Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Anthony Quinn Waxes Poetic Over Chantal Gonet Of Her Family's PHILIPPE GONET Champagnes From Le Mesnil Sur Oger, Champagne, Here Tomorrow, Wed., Dec 14th, 2016, 5-8PM, Join Us, No Charge, Calendar Of Events For December 2016

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make your decisions now,

plan to attend tastings, too ,

to decide what works the very best for you,

fulfills more of your needs and desires.

DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE WEATHER TURNS NASTY, too many nasty and difficult things already being shoved constantly in our faces by outside sources, some fake, some true, some self-serving, some reather bully-ish, many distasteful,... 
GOOD THING THAT THERE STILL REMAIN many spirits that are tasteful, tasty, refreshing, pleasing, treats and welcome shelters from so much we do not even court ourselves!
SHOP NOW .... get the balls rolling, get your marbles in order!
TONIGHT is the finale for the singing show ' The Voice ' : a two-hour special with the likes of Stevie Wonder performing. I love that, am a big fan, look forward to watching it with my wife. Will sip some fine wine with her, too while we watch and are entertained thoroughly tonight.
     1) Tomorrow : Owner Chantal Gonet of her family's own PHILIPPE GONET French champagne made in Le Mesnil Sur Oger will be here pouring three of her fabulous non-vintage champagnes! WOW : this is big, the Grande Reserve Brut,  $75.99 , and the ...
     2) Blanc de Blancs Brut ' Signature ', On Special $55.99, ...
     3) Rose Brut non-vintage, too ...
    I LOVE THESE, all of them, met Chantal with our local fine rep Ronnie Miller four or so months ago, clicked immediately, set this up, and tomorrow it will turn into reality! Tomorrow we will put the glass slippers on Chantal and we will wax-poetic and rock-and-roll, wlatz, and cheer and smile and fill ourselves with so many tiny splendid bubbles that we will likely float away together in rapture and bliss, YES, SI, OUI, venez nous joindre, come and join us, all of you, .... AND ...
     SAVE BIG TOMORROW here and get 20% OFF any bottle you want, get your bottles signed by Chantal, and feel like so many spolied, pampered, bright POPPING shiny silky, satiny, special bubbles of joy, mirth, splendor, and spree!
     JOIN US, no charge tomorrow, everyone welcome, cheers, see you tomorrow!
     ALSO : Do Not Forget, Sign Up for PART TWO of our TWO-PART ' Big-Theme ' BUBBLY- Sparkling Wine- Champagne- Cava-Prosecco-Lambrusco-SektWeine-Spumante-VinMousseux-Espumante-Tasting, 5:30-8:30PM, COST : $15 a person, go to : Eventbrite online and sign-up, it is already posted there. Pay now, be ready for this great tasting just before New Years' Eve on Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 ... That $15 will go towards anything you purchase that you taste that evening. We just want to be sure that everyone gets to taste something that we offer, that we have not already poured all of it before the end of this 3-hour extravaganza! We will pour up to thirty different bubblies and sparkling wines for you all, what a treat, something special and wonderful for you all! SIGN UP sooner than later!
     LIFE IS GRAND, LIFE IS GOOD : here is an idea of what we have planned for you all through the rest of this year :
     Wednesday, DEcember 14th, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : With owner Chantal Gonet we have her coming to pour her family's PHILIPPE GONET French Champagne from Le Mesnil Sur Oger, three non-vintage brut champagnes, buy and save 20% OFF each bottle, get them signed for gifts, too!
NANCY just came by and is treating her friends to two bottles of Chantal's Blanc de Blancs " Signature ' non-vintage brut, love it! Merci Nancy!
     Friday, December 16th, 2016, 9 5-8PM ) : We have two tastings this evening :
     1) WINE : We have Matt Daniels coming to pour great Italian wines - three, 1) TWO from ILLUMINATI, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Colline Teramane Riserva Zanna ( a 2010, chunky, edgy, earthy, great steel and girth, grip, dirt, grind and solid rustic flavors that are still really young and need food to flesh out these flavors more ), and the regular, too, ... and 2) ' Vulka Blanco ' 2015, from Sicily, from NICOLA, this is an amazing and dry blend of the Carricante and Cataratto grapes _ broad, full, rich, dry and lingering good finish.

     2) We have our local rep coming to pour three types of KINSEY whiskies, a Rye and two whiskies, ... 1) Bourbon Whisky, On Special for $43.99, and ... 2) Rye Whiskey, On Special for $35.99, ... and 3) a surprise, come and see and taste : ALL Pennsylvania classics in their own youthful ways! ' new and exciting ', I really liked all three when I tasted them. I am sure I will feel the same when I taste them once again.
     Saturday, December 17th, 2016 ( 2-6PM for the wine, 4-7PM for the spirits ) : We have again two tastings scheduled for you :
     1) Robert Kennedy of his own RWK Wines will come and pour outstanding wines of Italy for you all : ...
1) ' Un Grillo per la testa ' BLUES Grillo Terre Siciliane from PAOLO CALI ( $18.99, 2015, 13.5% alcohol by volume ) , this is a tasty, flavorful dry white that will hold it's own against the cold outside and delight our tongues and palates, too!
     2) Sudtirol Eisackler Veltliner dry white from KUEN HOF, 2013, On Special for $32.99, regularly $38.99 a bottle, this has some real body, some real backbone, some girth, grit, grip and body : a graet cold-weather food wine, love it, really impressive, yes!
     3) Dry Rose spumante sparkling wine VILLA ZAPPI, $18.99 a bottle, from Silvia's TENUTA CASALI, what a treat, what a pleasure, so pleasing, so pleasurable, such a gorgeous color, you all love it soooo, come and love it here again with Robert as he pours, yes, si, love it some more!
     4) " Petrignone ' Sangiovese Riserva 2011 from our good friend, owner and winemaker Vittorio, TRE MONTI, On Special for $19.99, 100% Sangiovese, the flavor, the complexity, the richness, the thickness, the taste of this red are constantly growing and expanding and revealing more of their true ' inner  grape ' selves/orbs, yes! Love it more each time. Can't wait to see how it has evolved since I tasted it last.
     ALSO :
     1) We have a JOSEPH MAGNUS Ivy City local Washington DC spirits' tasting! We love having Kayla come, Nicole and Danny come, too, always a great tasting of the Gin, the Vodka, and the Whisky, too! Highly recommended, no charge, join us here from 4-7PM!
 JUST IN : Exciting news : a great kosher wine-tasting on Capitol Hill tonight with Mayer and his wife pouring the fine wines like the BOUTIQUE Winery Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, a single-vineayrd dry red, On Special for $32.99, regularly $39.99 : we just have some bottles available here, come get them if you want a hearty, rich, bold, dry robust red to get you through this cold and possible snow, too?!? Good luck Mayer tonight! Tell everyone we have your selections here, including the non-kosher wines you sell us as well!
     Wednesday, December 21st, 2016, 5-8PM ( With Oenos Wine group ) , we have either Iason, Nassos, or Sotiris here to pour some FABulous Greek wines, some Spanish Priorat, some biodynamic dry red from the southwest of France, and more, join us, great wines, great tasting. All the wines over $19.99 a bottle are 20% off that night. Get a bottle , a special bottle, enjoy!
     WINTER BEGINS officially this day!
     Friday, December 23rd, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : We have three tastings going on Friday ( 5-8PM )  :
     1) Narayan will be here from GLOBALWINE Maryland pouring an assortment of his fine wines from around the world, New Zealand, France, South Africa, California and more, still to be decided tomorrow.
     2) Andrius Miliunas of Craft Wine & Spirits will be here tasting a wide array of his excellent spirits, and he sure has a wonderful selection of them, ... and the TEAVINE Green Tea , white wine and honey infusion, $13.99, what a wonderful sipping bubbly to enjoy almost anytime, so bright, so pleasing, so cheerful! Love it, perfect anytime.

     3) Local spirits of REPUBLIC RESTORATIVES from Ivy City, Washington D.C., we will have Whit coming to pour a second time his fabulous Gin, Vodka and Bourbon, all really quite special, quite deliciously flavorful, wonderful!
     Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 ( Part Two of Our ' Big-Theme ' BUBBLY Sparkling Wine-Tasting, Up To 30 types, ones to try , $15 a person, go online to pay at : Eventbrite , that $15 will go to pay for anything that you buy at that you try at the tasting!  AND : ALL the bubbly will be On Special, SAVE UP TO 20% OFF on any bottles that are $19.99 or more!
     Friday, December 30th, 2016 ( 4-7PM ) : We have another great round tasting the great local DC Spirits made in Ivy City by JOSEPH MAGNUS, join us, : great gin, vodka and bourbon, too!
HAPPY NEW YEAR, Happy holidays, thanks for everything, you all are the very best, we could not do any of this without you, none of it, you are the one and only reason we are here : to help and assist you. Thank you for all your support.  TONY 12/13/2016

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