Monday, January 2, 2017

A Day In The Life Of Me, Anthony Quinn, Monday, January 2nd, 2017 : Cheers, Happy New Year, Hello Sonia Denicol, Hello Chateau Burgozone, Hello Brazil / Brasil - Bulgaria, Hello Wine, Hello Marilyn Monroe : Love You All, You , Too Robert Hayk, Diana Richer, All!

Anthony Quinn

      1. Love, classic Sonia, the best!

        Love love love love , and love some more! YES!
        19 mi
        © Elliott Erwitt..

        Feeling the pull of homemade pesto, a grilled butterflied leg of lamb, fresh baby tomatoes and Bulgarian wine, too,byes to all !

        Anthony Quinn The @ChateauBurgozone Château Burgozone Winery 2014 Collection Philippe dry red blend of 60% CabernetSauvignon and 30%#Merlot and 10%Syrah is a success for today's modern palate, it should do fabulously, for me with an old palate I taste the alcohol ...See More

        Шардоне, Вионие, Совиньон блан от Шато Бургозоне - Бели и червени вина|By Martin Dobrev -

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        Getting ready for dinner tonight, pesto, lamb, @ChateauBorgozone, their Philippe red blend of #Merlot, #CabernetSauvignon and #Syrah, smooth, beautiful deep garnet-rich-deep-darker color that shines in height, tasty, rounded, quite silky as I would expect, white pepper and other spice flavors! All good!


      Athalia said...

      You have homemade pesto, grilled butterflied leg of lamb, fresh baby tomatoes and Bulgarian wine for new year. That awesome. Happy new year! Cheers!

      Anonymous said...

      Thank you very much Athalia, I appreciate this, it is all so vital, so important, so wonderful these connections we make, the meals we enjoy, our families, the wonders of life, cheers, and Bulgarian wine is very good, glad to have so many now at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits! Cheers, TONY 2/6/2017