Sunday, January 10, 2016

Tasting KALTERN Schiava Red Indigenous Grape, Alto Adige, Italy Avec Stephane Defot Of Z Wine Gallery Imports Domaine De La BASTIDE 213 White Cotes Du Rhone CHAEAU HAUT-PASQUET 213 Dry White Entre-Deux-Mers French, Bordeaux ( Six Wines Tasted In All ) Some We Bought, Too! Cheers.

Enjoy, so much to gain just from looking at photos, .... cheers, happy New Year 2016  it is a glorious Sunday at 1:02 PM now here ... and I am inspired as I listen to Jacques Brel sing on an album : " Les Bigottes ...  Je perdrai la voix .... " ...

Tasting with Stephane Defot his wines of the Z Wine Gallery Imports with Stephane Defot!

     Looks like Chris Bartha brought one of his suppliers by to taste here, I thinks so?!? Either that or a customer that we stopped to have taste with us to see what she thought of the wines. Either way a win-win for all concerned, as it always should be.

Come by and see what we have, we always have a fun selection for you all at Cleveland Park Wine  Spirits at 3423 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Washington D.C., 202-363-4265. Check us out on our Facebook page at : Cleveland Park Wine  Spirits  Or follow us on Twitter at : CPWineSpirits or Wineenabler ...

Happy New Year all, 201 now, these were taken a couple of years ago I believe? I take lots of pictures and am trying to share as many of them as I can here.

Now I am listening to Stan Getz on his Verve recording that goes back to the late fifties or the early sixties doing " Oh Grand Amore " ... love it, love his sax!

The KALTERN Alto Adige dry red Schiava pictured above comes from Siema Imports, and our local rep Anfrew Stover tasted us on it. Thanks to you all, Chris, Andrew and Stephane for bringing us so many fine wines to taste and share, sell and educate and satisfy our customers with in Cleveland Park, Northwest, Washington D,C., 20008, a ' happenin' place and neighborhood, a happenin' store, gathering place where people can come and relax, smile, share, listen, become inspired, maybe even healed and certainly heartened we hope!

Always free, all our tastings are free, we welcome everyone to come and have our Cleveland Park Wine  Spirits' experience with us.

We bought and have sold both of these wines, We really needed the white Cotes Du Rhone from the DOMAINE De La BASTIDE, merci Stephane pour ca,

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