bloody amazed, well-amazed, finding myself in this wonderful maze and daze and doze and delight of liquid walls of Pinot Noir grapes - suspended inside the grapes after fermentation! YES! Love this!
     4) Tanta Miuda ( and indigenous grape variety from Portugal ), 2015, from FIUZA, estate-bottled, young, joven, jeune, gentil, graceful, smooth, still developing a whole lot, needs to breathe an open-up, no need to rush this delightful dry red that needs the chill of forty minutes to make it POP and burst as is it's rightful state! $14.49, 13.5% alcohol by volume.
     5) Mavrud 2015 indigenous red grape variety from Bulgaria, from VILLA YAMBOL, $9.99 a bottle, from the Thracian Valley, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, I LOVED the authenticity, correctness, firmness, spice, pepper, alacrity and vigor, vroom! oh yeah, chill 30 minutes and be off to the camp fire, the flame, the sparkle of stars, the shine of mood, the ardor of bed and romance, love - all splendid stuff!
   I asked Diana to write something for you all :
     "  I of G&B Importers will be tasting some unique and exciting wines special enough for your Valentine! From the nearly extinct Jampal grape in Portugal, revived to make the only 100% Jampal wine in the world, to the single vineyard rose of Pinot Noir painstakingly crafted from the vines planted in the same soil as the winemaker's beloved grandmother's garden to the exotic red and bubbly from Bulgaria, each wine has a special story to share with your loved one. "
TABLE # FIVE : Christina Caswell of Kysela Imports pours French and Italian treasures for you all :
     1) 2015 Sancerre 100% Pinot NOir dry rose ' Les Villots ' from Jean Reverdy et Fils, On Special for $19.99 a bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume : this is sleel , svelte, a dab of steel, a dab of stern, a dash of liquid Pinot Noir sunshine at sunset, ahhhh yes, si, oui, ca va marche tres bien pour vous tous ce soir, j'aime bien. I really like the overall control, balance and bliss here!
     2) ' Clos le Vigneau ' 2015 Val de Loire 100% Chenin Blanc from the French town of Vouvray, On Special for $16.49 a bottle, from Alexandre Monmousseau, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, this is a real treat, a real comfort blanket to soothe ragged, jagged, jarred jazzed nerves and to make your whole body relax and smile brilliantly as you come out to find your real selves outside your skins, just like the grape juices as they escape their skins : you both share a similar trajectile, that is vroom vaulting, villainous, vibrant and voracious once released : go for it, enjoy, nothing to lose! Yours!!!!!
     3) ' Secrets des Princes ' 2013 Chateauneuf-Du-Pape, On Special for the sublime ridiculous price of only $26.49 a bottle, this has so much body, so much stamina, it will support your frame, it will frame your state-of-mind, it is dark and deep and you will find a clarity that suits you just right when combined with some food to flesh out these darker night-time flavors, layers to show!
     4) Moscato d'Asti d.o.p. from RINALDI, On Special for $14.99 : this bug juice is as intoxicating to humans as it is bees that flock and fly and buzz and broom-ride their way directly to these Moscato grapes of the Piemonte in Italy and OOZE their wonderful liquid apricot, peach, per and apricot essences, honey, too! Great deal, too!
TABLE # SIX : Reid Harper of TRIONE Vineyards & Winery, Russian River, Alexander Valley in California : sublime all, velvet silks in liquids!
     1) 2015 Sauvignon Blanc from the Russian River appelation, River Road Ranch, with 13.3% alcohol by volume, $23.99, a lovely dry white to sip as it carries both it's weight and that of your tongue, too, cradles it, rocks it back and forth ever so slightly and the air around passes through it's flavors as they do on your palate, and the warmth of the sun's shine adds gleams of sun-moon-beams, too!
     2) 2013 River Road Ranch Pinot NOir, Russian River Valley, $39.99 a bottle : the balance, the depth, the body, the charm, the subtle flame to flower and smooth your stress and pain, ahhhh, enough to drive someone quite almost yet not, ahhhh insane, insane, insane! What a welcoming refresher , refrain with warmth, a drain of nerves and jarred feelings, ... love sets in so nicely.
      3) 2012 Alexander Valley Appellation Geyserville Ranch . ' Henry's red Blend ', 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 34% Merlot, 13% Petit Verdot, 13% Cabernet Franc, 5% Malbec : a lovely Claret red like a French Bordeaux, this delivers in spades and shovels and dollops and dashes, splashes, dunks, spins, spunks, spacious areas for both you and all your senses to enter into this liquid red blend of grapes, enjoy, frolic, fraternize, swoon, seduce, and select all your moments shared together, come and go, at your combined consensual says ... everyone wins here! $37.49, with 14.5% alcohol by volume.
     4) 2011 Block 21 Cabernet Sauvignon from Alexander Valley, CA. This is a treat, even at $79.99 a bottle, Chris and I swooned here, we loved these subtle, silky seductive wines. Chris would have liked a touch more power and guts and perhaps rawness. I was happy with how deliciously forward and fresh and bright flamed they all four are! Cheers, Join us!
SAVE THREE Ways tomorrow,
COME SEE Us. ...
PART TWO of this week's email will come on Thursday, cheers, TONY 2.7.2017