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TWO Anthony Quinn-Written Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits' Tuesday Weekly Store Emails On Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Too : Celebrate, Enjoy, Let Us Help You, Taste Greek & Balkan Wines Here Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 5-8PM< Free Wine-Tasting, Join Us!

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
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WE'VE BEEN BUSY getting ready here for ( in alpgabetical order ) :
May all your holidays be grand, festive, joyful, cheerful, and more!
WE APPRECIATE ALL that you have done for us over the years, you all are the very very very best, and we appreciate your patronage and work to keep it.
THIS EMAIL will be more relaxed than usual, as it is our holiday time together and we need to make it fun and special, warm, cozy, less-stressful, and totally en(JOY)able!

I HAVE WALKED the length of the store as is my custom and pulled many fine selections to recommend to you aall. Check them out, come see us, see what you think, hold them in your hands, turn them around, examine them personally and decide. Up close-and-personal, you and whatever you are interested in, that is the way!
IAN just came in a few minutes ago and asked me : " Do you have any local ONE EIGHT brewery products? " I said immediately : " Brewery?!? You mean distillery! ", and I continued : " And ' yes ' we have the ONE EIGHT Distillery products here! " smiling as I said all this.  What fun.
AND I want to make a ' Shout Out ! " to  Queen Latifah, Shakim Compere and the rest of the Flavor Unit Family as their names came up earlier as Robert took an order and I helped a lady with her fine holiday bourbon needs! Love it, small world, we all need one another, we all help one another!
TO ALL OF YOU WE SAY :  Danke, Grazie, Kop Kun Klop ( Thai ), Dank U ( Dutch ), Smukria ( Aap Sab Ka , India ), Gracias, Merci, thanks, thank you, ... abd THANKS in all the other languages of the world : THANK YOU all very much!
SO : What's  ' New & Exciting ?!? ' :
     BEER - in the world of Santos :
    1) Samichlaus ' Classic ' - The world's most extraordinary beverage ' they claim : Malt liquor , bottled in 2015, from SCHLOSS EGGENBERG Brewery, brewed once a year in December 5th, ... something really special here to warm your heart and soul, ... On Special for $22.99, a four-pack of 12-ounce bottles, ... perfect now.
     2)Tangerine Quad Belgian style quadruple ale with Tangerine Peel added, aged in Bourbon barrels, from AVERY Brewing Co. , On Special for $14.99 for a 10.1 alcohol by volume, 1 Pt. 6 flouid ouce bottle - refreshing, nice, a palate cleanser!
     I just spoke to Kate and thought it was Sandy her mother as they both sound similar on the phone, ... and at the end of our conversation after expressing again our condolences at the loss of Bill her father and Sandy's husband I said : " And is Kate back yet? " And Kate responds immediately : " But I am kate! " Opps. Gulp. " I am soooo sorry Kate, I thought I was speaking to Sandy. " Oh well, she told me that everyone mistakes the two of them on the phone. Welcome home Kate and Sandy!
     3)  Delirium Noel from the Belgian Family Brewers, a cute 4-pack of holiday bottles for Christmas, On Special for $21.99 a bottle, what a treat11.2Fl Oz bottles, Belgian ale from Huyghe, ...10% alcohol by volume...
IN SPIRITS From Jagir we have :
     1) Borough Bourbon Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey finished in French oak barrels, from REPUBLIC RESTORATIVES , District Of Columbia, On Special for $49.99 a bottle, so flavorful and alive with fire, warmth and charm, love it! Medium weight...
     2) KINSEY Whiskey Aged 7 Years, A Pennsylvania Classic resurrected after years of neglect and freshened and brightened, so lively and smooth, silky-bright, satiny - loved it. Carolyn Moffa our local rep poured it here this past Saturday, a lovely treat from Pennsylvania, On Special for $35.99, really recommended.
     3) Pisco ' La Diablada ' , Amelia's Centennial Blend, $38.99, silky, bright, satiny, sooooo delightfully refreshing and smooth, I like it a whole lot. Melanie Asher that makes this with her sister Elizabeth was just here last week in the store saying : " Feliz Navidad. " Feliz Navidad Melanie!
     4) " Los Parra;es ' Anniversarion SINGANI, On Special for $25.99, regularl price is $35.99, I love this, again so svelte and silky and toned, tanned, sublime, highly recommended, too like the Pisco from Melanie. GREAT SALE here, buy some now while the prices are so ridiculously low!
     WINE From Chris & Tony : 3 Splurges :
     1) Brut 2002 dry rose French Champagne from the GREAT 2002 vintage and the GREAT PRODUCER JOSEPH PERRIER, this great gift is On Special now for $142.99, less than a case available, come get some now while you still can!
     2) Champagne PIERRE MONCUIT 2005 Brut Millesime, Grand Cru, Blanc de Blancs, RM : means recolant-manipulant, the highest guage of quality, wow, stunning, from Le Mesnil sur Oger, Champagne, France, $92.99 a bottle.
   3) Grand Cuvee Des Lys, Champagne CANARD-DUCHENE, ' Charles VII ' Blanc de Blancs Brut, $72.99 : blew me away, wow, each sip was and is magical! Love it,
     AND : A Fourth :
     1) Champagne PHILIPPE GONET Brut rose, from Le Mesnil Sur Oger, $89.99, just tasted here by Chantal Gonet the owner, signed. too as gifts for the holidays : lyrical, a vurtuosity of amazing flavors that spread the range of highs and lows and entertain and please so thoroughly!
     COME TASTE with : 1) Sotiris Bafitis his indigenous dry white Greek Magagouzia from ANTONOUPOLOS, $19..99, maybe his prosecco as well?!
     ALSO : Come taste with Aleks our Balkans Project owner, he will pour three :
     1) Rhatsiteli 2015 dry white from Macedonia, from STOBI, Thives, wonderful, love it, $19.99 a bottle, great with this cold weather now.
     2) KALMETT Albanian dry red, too, wonderful, love it, earthy, pithy, perky, punchy, packed with flavors that evolve best when paired with flavorful hearty meals!, $19.99 ...
     3) TRAPA Teran dry red from Croatia, $36.49, when you are seated and want to be uplifted and flown to touch both stars and moon literally or only with your eyes if you prefer?!? Wonderful.
     CHEERS, JOIN us, have to post this store email now, out of time, the Calendar of Events is in last week's store email, check it or our WEB PAGE or our FACEBOOK page, thanks again, happy holidays ALL, TONY        12/20/2016
WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW ... is our old store email that I wrote and published in 2010 I believe? Read and enjoy it if you have the time, cheers, thanks for everything, you all are the very best ever! TONY 12/20/201
     'N MORE ALL DAY TODAY as we get ready for the last week before Christmas as you all get off work and begin to panic and do some of your last-minute shopping for all those " MUST-HAVES " that will set the moment and the mood for everything to be as perfect as they can be with as many of your family members as happy as they can possibly be! It's fun, it's frenetic and all is a constant motion of activity with highs and lows and very few in-betweens as people rush in with requests for wines from Lebanon, for example : Jane just returned and forgot to bring a bottle back with her so I sold her a bottle of the CHATEAU MUSAR dry white for $32 a bottle. A well-dressed gentleman named David just came by and needed or wanted a bottle of LOUIS LATOUR Beaune red and when he told me beef was on the menu I steered him towards some of our " new " CHATEAU TREBIAC 2005 dry red Graves 2005 ( $17.99, from a great year, too ) as well as some PEIRANO ESTATE Lodi, California Cabernet Sauvignon ( $16.49 ) instead.
     THEN THERE WAS THE AMBASSADOR that came by, Giles for his three cases of the LAN dry Rioja Spanish red which his wife loves and which is incredibly short supply as the Wine Spectator magazine just put on their 100 Best Wines Of 2010 issue. We saved it all for him as he has been a huge supporter of this wine now for years! We had another gentleman wearing a yamaka that needed two nice bottles for $50 each, one for his boss that is French and another person, too. He bought a bottle of the dry red burgundy Nuits-Sainte-Georges 1er Cru " Aux Thorey " 2006 On Special for $49.99 ( regularly $69.99 ) from Robert Kacher along with a bottle of the Amarone Della Valpolicella LA GIARETTA Classico 2006 ($49.99 ). He liked it when I told him that I had sat at the table with the owner and his wife and budding ten-year old girl artist for three hours tasting their wines, eating their bread and food and finally looking at this ten-year-old daughter's art that I quite liked. It was a grand way for me a fellow artist to enjoy a moment.
     THERE WAS ALSO ANOTHER GENTLEMAN who loves the TERRA ANDINA Carmenere Chile ( $9.99 ) that had to special order for him to deliver tomorrow along with two bottles of champagne : the PASCAL DOQUET ( recoltant-manipulant ) Blanc de blancs Chardonnay ( On Special for $39.99 , reg: $59.99 ) which we still have a few bottles; and the R.H. COUTIER Grand Cru from Ambonnay, Champagne ( $49.99 ). He wanted some variety and these are different enough to please him I feel quite sure.
   ANOTHER GENTLEMAN JUST WAS HERE WITH A BOTTLE of the Veuve Clicquot in his hand and he needed another $3o bottle for a gift and I told him about the fabulous 2007 ( great vintage ) of the La Rosine Syrah ( from Michel & Stephane OGIER ) northern Rhone Cornas fame. It's On Special for $29.99 and represents a great wine to drink with a meal or age for another several years when it will be truly magnificent.
     THIS HAS BEEN THE WAY THE DAY HAS GONE ALONG ... a lady at the Kennedy Warren needing to stock up with some magnums of our Picpoul de Pinet dry white from France's southwest region, as well as some of the MANOIR DU CARRA Beaujolais Nouveau for $9.99, some Italian Piemonte Pinot Noir from MONTE DEGLI ANGELI 2009 ( $9.99 ) from the Monferrato region - a ridiculously-low price for this wine! What a value ...
     JUST SOLD SOME RED DUBONNET( $11.99 ) to be enjoyed " on the rocks " and some EVAN WILLIAMS bourbon ( On Special for $12.99 ) to be mixed with some apple cider to make a fun, local concoction for the holidays ...
     A LOVELY LADY FROM LONDON is returning to pick up some of our " new " 2005 CHATEAU TREBIAC dry red Bordeaux from the Graves region of France ( $17.99 ) because I do not have any more of the 2004 Italian Tuscan Syrah that U ran a special for at $15.99 a bottle. She shared it with Graham one of our favorite customers and it ruined for them the wine that they ordered afterward at Dino restaurant she told me. Sorry that I am sold-out! Oh well .... she will like the 2005 dry red Graves from 2005 which is a great vintage in Bordeaux.

     THE HOLIDAYS ARE FUN, FUN, FUN... when I got here I addressed a letter to my brother and then rushed across to our Cleveland Park Post Office to send it along with two other X'Mas letters to my family as well as a package. I stood in line and waited patiently for about twenty or so minutes and got everything accomplished nicely and bumped into a good customer as I way paying ... nice ...
     IT'S A FAVORITE, said one of our regular female customers as she clutched a bottle of the Veuve Clicquot and the minute I heard her say that I said no more as that was what she wanted and I wanted her to leave with what would make her happy and not an experimental bottle this time. Sometimes it's important to back off and not try and talk people out of what they came for. Bruce Springsteen is singing a Christmas song now " Santa Claus is coming to town ... " he's singing with a growl like the old Joe Cocker songs ... nice, I rather like it..

     SOMEONE JUST ASKED ME FOR A MODEST Pinot Grigio and I showed him the STELLA That we sell from the Veneto region I believe of Italy for $9 I believe and said that it packs extra flavor and taste and for that price really offers a whole lot for so little money. He took a bottle with him to the register...
     THEN THERE WAS A YOUNG MAN LOOKING for Belgium's the Palm beer and he bought two six packs with a couple of bottles of the LOOSE END GSM ( On Special for $13.99 ) as well as the HOPE Hunter Valley Shiraz $13.49 , " Pink Awareness "Breast- Cancer Hunter Valley Australian dry red - and two bottles of the LA CABOTTE " Colline " Cotes Du Rhone 2009 ( $16.99 ) to go along with some lentil soup and them heartier fare after the soup - all flavorful and distinct. Oh, the heartier fare is some venison! Cheers, it's been this was all day long here on Monday, December 20th, 2010 as I type and try and stock the shelves and type this email which I will end up sending tomorrow around noon I believe to you all ...
     I JUST HAD A YOUNG COUPLE come through asking for something that sounded like Mascarella and so I said : " Masciarelli ? " and showed them the bottle of the Montepulciano D'Abruzzo ( $13.49 ) . He took it and looked at it, studied it. The dark-haired foreigner then said : " " Bigger ? " to which the young blond said : " A larger bottle " and so I walked them over to the magnum section and showed them a bottle of the Saint Antonio Montepulciano D'Abruzzo that we sell at $13.99 a bottle. He said : " I drink a whole bottle " with a weak smile. I handed them the bottle and they walked away and the young American blond said : Thank you " as they headed towards the register.
     I FORGOT THAT JENNIFER that used to be in the business and the bartender at Bardeo came in with a friend wanting to buy a good Pinot Noir from Oregon. We hashed it out the three of us for quite awhile and finally settles on the PONZI Vineyards Pinot Noir 2007 ( $38.49 ) from the Willamette Valley. This has tradition and is classic and should do the job more than admirably.
     WE HAD TWO REQUESTS within a half an hour for a vanilla liqueur and that surprised both Ravi and me as we have had very few of those in quite awhile...
     THIS MORNING, TUESDAY LEON came here in search of a blackberry liqueur to put on his fresh blackberries and so DEKUYPER. He also bought some of the MANOIR DU CARRA Beaujolais Nouveau 2010 ( $9.99 ) that is showing really well still ( we still have some in stock for you all ). Leon also bought some of the popular APERITIVO COCCHI AMERICANO ($16.99 ) that has a whole lot written about it recently. He also purchased some of the LANDY Cognac VS ( $21.99 ) to give as gifts to people in his building. Thanks Leon for all your business over the years, you're the best!
     WE JUST RECEIVED SOME MOSCATO, everyone wants Moscato these days and so for value and taste and all that flavor of apricots, peaches , nectarines  we have the UMBERTO FIORI Moscato D'Asti ( $11.99 ) from the Piemonte region of Italy where it so famous : and $11.99 is a great deal at this price. We bought extra so that we will have plenty we hope to meet all of your needs.
     SO : THAT'S HOW IT WENT and will continue to go through New Year's I am sure. That's okay : this is the way it should be and it makes everything so much fun and exciting and a true pleasure for us all to be here and be able to help you and make your holidays all that much more special and meaningful, war, cozy and filled with cheer ...
     I WALKED MY TERRIER DOG AGAIN this morning and was delighted to look up again through the woods and see the bright orb of sunshine shining brightly down on the two of us. Funny, I was looking up at the sun and my dog was sniffing all around at the ground : we must have been a sight : me with eyes closed and a big smile on my face as I tried to absorb the sunshine saying to myself : " heal Sidney that has cancer, and make all my family healthy and keep us sound of mind and alive ... " with my dog nosing around through the dried leaves and the branches, occasionally hearing something and tugging as if another animal was close like a deer or red fox ... I felt good about the brightness and the warmth of the sunshine and I know that this small act of mine how ludicrous it must seem will be positive and helpful.
       WEDNESDAY, December 22nd, 2010 : ( 5-8PM ) : We have our new Frederick Wildman rep Nancy coming to taste some of the CROONER GRUNER VELTLINER ( $11.99 ) to taste it along with Paul Jaboulet dry red Cotes Du Rhone Parallel 45 I believe.
       FRIDAY, December 24th, 2010 ( 5-8PM ) : We are on the phone right now with Estebe from Spain that will be here to try two Spanish reds made mostly with the Tempranillo grape From Toro, as well as a sparkling " new " cava to us as well as the MANIA dry white Spanish 2009 Verdejo from Rueda. It's brand-spanking new and we are excited to have it. This will be a great tasting with Estebe and I think you will all enjoy his energy, youth and enthusiasm. He's charming and it will be great to have him back again tasting here with you all.
       SATURDAY, December 25th, 2010 : HAPPY HOLIDAYS and HAPPY TASTING AT YOUR HOMES! Thanks for all your business, we toast you all here. May your holidays be merry and filled with mirth cheer and good will.

      WEDNESDAY, December 29th, 2010 ( 5-8PM ) We have sommelier and importer Andrew Stover back to taste bubblies and fun wines made in the U.S. with you all to help get ready for the holidays and the New Year! Andrew is quite the character and filled with knowledge, information, insight, perspective and enthusiasm about all of the United States and all the wines that are available to us here if we can only find them to enjoy with family and friends.
       FRIDAY, December 31st, 2010 ( 5-8 PM ) : We have Chris of Cobblestone Imports here to taste some of his excellent bubbly selections. We will decide on those in the next day or so. So call us at : 202-363-4265 for updates. It's a bit crazy so we are piecing things together as we go and are pretty excited about it all.
     THANKS AGAIN, for the Millionth Time for all your support and belief in us and the Cleveland Park neighborhood and community. It's great to be a part of all of this, really it is.
     I AM SORRY NOT TO HAVE WRITTEN MORE ON HANUKKAH and all that it means and the eight days of giving : that was my mistake and I apologize for this, really I do. I hope that everyone enjoyed Hanukkah as we are about to celebrate Christmas and Kwanzaa and New Year's , of course! CHEERS!!!
     SHOP NOW! COME BY BEFORE THIS Weekend's Snow! It's coming, our weekend will be white and beautiful and it may be slippery and icy and I recommend you buy now as it may be difficult with the snow. Anyway, it's nicer to sit back and be sipping and relaxing while the snow falls.
     SO CALL US, WE WILL DELIVER here and outside the store, we always try our best.  
                                      SANTOS, RAVI, CHRIS, VED, SOFREDO, NELSON and TONY


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