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Anthony Quinn's Weekly Store Email Of September 27th, 2016 On Idyl Cellars, CA. RIDGEVIEW Wine UK Sparkling W/ Tamara Roberts, Owner Visits Us AT @CPWineSpirits Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits, Tastes New Releases W/ Me ( Anthony Quinn & Andrew Stover, Cheers, & More!

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Wines/Beers/liquors for bright,sunny,chilly weather

     IT SURE WAS CHILLY THIS MORNING BEFORE WORK as I stepped outside to see the Morning Glories that are creeping up our two vines outside. I only sawe one, and it was really beat down by the hard rain last night! It was, sorry to say, rather pathetic and not glorious, oh well, tomorrow we will rally once again!
     WHAT a tumultuous time we are in, watched all two hours of the debate last night and must say I have never been this concerned. What can we do?!? All of us should register and vote, that is what we can do, and wait and hope for the best, whatever we vbelieve, and we do seem to be deeply divided on that. Enough of politics, I have said my peace and it is time to keep moving forward, working, doing wahta we can for family, community and our country. Cheers!
     So I had a great drive to work and loved having my roof top down on my old Volvo S70 : felt pretty special.
     Everyone in the wine world has been by to see me this morning. The wine world is hungry to generate more business, we are all ready to get the ball rolling after the long vacation, so come on by, find something to excite you here, enjoy and come back! 
     BRIAN ARMSTRONG will be here tomorrow pouring the Bodegas OLARRA ' Otonal ' 2009 Crianza dry red we have On Special for $19.99 a bottle. It is a masterpiece of fine traditional Spanish winemakeing, great with food, I love it, such a splendid, earthy, pithy, perky and balanced blend of earth and vine, grape, sun, soil, sweat and hard work : the polished grime that we celebrate in graet-fine winemaking : working with what we are given after a long growing season, and this 2009 has some lovely bottle age. Come here and try it tomorrow and buy a bottle and shave 20% off the bottle price and only pay $16 a bottle tomorrow : a win-win situation, love it!
     Got to work and was greeted by Tamara Roberts of her own family's RIDGEVIEW WINE UK sparkling wines : we have three here now, they all sell, they have all been appreciated by you all now for a year or more. love that. Tasted the ' new ' releases of the 100% Blanc de Blancs and the ' mostly Pinot Noir ' blend, too : loved the ' mostly Pinot Noir ', loved the new 2013 vintage of the Blanc De Noirs 2010 , $54.99,the two vintages are so different, the 2010 that we have is much more developed and really a treasure to enjoy with a meal, the most profound of the six or so that will soon be available : five in all I believe? WE may offer them all. England is the ' new frontier ' with bubbly and we are thrilled to have them here, made by Tamara, grapes grown by Art, sold to us by Andrew and sold to you by us here at the store. Wonderful, really special. I feel great about this, really I do. Come check out what we have :
     1) ' Blookbury ' Brut from RIDGEVIEW , England, English high quality sparkling wine, 2013, $38.49 a bottle, so bright and refreshing and such a lovely way to start any event, anytime, you pop the cork, you pour it, and you feel close to like 5 million dollars!
     2) ' Fitzrovia rose ' Brut from RIDGEVIEW, $38.49 a bottle : a lovely spot of strawberry fruit makes it brighter, less bite, so weightless and delightful, like a ballet dancer dancing to a latin beat, fluid, liquid, energized and flawless, wow!
     3) Blanc De Noirs 2010 , $54.99 : the boldest, richest, most profound of the three, a real treat to enjoy with a meal!
     LOVE THEM ALL, so happy that they are here, the other two we will arrange to have here in the future! Yes!

     Klaus Wittauer, importer of fine Austrian wines just stopped by to say ' hello ' on his way to the Austrian Embassy down the street! Nice to see you K;aus. We love selling your wines here, we have two that I want to bring to your attention, one here now, the other due to arrive this week sometime.
     1) Pinot Blanc 2013 ' Eithaberg DAC , $32.99,  from Leo HILLINGER, from Burgenland, Austria, it does not get any better than this. It is so rich, so lush, so ripe and opulent, decadent, really : a sublime decadence and richness of flavors that must be tasted, do not be in a rush when you do, take your time, enjoy thoroughly the whole experience from start of pouring to touch and saturating your tongue and comforting and warming your whole insides all the tips of your toes and fingers : extraordinary, really!
     2)  Blaufrankisch Reserve 2012 ( the second vintage of this exciting red ) : " Full, rich, elegant, 20 months in the best barrel money can buy - French oak, ... bottled this past August, - 10+ years to go ", no need to rush, made like a fine Bordeaux red, be patient and let the wine slowly reveal all of it's charms, yes, it will be here this week. Fine artwork on the label as well, love that as I am also an artist and appreciate the work of artists around the world! $36.99 a bottle, get some squirrel it away, be patient, drink a bottle each year to see and taste how it developes and pleases over time as it grows into it's own skin comfortable, grape skin that is!
     BEER From Santos Rivera :
     1) OktoberfestGerman-style Oktoberfest lager 2016 from DC BRAU Company, with 5.5% alcohol by volume, On Special for $10.99 a 4-pack of 16 Fl. Oz cans, great artwork, a real mouth-fill and zip abd zap and flavor, come get some now, in time as October is almost here with us now!
     2) ' Porkslap ' Pale Ale Farmhouse Ale, all malt, ale brewed with ginger, On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans, Garrattsville, NY, ... come check this out, the ginger really makes it POP in an intense fashion on your tongue and bounce back and forth off the walls of your mouth : striking!
     3) ' Terrible ' from UNIBROUE , bottle-fermented Dark Ale on lees , ale brewed with spices, from Quebec, Canada, On Special for $10.99 a 750ml botle, with 10.5% alcohol by volume,  a welcome bottle here, we are thrilled to have all these beers and ales from INIBROUE!
     CIDER From Santos : hard cider :
     1) ' Arkansas Black ' Virginia Apple Cider from ALBERMARLE CiderWorks, %16.99 a bottle, with 7.8% alcohol by volume, this is ' new and exciting ', and we are thrilled to introduce it into a line of perhaps ten others or so, thanks, come check it out, discover yet another reason to enjoy some fine hard cider that is local and from Virginia, cheers!
     SELTZER Waters :
     1) NAUTI Seltzer Lemon Lime, with only 110 caleries, and 5% alcohol by volume, a premium malt beverage with natural flavors, six 12-ounce cans, On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack, ' new and very exciting! '
     2) NAUTI Seltzer Cranberry Premium malt beverage with natural flavors, 110 calories and 5% alcohol by volume, On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans!
     LIQUOR From Jagir :
     1) Ministry of Rum Collection Overproof HAMILTON 151 , $31.99 a bottle, distilled and aged on the banks of the Demerara river, with 75.5% alcohol by volume, wow, what a ' new ' discovery, come check it out, from Guyana.
     2) Mandarin Napoleon Grand Cuvee Liqueur, $34.99, Grande liqueur Imperiale, depuis-since 1892,  with 38% alcohol by volume, made in Belgium, discover the ' inner Mandarine ' in you, let it come out, let it blossom, release it with this Mandarin Napoleon!
     3) Artisinal Rum ' Original Dark ' Double-aged rum, PLANTATION , On Special for 20.99 a bottle, made by PIERRE FERRAND cognac house in France, the process is finished there, wonderful, a real treat, liked what I have tasted , there are five or so to chose from and we have this one and the white rum, too : both in liter bottles, both distinct, flavorful, real treats, put in both Cognac casks and Bourbon casks to finish the process!
     4) Aged 10 Years Kentucky Straight Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon whiskey from  HENRY McKENNA, 50% alcohol by volume, since 1855, a ' class-act ', come rediscover this, cheers!
     5) " Tierras ' Tequila Autenticas de Jalisco, ' Organic ', Blanco, 100% Agave Hecho, made in Mexico, USDA Organic certified, smooth, clear, pristine, bright, one of my very favorites, $37.99 a bottle, a real treat!
     WINES From Chris & Tony :
     1) El Jefe Grande Tempranillo ( unoaked ) is back in the liter bottle at $12.49 a bottle, product of Spain, fruit-bright-forward-centered-delight-so-full-of-bright-Tempranillo-JOY! Yes, si si si, claro que si!
     2) Friulano 2012 from Italy's Friuli region, and the Grave region in particular, made by TOMASELLA since 1965, Tenuta TOMASELLA On Special for $12.99 a bottle, regularly $19.99 a bottle, this is masterful, dry, flavorful, expressive and yummy Tocai dry white that now is referred always as Friulano, yes yes yes yes YES!
     3)  AC 4.090 Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile's Valle de Lontue from ALTA CIMA, $14.99 a bottle, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, a Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon that I enjoyed this past Sunday evening at home with our first fire outside on our deck in our fire pit, we enjoyed this as we chatted about politics, life, love, the arts and more, wonderful red, smooth, fruit-bright for all of that, a treat.
     4) Bordeaux Superieure 2010 ( great vintage ) from the CHATEAU FLEUR HAUT GAUSSENS, On Special for $16.99 a bottle, this dry red with 14.5% alcohol is a great food wine with just enough grit and grip and earth and dried flowers and toast and leather to impress many, especially at such an affordable price!
     ONE Great Extra Virgin Olive Oil :
     1) FIRST FRESH Extra Virgin Olive Oil from California, made with two Spanish olives by our dear friend that used to live here in Cleveland Park Northwest, Washington D.C., 20008, for many years, Bill Sanders! On Special for $19.99 a 500ml bottle, won every award you can get, so fresh and pure, pristine, love it, come get some : treat yourselves!
          WINE SALE Here Every Wednesday!
SAVE BIG HERE Every Wednesday On Wine : Three Ways to Save up to 20% OFF the sticker prices, come by or call and place your orders over the phone : 202-363-4265. Be sure and save here tomorrow!
     WEEK'S Tastings :
     Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : We have two tasters :
     1) Sotiris Bafitis here with OENOS Imports doing some Italian Prosecco, Greek wine, too, and more, including a great Spanish Ribera Del Duero, the " Los Cantos ' 2013 from TORREMILANOS, $20.99, ... come taste.
     2) Brian Armstrong will be here to taste his 2009 Rioja from Spain On Special written about above from Bodegas OLLARA, a real treat.
     Friday, September 30, 2016 : We have Narayan coming to taste some fine wines of IDYL CELLARS in California, like their really distinct, complex, layered Sauvignon Blanc, some fone South African Sauvignon Blanc from TANGLED TREE and more, yes, this will be very exciting indeed!
     Saturday, October 1st, 2016 ( 2-6PM ): We have Tom of Southern Distributors coming on Sake Day to pour some of the TY-KU sake, that will be exciting, we will celebrate with rice wines!
     TASTINGS are free, join us, make an event here with us, meet new people, enjoy, learn, relax, smile and feel good about yourselves and life : we are here to help any way that we can,
CHEERS, THanks for everything, you all are the very best, let us know what we may do to help you all, call us at : 202-363-4265. Cheers!    TONY  9/27/2016

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