Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tasting Schramsberg Sparkling Wine, Senor Sangria, Hawaiian Runs, Trace, Schulpa and Mmmmmmmmm Margaret Stop By, Local Dusty Rise Bunny Rabbit And Her Owner Sunny Stop By, Too! April 2016 with Me, Anthony Quinn At @ClevelandParkWinespirits, Discovering!Take A Closer Look!

     With Shulpa, Margaret and Trace as Both Shulpa and Trace come to tell me, say ' Good bye ', that this is their last week in Cleveland Park, that this is their favorite place here away from home, that they will miss us, have to come back to visit. They live in the Quebec House and they know Margaret, a bitter-sweet gathering filled with emotion, warmth and smiles!

Always a discovery, tasting spirits from Greece, Japan, and Bolivia, wow, and then a dry red Shiraz from Australia, all good the Singani  from Bolivia was our favorite, they also loved the Hawaiian dark run that they bought a bottle of that was also tasted, and a Malbec, too from Argentina, the Toneles was it? Grand moment.

Local bunny rabbit Dusty Rose owned by Sunny comes to visit us this Saturday, yesterday at our wine-spirits tasting at ClevelandParkWinespirits, what fun!

Stuart our local Bacchus Imports rep pours for Gregg some of the Schramsberg California sparkling Brut 2013 Blanc de Bkancs, also available in half bottles of 2013, and the 2011 Brut Blanc de Noirs, as well as both the Senor Sangria red and white from New York State, all four are wonderful, it, too was a great tasting!

     Great Saturday tasting, more to come soon, stay-tuned, always something happening here, always!

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