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Anthony Quinn's Weekly Store Emails ( Two, Today, Also 2/25/2011 ) For Our Customers Of Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits, 20008, Cheers, Read & Enjoy : @TenutaValdipiatta, @Tressabores @Librandi & MOre, Join Us Tonight, Tues 2/21/2017 5-8PM, Taste!

Tuning-In, Tuning-Off,Tooning-Along, Actively Moving Forward!

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Cleveland Park Wines

Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 4:26 PM
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Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
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IT'S OUR TIME TO SHINE NO MATTER WHAT! we need to work this through together. we can, we must, we certainly will!


BIG pland ahead with so many new spirits like the spanking brand ' new ' DR.STONER'S Flavored spirits that I just sampled with David Baxter and Billy Reilly : i tried three, two are available now, the third is still in the lab being perfected.


just tried a delightly modern-style valpolicella with Braydon campbell our new rep from lanterna, a 2015, $19.99 that is a bit more muscular and firm, less acidic or earthy and weedy, a cleaner taste that will hold up to many foods and please many a modern palate. thanks braydon for the taste. go to our facebook page to see the pictures i just took.

SO : let's see what lays ahead for us all now. My new approach is to stay active, focused, helpful , concerned, listening and acting when appropriate. I like that, it suits me, it means I do not fall apart, get too angry, mean or ugly. I have stopped looking much at my Facebook page and that has been helpful. I have also started to use Instagram more as there is so much visually stimulating there to look at to from foods, wines, places, cities, countries, the arts, fashion , theater, music, you name it : so inspiring to me and that feeds my soul, mind, guts, heart in ways that uplift me and make me feel more positive energy.
WE WANT TO SPREAD here as much positive energy as we can, and that is our gola, spread the wealth, share what we have, make it give us on every level more ' bang for the buck! '
SO : Let's get started, ..
in BEER and CIDER from Santos Rivera we have :
1) Irish Stout from O'HARA'S , craft brewed in Ireland, a full-bodied luxuriously smooth stout with a discernable roast bite, $9.99 for a four-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 4.3% alcohol by volume, from Carlow, Ireland : come try some!
2) ' Denali ' Imperial IPA , from the Single Hop series, from FLYING DOG ( Ranjot tells me that Denali means gun ) , On Special for $11.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 8% alcohol by volume, serious business, tasty, what else?!? Cheers, come try some.
3) ' Mirror Pond ' Pale Ale from DESCHUTES Brewery, On Special for $11.99 for a six-pack of 12-ounce bottles, from Bend, Oregon, family and employee-owned since 1988 : " Floral, citrus, and caramel notes, ... balanced with the beautiful simplicity of the Cascade hop. "
4) Honey Barrel Brown Ale from KENTUCKY ALE, an ' ale brewed with Kentucky honey and ginger, aged in oak bourbon barrels. " One of their seasonal series, from Lexington, On Special for $15.99 for a four-pack of 12-ounce bottles.

1) Southern Cream ' Salted Caramel ' liqueur, made with Tennessee whiskey, from JACKSON MORGAN, we have On Special at $22.99 a bottle this tasty, flavorful, balanced and good crea, that has a bit of rumble and tumble, some real attitude, an aptitude, too to please many a palate! Perfect now with cooler, wetter weather of ours. Try some. It did well when we tasted it here the other night with our local rep Andrius Miliunas of CRAFT Wine & Spirits, many of you liked and bought a bottle! YES. With 15% alcohol by volume.
     TWO Local Vermouth-style D.C. from CAPITOLINE:
1) WHITE , $28.99 with 17% alcohol by volume, : " Caroline is made by hand in small batches in an attempt to make a drink both delicious on its own and in cocktails. Use as you would your favorite vermouth. Distilled, infused, and bottled in the Capitol City. Washington DC, Peter Pasten is involved in this project. Tasty!
2) ROSE with 16% alcohol by volume, $28.99, same story as the white, a really deep rose that is like a light red vermouth in color. Try some when you need a red vermouth. Both are quite captivating!
THREE MORE : a Whiskey, Rye and Irish Whiskey :
1) Local D.C. Whiskey from ONE EIGHT , their Rock Creek Rye, $49.99 a bottle, has been quite successful in the past , now more than a year in business and we are proud to have been one of the first to sell and recommend this fine whiskey, now the Rye : a gorgeous color, a depth and purity, a clarity, an intensity that delivers character and poise, too, makes your tongue pause, yes it does! Gladly!!

2) Whiskey distilled from a Rye Mash, American oak aged, from WIDOW JANE, $52.99 a bottle, bottled by Cacao Prieto distillery, Brooklyn New York, a bit cloudy, less filtered, with 45.5% alcohol by volume, love the deep golden-ness color " I imagine so much extra just looking at it!
" It is non-chill filtered for the finest flavor.New, progressive aging techniques may cause some cloudiness of the whiskey's esters, improving the flavor, mouthfeel, and aromatics. " We agree. Cheers, come try some. Been popular with a number of our customers already.
3) Limited Release Irish whiskey from WEST CORK Distillers, hand-crafted in Ireland, ' Barrel Proof ' , made with the finest HAND SELECTED INGREDIENTS matured in Bourbon casks. $57.99 a bottle, With 62% alcohol by volume, this is for those accustomed to these stronger tastes that have more impact, pack more of a punch, that are best enjoyed once someone builds up to them, learning how the flavors and the proof can pack a definite punch that may take some easing-into, go slow, sip small sips and let the flavors linger and saturate : no need to rush anything, enjoy this special ride.
FROM Chris & Tony : FIVE Great Values : Italy, Greece :
     From Greece , a dry rose :
1) A 70-year-old Greek dry rose made with the indigenous grape there, Xinomavro, from the DIOFILI Winery in Siatista, Greece, NOW On Special for $7.99 a bottle, you have paid in the past over the three-four years $12.49 a bottle, as well as $9.99 a bottle, but not $7.99! This is the current vintage of 2015, it is fresh, lively, developing all it's flavors and tastes, a real steal for this price!Get it tomorrow, Wednesday when you mix a case of 12 bottles, and have the price drop to $6.39 a bottle!
     1) Buy any bottle ( except Veuve Clicquot or Moet & Chandon sparkling ), on any still or sparkling wine otherwise over $19.99 a bottle, and SAVE 20% OFF on the marked sticker price, whether On Sale already or not.
     2) Buy any six bottles ( Not VEUVE or MOET ), still or non-sparkling at any price and SAVE 15% OFF on the marked sticker prices.
    3) Buy any twelve ( 12 ) bottles, still or sparkling, and save 20% OFF on the marked sticker prices , except on VEUVE and MOET.
IF YOU CANNOT COME call and place your orders with Chris or Tony : 202-363-4265.
Pay on Wednesdays,
SAVE BIG on Wednesdays,
every Wednesday
here at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits!

     FOUR From Italy :
1) Pinot Bianco  2015 from Italy's Sudtirol- Alto Adige region, from ERSTE-NEUE, regularly $17.99 a bottle, NOW $12.99 a bottle, ( in a case of 12 tomorrow the price goes to $10.39 a bottle! ). It is delightful, clean, crisp, alive, lively, fresh and playful, too.
2) Pinot Grigio 2015 Sudtirol - Alto Adige, from ERSTE-NEUE, On Special for $11.99 a bottle, was $15.99 a bottle, it is softer, rounder, more flowery, rounder, easier to sip all on it's own : lovely, perfect now, both this Pinot Grigio and the Pinot Bianco, it gets down on 12 or more bottles tomorrow to $9.59 a bottle, another steal at that price. Great either to sip or with food as well.
3) Chianti , Panzano in Chianti, from PANZANETTO, On Special for $12.99 a bottle, 2015, elegance, finesse, classic traditional Chianti taste with a slight edge of acidity, some attitude, som grist and grind, a perfect wine, medium-to-light-bodied, a delight to taste with some food, and to enjoy a glass or two while preparing your meal! Tomorrow in a case of 12 or more bottles the price goes down to $10.39 - another steal, run the bases, copp a steal! A home-run baby!!!!!
4) Cabernet 2014 Sudtirol - Alto Adige, from ERSTE+NEUE, fine Italian Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, or so it tastes like both blended, dry, traditional drier, more pithy, perky, less fat and guts, more finesse, less glamour, the real thing, a great food wine. Medium-bodied, the food fleshes this tasty red out, On Special for $13.99, regularly $19.99. Tomorrow in a mixed case of twelve or more the price drops to $11.19 a bottle, what a steal once again!
TONIGHT, Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 ( 5-8pm ) : With Thomas Siegel of the Winebow Group we taste these  three fine wines of LIBRANDI in Calabria :
1) LIBRANDI  ' Critone ' Val di Neto Bianco, $17.99 a bottle, 2014 dry complex, rich, textured, layered white, with 12.5% alcohol by volume ...
2) LIBRANDI  ' Ciro ' Rosso Classico, 2014, a Gagliopo red blend from Calabria, $11.99, with 13% alcohol by volume, ...
3) LIBRANDI " Gravello " Val di Neto rosso, $33.99, 2011, the ultimate rich and complex expression of the Gaglioppo grape variety!
ALSO : From Tuscany, Tenuta Valdipiatta :
1) TENUTA VALDIPIATTA 2014 Chianti from the Colli Senesi region, $16.49, just got this back in, on Friday last week with Dan's help we tasted the 2014 Rosso di Montepulciano, $18.99, it was perfection now, drinking like the smoothest dream whetted by both the weather and our ardor, too ... the nicest balance, silk, softness, graceful, a treat now! AND : tonight we try the Colli Senesi and introduce this vintage back to you all!
AND : From Julie Johnson of TRE SABORES ..., Napa, CA:
1) " ? Por Que No ? Napa Valley red blend , $27.49 a bottle,  with 56% Zinfandel, 31% Petit Sirah  12% Cabernet Sauvignon and 1% Petit Verdot... what a great treat Tel : 707-967-8027 www.tressabores.com. Julie is the very best, the real lady, a spectacular woman that makes very small batches of top-quality wines, some of California's very very very best!
WEDNESDAY, February 22nd, from Eric Solomon Selections we taste some great French and Spanish wines that will , guaranteed blow your minds! Amazing balance, integrety, finesse, concentration, expression!
FRIDAY, February 24th, 2017, with Wes we try a great selection of top-flight wines of Lebanon! Join us, some smashing selections.
WE ALSO HAVE KAYLA coming to pour some of the great local D.C. gin Vigilant On Special for $29.99, made by master distiller Nicole of JOS. A. MAGNUS right here in Ivy City! Cheers!
SATURDAY, February 25th, 2017 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Narayan coming to pour some amazing CA., South African, French, Italian wines to be decided tomorrow, stay-tuned!
CALL : 202-363-4265 for more info, ask for Chris or Tony.
THANKS A MILLION for everything, see you ' in a few ' as Michael Downey used to like to say, when Thomas Siegel comes with David Bonin of the Winebow Group to pour tonight.
YOU ALL are the very best, the cream of the crop, the top of the tippy-top-top-toppest! Cheers, TONY 2/ 21/ 2017



 IT'S EXCITED , REALLY IT IS : I should pinch myself I'm so excited now by the freshness of this Tuesday morning as I drove into work and the minute I got here I was already thrust into the atmosphere and life of this wine store here in our wonderful Cleveland Park neighborhood with so many fascinating people and so many things on the verge of happening like a new TACKLE BOX restaurant in the old MacDonald's location, a new venture of a steak house in the old Yanni's restaurant space at the corner of Connecticut Avenue and Ordway, N.W. between Michel Richard of Central and Citronelle restaurants and the owner of Ray's Steaks ( scheduled now to open in February )! What more could we all wish for with the " new " and exciting expansion of Palena into the old Magruder grocery store and the expansion of the Ripple restaurant into the specialty shoe store?!? Exciting things are happening here in our neighborhood and I, for one would like to see Starbucks come back into the Cereal Bowl location - the original location - before it decided to leave. Bring back Starbucks! I think that many of our customers would like to see it return.

     OUR 2-DAY STILL WINE SALE is this Wednesday January 26th and Thursday January 27th, 2011. A TWO-DAY SALE : TWO PARTS :
       1) BUY ANY BOTTLE over $20 a bottle ( still wine, any size, port, sherry, marsala, madeira or sake ) and SAVE 20% OFF the marked price - even if the bottle is already On Sale.
       2) BUY 12 Or More Bottle of still wines, ports, marsalas, sherries, ,madeiras or sakes ( you may assort them ) and get your savings of 20% OFF even if they are already On Sale.
     IF YOU CANNOT COME - CALL me here at : 202-363-4265 and I will help you put the order together. THE SALE is for existing merchandise already in the store.
     OTHER NEWS: I was just on the phone with Antoine Pin who's family makes wines in France's famous Chateauneuf-Du-Pape region of the southern Rhone and he's now living in Washington State and about to make his own. He called to tell me about his new wines and to ask me some questions about the Washington State market here in the Washington D.C. metropolitan region. He has just started to blog about the Washington State wine business and Shawn Sullivan saw it and encouraged him to do a Part Two. Antoine and I have known each other for years and so he has seen my chatwine.blogspot.com blog and web page at : www.cleveland parkwine.com and wanted to get my opinion for his next blog for the WINE INDUSTRY ANALYSIS OF WASHINGTON STATE WINES. It was extensive the conversation and he recorded it and when it is out I will alert you all to it. Sounds exciting to me. Thanks Antoine, I appreciate the chance to talk about Washington State wines here in Washington D.C.
     AS YOU KNOW : We have both the SAGELANDS " Freddie's Blend " dry red of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Malbec On Special for $9.99 ; as well as the Riesling at $9.99 : and the Merlot and the Cabernet Sauvignon both for $14.99 a bottle. They are made by a female wine-maker named Frederique. Thanks Frederique, the wines are excellent - les vins sontent tres bons, vraiment! Mercie ...
     SO MANY SALE WINES THESE DAYS as well as wines at great values here in Cleveland Park Wines, Beers and Spirits:
     GREAT WINES for the SNOW TONIGHT and to Watch The
          WHITES :
       1) CK MONDAVI " Willow Springs " Moscato California fruity, off-dry white ( $8.99 ). Brand new!
       2) Pinot Grigio from Vigneti Delle Dolomiti Mountains Italian from PRAVIS and Dr. Erika ( $13.99 ) is back in stock and it's a pure delight to enjoy with or without a meal - fresh and lively and original and true to it's roots and origin.
       3) Lugana " San Benedetto " 2009 ( $15.49 ) from ZENATO in the Veneto region of Italy, right on the southern exposure to the west of Lake Garda is a marvel and was just mentioned last week by Dave McIntyre. It's a delight to sip all by itself but will also complement many a meal. A treat - pure sunshine.
       4) Sauvignon Blanc from the organic California BONTERRA Vineyards , this 2009 blend of 60% grapes from Lake County and 40% grapes from Mendocino County in northern California On Special for $12.99 is a real steal. it's another refreshing and dry and cheerful white to be enjoyed with or without a meal. Cheers!
       5) Sauvignon Blanc 2008 from Western Australia ( On Special for $13.99, regularly $19.99 ) is fuller and richer and more flavorful with a wider-broader palate than the BONTERRA and so it's a great contrast - buy some of both with the snow coming tonight and that way if you get snowed-in you all will be prepared.       
       6) Vinho Verde From GATAO ( $8.49 , 9% alc. by volume ) is back in stock by popular demand! Clean, crisp, really light and airy. It's a treat      
       7) Sauvignon Blanc/Carmenere dry white Chilean from the Maule Valley , this 2009 ( $9.99 ) is estate-bottled and a treat because it has extra body and weight and will stand up nicely to this colder chill and be nice while we all watch the State Of The Union Address tonight.
          REDS :
       1) Dry Red Portuguese red blend of indigenous grapes from DON RAMON ( $7.99 ) from the CAMPO DE BORJA is back in stock and it's really very flavorful and rich and thick and it will warm you up beautifully with this cold weather. It's also a nice bottle presentation and will make a nice gift to someone wanting a good wine for this cold weather.
       2) " Field Blend " of Cabernet Sauvignon/ Merlot/ Petit Verdot and Syrah 2008 from C.K. MONDAVI in California has always been a fun and nice treat for our customers here. It's got flavor and character and personality and it will hold it's own against many a tasty meal.
       3) VINA HONDA Monastrell 2007 from Julilla Spain ( $14.99 ) is flavorful and robust and made with France's Mourvedre grape that is called the Monastrell grape in Spain. It's a tasty Rhone-style treat and one that we have used off-and-on here now for the past ten years.
       4) 100% Tempranillo from Spain's Ribera Del Duero region , this 2008 ( $13.99 ) is a great deal for a hearty, earthy, gutsy styled Spanish red to be enjoyed with a meal. It's rustic and best when served with food - maybe even chill it slightly for fifteen minutes.
       5) Tuscan Sangiovese dry red blend from the MOLINO DI SANT'ANTIMO ( $10.99 ), this 2009 is a fine everyday red from the Montalcino region of Tuscan in Italy. People love it: great flavor and exuberant personality and a fine graphic label, too. We sell out frequently of it and so does our supplier. Come and get some while it's still available.

     BEERS From Santos :
       1) THREE from GORDON BIERSCH : All 3 six-packs are $8.99 -  a) Czech Style Pilsner ( Crisp, robustly hopped ),  b) Marzen ( Auburn lager )  and  c) Blonde Bock ( 7% alc. by volume, - full-bodied golden )  - all from San Jose, California.
       2) Nugget Nectar from TROEGS in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at $12.99 has just been released in a 6-pack and it will disappear quickly off our shelves. Get it now : only one shot at it each year!
       LIQUOR From Ravi -
     ! ) THREE Tequilas from CASA NOBLE ( ALL On Special ) : a) Silver On Special for $36.99,  b) Reposado On Special for $44.99,  and the  c) Anejo On Special for $56.99 a bottle. Ravi bought extra cases of all of these three because the quality and price ration of all three were so good. Cheers...
     WANT TO GO TO PROVENCE, France & Tuscany, ITALY? My friend and customer Mark Haskell - a chef by trading, a family that lives in the Rhone Valley of France can tell you more about these trips. Go to : Friends & Food International, Inc : 202-726-4616 to find out more. " Our specialty is culinary and cultural trips , but we also offer biking, hiking, watercolor painting, history and healthy living themed trips... we can pretty much do whatever and whenever you'd like on one of our individually tailored trips depending on your interests. "
       MY FRIENDS ED and JINNY FLEISHMAN of COMPANY'S COMING here on Ross Place a couple of blocks away also do some of the same sort of thing with trips and meals that you make and eat on the spot at their home on Ross Place just off of Macomb Street. I RECOMMEND BOTH HIGHLY as I like and respect all three of these individuals highly. Cheers, call here or there for more information.
     WEEKEND WINE-TASTINGS Friday Jan. 28th and Sat, Jan. 29th, 2011 : JOIN US - NEVER ANY CHARGE.
       Friday, January 28th ( 5-8PM ) : We have Mark Congdon of JW SEIG Imports coming here to pour his exciting " new " 2009 red Bordeaux wines which are getting so much press these days:  1) CHATEAU De TASTE 2009 from the Cotes Du Bourg ( $12.99, comes in wooden boxes for laying away and storing )  ;  2) CHATEAU VIEUX DUCHE Lalande De POmerol 2009 ( $21.99 ),   3( CHATEAU De PIN Bordeaux 2009 ( $11.99 )  ,  $0 CHATEAU ROUSTAING Bordeaux 2009 ( $14.99 )  ,  and the CHATEAU MONTJOUAN 1er Cotes Du Bordeaux ( $14.99 ). Chris and I have tasted both and liked them for either drinking now immediately in their youthful blush of flavors or for cellaring and waiting patiently on the ones like the CHATEAU VIEUX DUCHE Lalande de Pomerol. But you can try them all yourselves and come to your own conclusions. Join us. You will enjoy Mark : he's been in the business for quite some time and has been here already doing a number of our wine-tastings.
       Saturday, January 29th , 2011 ( 3-7 PM ) Estebe Salgado of Tradewinds Imports will be here tasting his Spanish and Argentinian wines. He's from Spain and has also been here doing some nice tastings with you already. Quite the youthful looker with a smile to beat and a friendly knowledge and just nice to be around, Estebe will work you all through his selection of one Spanish dry white and three other reds, two from Argentina and one from Spain. They are :  1)MANIA Dry White Indigenous Verdejo Spanish ( $20.99 ),  2) CHANARMUYO Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon from the Alta region of Argentina , this 2008 costs &16.99,   the  3) CHANARMUYO Reserva Tannat ( the grape originally from Madiran, France and famous now in Uruguay which of all the grape varieties is the highest in the natural substance Resveratrol that is good for us - they want to make Resveratrol pills now! ) from Rioja, Argentina and the  4)  LADRON ( Joven, young ) DE GUEVARRA 2009 Rioja at $13.99 a bottle. We have worked with all of these producers before and it will be exciting to see how these four wines are tasting now especially if there is some snow on the ground this weekend.
     SNOW'S COMING TONIGHT, TUESDAY, January 25th, 2011 so BE PREPARED! Come see us tonight and start to get ready to stock up. Place your order today for tomorrow's sale of 20% OFF on 12 bottles or more of still wine. Be proactive and beat the snow, SAVE THE MONEY and have some wine to enjoy while watching tonight the State Of The Union Address that begins at 8PM. I will listen to the first part myself at 8PM as I drive home as I get off tonight at 8PM. The rest I will watch at home.
     JEAN GAGLIOLO just came by with our " new " JAILLANCE French sparkling rep from New York ( Pierre Caizergues that works for friend and owner Claude Athimon ) to taste three of their sparkling wines, two from Bordeaux, France a regular brut and a dry rose ( BOTH at $16.99 - the rose is soft and velvety and creamy with no edges, the regular brut is drier with more distinct flavors ) and the Clairette De Die from France's Rhone  which also at $16.99 is drier and more distinct with nuts and exotic fruit overtones which like the other brut from Bordeaux is more stimulating and draws one out of one's shell even more because it is so uniquely distinct. They will all three be here the first week of February. Cheers.
       THANKS FOR ALL YOUR BUSINESS and come by and let's get you all set for the week and the snow and anything else that might need. We are always here to assist you plan your parties and events, meals, dinners, small or big - fancy or casual. Let us help you - that's what we are best at : trying to make your lives as easy and stress-free as possible.
     Cheers and Thanks Again ...     TONY

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