Saturday, February 4, 2017

Slices Of My Life, Anthony Quinn , And Those That Touch Me Recently : Early February 2017, Loving It, So Pleased to Be As Fully Alive As I Am Possible!LOving Dining At Coppi's Organic Here In Cleveland Park 20008!

Nothing like the anticipation of a great meal that meets and passes expectations, @coppisorganic e @juveycamps ! 2/2 Wonderful wines from Stephen Watkins, these @Juve&Camp of Spain, #Cava #sparklingwine #Penedes Lovely! From the +The Winebow Group , cheers, @Juve&CampCava, si!

Nothing like fine #spanishcava de @juveycamps e comida organically excelente de @coppisorganic ChezQuinn esta niche2/2! Gracias!

Celebrating almost 36 anos con mi esposa magnifica esta noche @juveycamps e @coppisorganic si si si!

#ChezQuinn @juveycamps #spumante #Milesime 2012 con comida organica excelente de @coppisorganic !
#ChezQuinn @juveycamps #spumante #Milesime 2012 con comida organica…
Live the dream, the love the warmth, the joy NIW at @coppisorganic 2/2 we are in style!

Always a great comfort to feel at home, eat like at home but not do a thing, relax @coppisorganic NOW, we are!

Hop on a bike and get your asses over to @coppisorganic NOW! Eat, celebrate, party, feel at home! 2/2

Happy happy hour hours at @coppisorganic NOW great organic food, people atmosphere, come now!

Celebrate tonight at @coppisorganic 2/2 we are 36 yrs being together #mahimahi #SeafoodPasta!