Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Me And My Performance One-Mam-Moment Watercolor Art Spectacles Tonight, Wednesday, January 13, 2016, Enjoy!

Loving my freedom of expression here tonight with my color and black-and-white watercolors ... enjoy!


You can see me better here.


I am learning as I go how to do these, tricky! Fun, never know what I will see later! That is a lot of the magic in this all.

I am taking some bold pics, performing, acting, selling, stealing, sharing, sampling, if you will, I permit myself this liberty...

X-Pose-Sure-I-Am-Self-Mine-As-Ass I am not afraid, no sir, nooooo, not!

Going for Ut all, all the color, shape, texture, size, prize, prison, pleasure, tree, treasure, meeting my measure here!

You like what you see so far?!? Hope so, I do.

Going go go go go going!

Liking it all, fuzz, blurs and clear clarifies disparities foibles, freebies, fleshed, flirts, ahhhhhs alerts and all!


Loving the moment ....

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