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1stBig-Theme Beer Tasting At Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits 3423 Conn Ave. NW, Wash. D.C., Northwest, 20008 202-363-4265 Join US : ALSO Richard Of MOSHIN Vineyards in The Russian River Valley, Dry Creek Valley Tastes 5 Of Their FABulous Wines : Wed. 5-30-8:30PM< Free Both Tastings, Join Us!!!

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I JUST CAME into work on a bably blue skies and puffy white clouds, brrrrr, brisk highway this Tuesday morning!
WE ARE STILL CELEBRATING here Female Appreciation month at Cleveland Park Wines and Spirits. Glad to do this : something positive that I think we can all unite over, no matter what political party we support.

WE HAVE TWO ' Big-Events ' This Week :
     TOMORROW, Wednesday,January 25th, 2017 : 5:30-8:30PM, Free-Tastings both -
     CANS & BOTTLES Of ...
     BEER Big-Theme Tasting
     Tomorrow! 1/25 5:30-8:30PM
     With John, Shane, Polly, Santos
     FREE - JOIN US :
     Santos has invited three groups to come pour their beer selections, that will mean as many as 20 beers for you all to try here and see how they compare with your tastebuds, side-by-side.
     John will pour the 4 from THREE NOTCHD Brewing company, all of them in cans, All $10.99 a 6-pack, 1) 40 Mile IPA ... 2) Hydrolian Red ...   3) Jesse's Girl American Ale, ...   and the ... 4) The Ghost APA American Amber  Ale , and last : ... 5) Ace's High American Pale Ale ... YES!!!
Try them all on for size, fit and feel!
You be the judges.
You will meet John, ...
Shane, too ... pouring the :
Devil's Backbone Brewery selections ..,
Shane works at the brewery, and will be  pouring the
Vienna lager,
the Eight-Point lager,
and the Striped Base Pale Ale, too )
AND Molly of NEW BELGIUM Brewery will be pouring four, they will all have some favorites as well as some ' new and exciting, seasonal ' beers, too. Molly will taste the ' new ' Tarttastic ', as well as the ' Bohemian style Pilsner '. 
     I am leaving most of this to be a real surprise for you all. You will come and taste and see what you all think, a serendipitous, spontaneous ale/ beer tasting, ...
the very FIRST BIG-THEME Beer-Tasting here!
JOIN US, let's start a new and exciting tradition here!
     ALSO : We have Richard, one of the two principles at MOSHIN VINEYARDS coming to pour a selection of five of their excellent Russian River Valley & Dry Creek Valley California wines :
     TWO under the WESTSIDE CROSSING label, both from the Russian River Valley, Sonoma County appelations :
       1) Chardonnay 2015. $27.49, with 14.1% alcohol is distinct, very vibrant and a lively taste to please many.
       2) Pinot Noir 2014, $27.49, with 14.1% alcohol is also a really well-balanced, focused taste to please and to satisfy many that like a more refined, elegant Pinot Noir taste.
     THREE From MOSHIN :
          ONE Dry White -
       1) 2014 Sauvignon Blanc from the ' Larrick Vineyard ' Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County, On Special for $32.99 a bottle. Some extra mouth-feel, some more range from the high to the low registers of taste, extra hang-time and finish in the mid palate and the delightful final ahhhh swallow! Always have really liked the Sauv. Blanc!
          TWO Dry Reds -
       1) 2012 Vineyards 2012 Pinot Noir Estate ( Estate Grown & Bottled ), $49.49 a bottle , with the 20% off the price is $39.59 - get a bottle signed as a special gift ) - a very special Pinot Noir that is fruit-forward, treu to the soil, the weather, the vagaries of the 2012 vintage that was excellent, this is so lovely and satiny on the palate, and soaks seemlessly into one's palate, too!
       2) 2012 Zinfandel ' Carreras Vineyard ' Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County, $39.99, with 14.9% alcohol. A fuller, more round and filling flurry and flash and flush, slush, mmmmmmm, great accents of spice and mineral that prick and poke and stoke our internals fires into a reverie of pleasures that give us the ride of our lives to a delightful finish to meal and good-tidings, conversations, love and more.
     WHAT I THINK about these MOSHIN Vineyard wines as a whole is that they are always distinct, filled with tremendous character, personality , charm, and where strengths and flaws work together to produce the purest, most true and tasty and original flavors that a vintage with weather and soil, water, or lack of it, hail, or lack of it, sunshine or lack of it all produce grapes that are barely touched by human hands, thus producing one of the purest wine liquid expressions possible. Bravo!
FEELING QUITE INSPIRED this morning, so much positive energy came to the Washington DC metropolitan region as well as to many other cities in the U.S., as well as in the world. It was great to be able to witness so much of this energy and feeling good because everyone came together this weekend to show their faces, use their voices, and show solidarity.
 ... AND an update on last week ...
ON WEDNESDAY we had our monthly Big-Theme Wine-Tasting with plenty of excitement still over Martin Luther King's birthday celebration and the upcoming Inaugural weekend events.
SOME PEOPLE WERE leaving town, others were arriving and cutomers of ours like Karen and Mary Kay were either picking them up or gettting ready for their visiting guests. Too much to keep track of, it was overwhelming!
WEDNESDAY EVENING here with six female wine pros and one female wine distiller, local form D.C.'s Ivy City Jos. A. MAGNUS, each pouring four of their favorites : 28 in all, we had 100 or more people join us and celebrate all the women in our lives and all that they have given us and added to the tapestries of our lives. So much positive cheer and lively spirits, joy, warmth, appreciation, thanks, feeling like a true community!
AND TO SEE ' WAKE UP LITTLE SUZIE'S window display of wrutten comments to President Barrack Obama was truly inspiring. So many of you stopped and looked and read many of these messages. I loved watching as I took pictuures to record this historic, meaningful moment of our history, city, neighborhood.
OF COURSE OUR DOORS were open here at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits to welcome you and be like a second home to you all. We hope we were and that you felt we were, that was our objective.
PINK, the many shades of pink were the dominant colors of the weekend, here in Cleveland Park, and even later on Saturday evening when I went to a fantastic dinner on 14th street, N.W. at " Doi Moi " with wine owner, maker Christian Stahl of his owne STAHL Franken, German winery, and Chris Bartha.
PINK  here and there was all around, people, walking back and forth, some coming in to buy here at the store, some coming to have dinner. Inspiring all, and Chef Sasha came out many times to taste many of his dishes with us. He is an incredible chef that comes from the Ukraine, I highly recommend you try his various dishes. They, too like the women and men that came to Washington D.C. to be seen and heard and counted, alive,  ... both they and the food were bright, diverse, animated, different, unique and special!
WE STARTED HERE on Wednesday 100+ strong and grew wo more than a half a million, and that is only here in Washington D.C.! Wonderful.
SO HERE ARE SOME of the highlights of last week, and some of this week's to anticipate as we continue to celebrate women in January. I was thinking it would only be a month's celebration, but I feel more strongly than ever that we will now extend our women's appreciation month to a whole year's appreciation!
CAN YOU ALL LIVE with a whole year of rose wines, and more small bottles like the 187ml bottles, or the smaller cans. too that so many women find both cute and practical, and where there is little or no guilt that they feel when enjoying these smaller quantities?
I HAVE OFTEN HEARD WOMEN say to me : " My boyfriend ( husband ) does not like sparkling wine and so I do not feel as guilty when I open and enjoy this, now waste." I can appreciate that.
AS A RESULT HERE are some to mention now :
          CANS :
     1) Red Sangria gently sparkling premium wine product from PAMPELONNE, $2.79 for " Joie de Vivre - Joy To Live ", 250ml can.
     2) Pinot Noir French Pays D'Oc 2015 from MARIS, $5.49, fresh, bright, tasty, with an accent of raspberry?!? I think so, I like it, made with organic grapes.Also a 250ml can.
          BOTTLES :
       TWO Dry Rose 187ml bottles -
     1) Le Grand COURTAGE French Grande Cuvee Brut rose, On Spoecial for $7.49 , a soft. refreshing, touch of a zip and bit of a bite at first, then silk and a flourish of flesh-grape taste! Mmmm. Very popular.
     2) Secco Pinot Noir from HILLINGER with a delicate blush of color, a lovely lilting, lullaby taste and flavor that charms and pleases, too!

     ... stay-tuned for the last three next week! Running out of time. Have to post this soon.
ALSO On The Weekend we will be tasting :
Friday, January 27th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Narayan here pouring some wine selections, as well as JoAnn of the TWIN VALLEY Maryland distillery pouring up to five different spirits that will include Black Cup Of Joe liqueur that I tried and liked, the Rye that was sooo unique ( reminded me of Slivovitz, the Raven mostly rye blend, the ' new ' Grand Thoroughbread Single Cask Whiskey, Rockville, MD, On Special for $35.99 a bottle, ... and the 1812 Maryland Bourbon Whiskey, On Special for $35.99 a bottle, ... what a treat, JOIN US for both tastings! FREE both.
Saturday, January 28th, 2017 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Diana Richer of G&B Importers here to try the FABulous KARAS wines of Armenia , the 1) Red 2014, $17.99, ... 2) White dry, 2014, $15.49, ... and we will also include a line of wines from Argentina, too. More on that soon. Join us, taste, see what you all think!
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING , you all are the best, we believe in you. " You got real potential ... " said Julia Roberts to her female co-worker in the movie PRETTY WOMAN. Everyone has potential, everyone deserves a chance to develop, show, share and be all that they can be, ... cheers, TONY 1/24/2017

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