Friday, November 18, 2016

We At Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits In Cleveland Park & Everywhere SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS Actively, Completely, With Passion : With Pricing, Service, SALES, Tastings, Events, Supporting The Spirit Business @ Large, TODAY : Chile, Germany, Italy, : Tomorrow : 1) Noel Brockett W/ Georgian Saporavi Indigenous Grape 12-3PM, 2) Andrea Shank W/ Tradewinds Specialty Imports Spanish Rioja EDER & Bohigas Spanish Caves, Too 3) Free Tastings! ALSO : Matt Distiller Of District Distillery, U Street, NW Here 4-7PM!

Support Cleveland Park with your business please! Tomorrow is Small Business Day here and we have tastings from 12-6PM, JOIN US! ALSO : Today we have Chris pouring fine European wines of :
1) HANDWERK Spatburgunder , 2012 of Julia Bertram, $19.99, a earthy, pithy, flavorful Pinot Noir from Franken, Germany, perfect with our holiday leals of white meats, not so great with red meats, come taste it and see for yourselves!
2) AC 4.090 Syrah, ALTA CIMA, Chile, a lovely rich, flavorful Syrah to enjoy now with many meals : will be great to warm and comfort us all, a tasty treat! $14.99 a bottle.
3) Tenuta TOMASELLA Grave 2012 excellent flavorful dry whitefrom Friuli, Italy using their ' pride and joy ' white grape variety called Tocai that has recently been named Friulano because of Hungary's use of the name Tocai/Tokaj ... love it, On Special for $12.99, regularly closer to $20 a bottle : great holiday wine, will warm you to the surface of your bones nicely.
4) 2015 Feder STAHL ' drink pink! ' , On Sale for $13.99 a bottle, soft and floral and soooooo EASEyyyyyyyyy to drink, made ' from the ever-popular Tauber Schwartz , from the valley it comes from, small production, Christian probably makes just a couple hundred cases from it. " sez Chris to me just now. Come taste all four : WONDERFUL Holiday wines! Cheers, prost!
SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES before we all disappear! Tony
Friday, November 18th, 2016

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