Saturday, October 8, 2016

Today, Saturday, October 8th, 2016 , 2-6PM With Andrew Stover & Me, Anthony Quinn At Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Come DISCOVER The Really Fine Wines Of Turkey From KARMENA and Also TURASAN Wineries, Wines, Yes! Free Tasting, Join Us, Bring Family & Friends, Make This One Big Grand Event : Turkish Wines With Turkey This Holiday Season!

We will rock it here Andrew with two fine reds and two fine whites : TWO from @KARMENA Karmena​ #Diren @Diren #wine #Anatolia #Turkey : Turkish wines great with turkey! That is not a Turkish tale, not a Turkish fable, it is a Turkish truth! Come taste and see what you think?!? WE ALSO have : Turasan Wine / Turasan Şarapları​ #Selda VinoRai​ @Vinorai #CappadocianWine , dry red and white, ohhhh yeah, using the grapes of #KalecikKarasi #Bogazkere #Syrah and #Okuzgozu in this 2014 , 14% alcohol TURASAN dry red, $13.49 a bottle, great value for this flavor profile, ..., with the KARMENA 2015 Diren dry white, $14.49 a bottle, with a lovely low alcohol of only 11.5% ,  from Anatolia you get the indigenous grape Narince, impressive, stands alone, makes it's own statement, come taste. For more infor go to Siema Wines​ our importer, to #Turkishwines as well, cheers, come taste, make new discoveries, embrace a new part of the world to your palate, senses, and discover the richness here now available to you. Cheers! 2-6PM, what a treat!!!!! You will have to come try all four, they are excellent food wines, great for this colder weather now.

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