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Big-Theme Part ONE Of A TWO-Part Bubbly-Sparkling-Champagne-Wine-Tasting Dec 7th, Decemeber 28th, Both Wednesday, 5:30-8:30PM, $15 A Person Sign Up At Eventbrite, ALSO : Chantal Gonet Og Champagne Philippe Gonet Here On Wed. Decemeber 14th, 2016 5:30-8:30PM : Cheers, Happy Holidays Alll!!!

Cleveland Park Wine 



Cleveland Park Beer,Liquor & Wine

 Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits
CLEVELAND PARK  OFFERs SO MANY THINGS! : WHAT A GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD : Join Us For Our BIG-THEME BUBBLY Wine-Tasting here on Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 ( 5:30-8:30PM ) , 15$ a person and that entrance fee goes towards the purchase of any wines you may purchase on the 7th! Join us, we will have a blast, really we will.
THIS IS OUR BIGGEST EVENT of the year here. Recently we have expanded it to include 2 days, the 7th for Part ONE, the 28th for Part TWO. BOTH cost $15 a person, and you can go to : EventBrite and sign up there. This will simplify things for everyone. This is our way of also being sure that those of you that are interested in purchasing a bottle or more actually will be able to sample any of these 30+ bottles that we are offering at both events.
THE TWO EVENTS will include a broad selection from around the world. They will not be repeats : you will be tasting new bubblies on both days, so it is worth coming to both. This way you have bubblies to enjoy between the 7th and the 28th, and then for New Year's Eve as well.
ON BOTH EVENTS ( they are both on a Wednesday ) you will be able to SAVE BIG Three Ways :
     1) BUY ANY BOTTLE of sparkling wine ( except Veuve Clicquot and Moet & Chandon ) that costs $19.99 or more and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker price ( even if the bubbly is already On Special ).
     2) BUY ANY SIX ( 6 ) bottles ( except Moet & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot ) at any price and SAVE 15% OFF the marked sticker prices, whether On Special or not ).
     3) BUY ANY TWELVE ( 12 ) bottles  ( except for the Moet & Chandon & Veuve Clicquot ) at any price, whether On Special or not and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker prices.
TASTE, ENJOY, LEARN, SAVE BIG at these two Big-Theme Bubbly wine-tastings that include selections from around the world, including many fine French champagne sparkling wines, too!
MORE ON THIS A Bit Later Here In This Email.
NOW : Time For Beer, Liqueurs, Liquors, Wines :
From Santos Rivera :  Beer :
     1) 20th Anniversary CITRACADO IPA , 1996-2016 , Cheers , to 20 years, On Special for $9.99 a 1Pt. 6 Fl. Oz bottle, with 9% alcohol by volume, On Special for $9.99. " Fortune favors the bold. " From STONE Brewing , in San Diego County, CA.
     2) The Chocolate Manifesto Triple Chocolate Milk Stout, Special Edition, On Special for $15.99 a 750ml bottle. Made in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. I tried this and absolutely loved it, what an incredible treat, so satisfying, so pleasing, so easy to sip and enjoy all by itslef! Love!
     3) " Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale ' from ANDERSON VALLEY, Boonesville, CA. , an ale with natural flavor added, On Special for $12.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 6.9% alcohol by volume, , a treat from a solar-powered brewery, we love this important face, as well as the rich and mezmerizing flavors of this ale!
     4) ' Owl's Brew Radler - The Blonde ' , beer and tea, ' the perfect double brew ', $12/99 for a six-pack of 12-ounce cans, with 3.8% alcohol by volume, made with wheat beer brewed with spices, and then blended with black tea, citrus juices and agave nectar. This could act as a great palate-cleanser, something to enjoy now and to help cut through the stronger tastes in some of our holiday meals?!? I think so, cheers!
 From Jagir In Liqueur & Liquor we have :
     1) American Orange Liqueur small batch and triple dry, from LEOPOLD BROS. , $36.99 a 750ml bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, made in Colorado, thrilled to have it. A very subtle, delicate orange triple sec, not heavy, very smooth, very mild, easy to sip, a great beginner triple sec.
Try it in their recipe   called ' The Boxcar ' : 1 and a half oz. of LEOPOLD'S Small Batch Gin, 1 and a half oz. of the American Orange liqueur, 3/4 oz of fresh lime juice, and 1/2 oz. of tart cherry liqueur. Sounds so tasty, combine ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Then garnisg it with a lemon twist. Cheers!
     2) Oranges ameres CURACAO dry from PIERRE FERRAND, product of France, of a French cognac producer,  Here you get more pith, more smack for your money, more concentration and pureness of flavors, a real symetry of all the flavors combining and entertaining our palates, yes, si, oui, c'est tres bien tout ca! Venez nous voir ici!
     3) Borough Bourbon from Republic Restoratives in the District of Columbia, distilled in limited batches in Bardstown, Kentucky, then finished here in our nation's capitol. What a delight, fire and flame and silk and satin layers, too. $52.99 a bottle, finished in French oak, with 44% alcohol by volume, just discovered this with Whit this past week of Thanksgiving and delighted to have it already here on our shelves. Will arrange for December an in-store wine-tasting this December.
     4) Aguardiente en Fuego CHACHO, On Special for $29.99 a bottle, just tasted here this past Saturday, sold so well, so many people pleased with these marvelous undertones of Jalapeno, yes! Come get some, a treat, six great coocktails to make that are recommended.
     WINE From Chris and Tony :
     1) Bricco Dei TATI dry Italian rose, in a magnum ( 1.5ml bottle size ) : On Special for $11.99, a treat. Enjoyed a magnum with family and friends the day after Thanksgiving. We all loved it, worked with everything, some of us were outside, some of us inside, a real treat - great value.
     2) Sangria from Spain , from ROCAMAR, $12.49 a bottle, grape wine natural flavors added, this is serious Sangria with loads of flavor and taste. It will be refreshing now even in this cold, a nice palate-cleanser, too. Recommended, no slouch, a true performer here!
     3) Meritage 2013 from NORTH GATE Vineyard from Virginia's Loudoun County, $27.99, with 13.6% alcohol by volume, a delicious medium-bodied red that is drinking so smoothly now!A treat!
     NOW : Back To Our Part One Big-Theme Sparkling Bubbly Tasting on Wednesday, December 7th, 2016.
      I will list the eight tables here now and the wines, next week I will do their full descriptions :
     TABLE # ONE : Robert Kennedy pours fine Italian wines, icluding magnums, yes! -
          THREE Magnums :
     1) PERLA Del GARDA Extra Brut 2008 Chardonnay, creamier, more yeast and bread, dough flavors , yes, On Special for $57.99, regularly $59.99 a magnum,
     2) PERLA Del GARDA Brut 2010 100% Trebbiano de Lugana, On Special for $54.99 a magnum : more steel, more muscle, more svelte and lean, a bit more lively and athletic, lovely contrast to the more mature Extra Brut.
     3) PERLA Del GARDA Sottimocielo 2010 dry white blend of 50% Trebbiano and 50% Chardonnay : the lightest, brightest, most airy and carefree of the three : lovely to sip all by itself, anytime, needs no food, On Special for $46.99, regularly $49.99 a magnum.
          TWO Prosecco Wines of RONFINI,Veneto:
     1) Prpsecco D.O.C. from Treviso, $15.49 a bottle, so pure and bright and lovely, so easy to sip all by itself, good finish, too.
     2) Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G. Brut, $18.99 : from the best growing region of Prosecco : Valdobbiadene ( unless you talk of Cartize ), richer, more body and intensity, yet so smooth and pure in flavors.
     TABLE # TWO :Andrew Stover ...
          FROM HUNGARY :
     1) Affinitas Methode Traditionnelle, from Hungary, flavorful, fresh, lively, a delight! $23.99 a bottle, enjoy with or without food.
         From VIRGINIA :
     1) THIBAUT-JANISSON'S Virginia Fizz, Charlottesville, like a lovely creamy Prosecco, soft, easy, pleasing, bright.
          ONE From ENGLAND : 
     1) Cavendish Brut 2014 sparkling from southern England, " new and exciting ",  $41.99 a bottle.
          ONE From Missouri :
     1) STONE HILL Blanc de Blancs 2009, $21.99 : love the weight, the texture, the grip and ' mouth-feel ' here!
          ONE From Champagne, France, 375ml :
     1) Champagne BONNAIRE Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs, 100% Chardonnay : this blew me away, so flavorful, so rich, dense and opaque and seductive! $32.99 a bottle, a delight, ' must-have ' ...
          ONE From New York :
     1) 2014 SHINDIG Fizz Pink, 100% Cabernet Franc  ... On Special for $16.49 a bottle, a refresher, it bristles, it waves and rushes and covers our palates immediately with good cheer, hard not to like.
     TABLE # THREE : Sotiris Bafitis pours Greek & Italian Wines -
          THREE From Greece :
     1) DOMAINE GLINAVOS ( indigenous grape variety ) Methode Classique Traditionelle 2010, On Special for $32.99, a lovely lilting, easy and silky, airy, gossameric taste and flavor, a delicate treat, yes!
     2) KARANIKAS Brut Cuvee Speciale using the Xynomavro, from Amyntaio , Macedonia, $32.99 a bottle, a bit more intensity, a bit more layers here, yet also very silky, bright and refreshing.
     3) KARANIKAS Brut Rose made from 100% Xinomavro, richer, more complexity, a lovely food wine, pairs well with so many dishes now.
          TWO French Champagne :
     1) ERIC RODEZ, Epernay, Champagne, Cuvee Des Grayeres, Non-Vintage Brut , $65.99 a bottle, a treat of mostly Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, little or no Pinot Meunier.
     2) ERIC RODEZ, Epernay, Champagne, Brut Rose, Non-Vintage, $70.99 a bottle, a lovely elegance, sophistication, weight and texture on our palates. It is all about that texture, stop  and let it linger, close your eyes, smile, feel the pureness of joy. Cheers!
     THANKS For Everything, I will finish this email on Thursday, send this part ' as is ' now, and finish later with the rest of the five tables, as well as with our scheduled tastings here for the weekend.
     SO MUCH to talk about and include. Stay-tuned, be ready for the rest this Thursday. Thanks again.
     HOPE YOU ALL enjoyed your holidays. We are here to help you close out this year with a bang, lots of excitement and energy, love, joy, enthusiasm, hope, community and health! Cheers,  TONY

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