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Celebrating Summer & Vacation Before Labor Day Arrives In My Anthony Quinn Artsy Tuesday Store Email Of Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits With TENUTA MAZZOLINO, GROTTO DEL SOLE, CHATEAU FLEUR DE RIGAUD, CORINO BARBERA, HUGL Austrian Gruner Veltliner, SMOOTH AMBLER ' Old Scout ' Straight Bourbon Whiskey, West Virginia, Maredsous Abbaye, Abdij Triple 10 Sec Ale, KONA Brewing Company, & More!

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Happy LABOR DAY To Us All! Let's celebrate, push the edges, carve out a niche,
go ' for it ! ' Not feel squeezed out of our last few days and hours and moments
of basking in the glow, the sunshine, the moonlight , the super moon, the red
moon, of silly mooning around, grinning, feeling alive and in touch ... oh yeah.

LEt us help you, we love helping you, really, yes we do ,... and you know those
of that shop here that we delight in helping you.

Gabriele Rausse of his own Virginia winery GABRIELE RAUSSE in Charlottesville, tastes with our customers, FABulous wines!

Really fine beer from Steven Shaw in New York! Need to get some here soon!

Labor Day TREATS here @ cleveland park wines ...
What will you all need? what have you put off doing all summer that you would
still like to do? Do you need any ideas? Come on by, we are full of ideas,
perhaps too many ideas but we can comb through some and find the ones that are
perfect for you ...
WE HAVE SO MANY things to be grateful for and sometimes they are just under our
noses.On Sunday night my wife and I went to see the movie : " the One Hundred
Foot Journey " and we both absolutely loved it! Perhaps this can be the base of
this week's store email for me as I do like to have some themes to run through
what I write. Labor Day is, of course, the principle theme and celebration. And
in Washington D.C. and the surrounding metropolitan region many cultures,
peoples, religions, beliefs, politics, arts, food and spirits all convene here
and we all find common ground and celebrate.
OF COURSE For LABOR DAY many of us will be grilling, but there are so many
things to grill and so many ways to grill, marinate, prepare, respect, reveal,
celebrate and come to know better and taste better whatever it may be? I grilled
some chicken thighs, for example last night for my wife and daughter. hey have
started back to school already, it is very hard for them, yesterday having been
their first day.
SO : We All Will Be Perhaps Eating Outside this weekend, weather permitting?
hat's the plan I would imagine, make things as simple as possible to enjoy every
last minute and moment and drop and taste and flavor. Sounds like a great plan.
completely vegetarian, that's a strong possibility. My friend and customer
Andrea made me keenly aware that not everyone is a meat/eater. She's right,
really she is. I have had to add a whole knew vocabulary and way of talking
about beer, cider, liqueur, liquor and wine as a result of my conversations with
Andrea. hank you Andrea.
SO : For two nights in a row I grilled. I love to grill. I grill vegetables as
well as fish and meat Andrea, promise I do.
ON Sunday night I grilled the salmon fillet my wife brought home, and last night
it was the chicken thighs. I have to say that watching the movie " The Hundred
Foot Journey " influenced my cooking of the chicken thighs and I am happy to say
that my wife commented several times on how tasty it was, how much she enjoyed
it. She asked me what secret spices I might have used to cook it? I said ; "
Cardamon . " She said, ' no, we do not have any. ' I told her I bought some at
the store. It was used by the Indian chef in some of his recipes and so I
thought I would mention that. She is correct, there was no Cardamon used, and
yet I did marinate and soak the chicken thighs for awhile in many ' Tony spices.
I LIKED how so much emphasis was made on cooking and either ' having it ' or
not, about knowing and understanding and tasting one's ingredients. I told my
wife and daughter last night that I wished I had worked in Philippe Mellot's
kitchen at the Hotel De La Rigaudie in Sarlat, France years ago. I told her it
would be fun, and then I quickly added : " No, cooking is not fun, it's work,
hard work, a real labor of love. " She agreed with me. I would have learned a
lot. Now I glean a lot from family and friends and chefs that I know , and
movies that I watch and that inspire me, as well as books on food that do the
same. Wow, all so inspiring.
So , Once Again ... about LABOR DAY :
What to serve? he Pumpkin beers are all coming out early, so are the
Octoberfest beers starting to poke out from the corners. What do you think? Do
you want to serve any Pumpkin ales or any Octoberfest beers? We have some, of
course. hen there are the summer seasonal beers as well , and all/time favorite
beers of ours? I have some that I have brought to the table here to mention that
might be fun as hopefully we will be gathered around outside in the warmth and
sunshine around a grill with family and friends.
1/ French Craft Organic Ale from the MOULINS D'ASCQ Blonde / On Special
for $3.49 an 11 Fl. Oz bottle, , 6.2 percent alcohol by volume, USDA certified
Organic Ecocert France Sas, go to : www.moulinsdascq.fr for more info / I have
to include this having seen the movie. Seems like it would cut through some of
the sauces and the flavorings we add to our food? I would be happy to give it a
try. What about you all?
2/ ' Boont Barl ' Bourbon Barrel Amber Ale from ANDERSON VALLEY , a malt
beverage aged in 6 months in WILD URKEY bourbon barrels : / $12.99 a 22 Fl. Oz
bottle, 6 percent alcohol by volume, / Bahl Hornin' since 1987 ... from
Boonesville, CA., an Amber Ale ... go to : www.avbc.com for more info ...
cheers, perfect to hold in your hands outside on Labor Day I would say , ...
nice taste, too.
I JUST SPOKE to Santos about Labor Day : He mentioned two just now ...
1/ ' HOP / A / Peel from ATWATER BREWERY IN DETROIT, MI., ale brewed with
orange peel, : " An American IPA with mass a/peel Cascade and Chinook team with
hops of the ' Super Cascade ' variety, to help you feel this brew right down to
your navel. Dried and ground orange peel helps deliver a citric bittering
that'll have your tongue feel like it's on vacation in Florida. "
I LIKE THAT, ... ' that'll have your tongue feel like it's on vacation in
Florida." I like that a lot, we should all feel like we are still ' on vacation
in Florida ' or wherever else we may be. hat is a noble goal to strive for,
let's all strive to feel like we are ' on vacation! '
2/ ' Peacemaker ' Pale Ale from LONERIDER Brewing Company , Ales for
Outlaws, : / On Special for $6.49 a bottle , regularly $9.99 a six/ pack , 5.7
percent alcohol by volume, from Raleigh, North Carolina,go to :
www.LoneriderBeer.com for more info ... : " Don't let the badge fool you /
Peacemaker is popular with lawmen and outlaws alike. ThiS PALE ALE USES SEVERAL
HOP VARIETIES AND EUROPEAN MALTS FOR A UNIQUE and bountiful hop aroma with a
balanced bitterness." ry some, what an incredible choice for Labor Day weekend
and an incredible value, too. Cheers.
1/ Hard Cider Private Reserve Belgian White, BelgianStyle cider from
WOODCHUCK / On Special for $9.99 a six/pack of 12 ounce bottles, 5.5 percent
alcohol by volume, gluten/free, too. his ' new and exciting ' and perfect for
Labor Day celebrations. Great with fish and cheese, from Middlebury, Vermont. "
A handcrafted treasure, the ultra/limited edition private reserve Belgian white,
is crafted with a classic Belgian beer yeast, cloudy, with a rich, golden hue.
It presents a delicate aroma and taste , with coriander and orange notes. It
pairs excellently with seafood fare, mixed greens or sharp cheeses. "
BUT HEY, LABOR DAY is also some spirits as well as beer, cider and wine ...
let's see what we have :
FROM MALKIT and JAGIR we have :
1/ ZODIAC Vodka Luxury Potato Spirits : / $29.99 a ml bottle, called '
Cancer ' / June 22 to July 23 / 40 percent alcohol by volume, ... handcrafted in
Idaho, USA, the heart of potato country. Zodiac is carefully filtered through
Canadian birch charcoal and blended with Rocky Mountain Spring water. Smooth as
can be, you must try some ...
2/ Family Gin Distillers Since 1863, HAYMAN'S London Dry Gin With 10
Botanicals : / $29.99 a bottle, 47 percent alcohol by volume, ,,, great
tradition, taste and flavors, discover it all over again : a classic.
3/ Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey : / On Special for
$26.99 a bottle, 95 percent proof, ... : " he unapologetic and independent
spirit, made for those who take their bourbon seriously." So true, great point,
many of us do, too, take our bourbon whiskey seriously!
4/ Brandy from Virginia from CATOCTIN CREEK , this " Distiller's Reserve "
Hand/Crafted, Small/Batch at $46.99 a 750ml bottle, 40 percent alcohol by
volume, is quite smooth and very pleasing and enjoyable to sip, even with the
warmer weather, especially at night when things cool down some and the stars are
shining bright : perfect for this Labor Day weekend celebration of ours. Cheers
and enjoy.
5/ Apple Jack from LAIRD'S , it's a smooth blend, from America's oldest
family/run distiller, $22.99 a 750ml bottle, 40 percent alcohol by volume, nice
to sip and enjoy into the night looking up at the moon and dreaming and
remembering and planning and getting the nerve up to do some things, finally,
that you have been wanting to do for a lifetime and just have to start doing!
Cheers. Delightful to sip, a treat to blend, love the apple, a fine expression
of the apple as a brandy ... enjoy.
1) BUY ANY sparkling wine bottle over $20 a bottle and SAVE 15% OFF the
marked sticker price ( except for VEUVE CLICQUOT ).
2) Mix six or more bottles and save 10% OFF the marked sticker prices.
3) BUY 12 or more bottles of sparkling or still wine and SAVE 15% OFF the
marked sticker prices.
Includes Port, Sherry, Marsala, Madeira, Sake.
1) BUY ANY Still Wine over $20 a bottle and SAVE 20% OFF the marked
sticker prices.
2) BUY SIX or MORE bottles of still ( non-sparkling wine ) and SAVE 15%
OFF the marked sticker prices.
3) BUY TWELVE OR MORE non-sparkling wines and SAVE 20% OFF the marked
sticker prices.
INCLUDED are Port, Sherry, Madeira, Marsala and Sake.
MIX THINGS UP. Have fun, get more of what you want this way. spread out
your experiences, too.
WINES From Chris And Tony :
1/ ' Deux ' 211 from Domaine POUILLON , a dry white blend of 55 percent
Chardonnay and 45 percent Viognier from the Columbia Valley : / $24.99 a bottle,
13.8 percent alcohol by volume, from Lyle, WA. State ... made by a local French
legend , the son of Jean/Louis Paladin of the Jean Louis restaurant that was so
popular back at the Watergate Hotel back in the eighties, remember? Well his son
is making some brilliant wines here. His mother had going for years the really
wonderful fish restaurant on P Streets N.W. off of Dupont Circle called PESCE.
Food and wine, a great winning combination : fine, FINE wine here, distinct and
flavorful and wonderful with a meal, many a meal, when we grill outside...
2/ 2011 Oregon Pinot Gris from the Rudolfo Vineyard at LUMOS in
McMinnville, Oregon, $21.99 a bottle, 12.6 percent alcohol by volume, this has
developed now many of it's extra flavors and is mature and delicious and will be
great for Labor Day as well as these extra developed flavors will hold their own
against many a food and spice and seasoning and marinated taste ... what fun,
what an adventure, live a little, experience the wealth of a full palate of
experiences... cheers!
3/ McPherson ' Les Copains / The Friends ' 2013 Dry Rose from Texas, $16.99
a 750ml bottle, 12.9 percent alcohol by volume, is a lovely, delicate, dry and
lilting and rich/tasting rose with 15 percent Viognier alcohol by volume, ... I
wrote about it last week and am again writing about it now ...
4/ 2011 Norton Estate/ Bottled from the STONE HILL Winery in Missouri, a
great food wine, $22.99, 13.8 percent alcohol by volume, go to :
www.stonehillwinery.com for more info. Fun and exciting and so typical and
American and important and special and a true American expression! You must try
this at some point, NOW is a great point! Cheers, needs food, needs a flavorful,
spicy meal.
WE WANT TO SAY HOW SORRY we are for the Napa Valley and their recent
earthquake on Sunday night I believe at 3 AM in the morning was it? Anyway, we
are here and thrilled to represent Napa wines and have some of both the :
1/ BV 211 Rutherford Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, $36.99 a bottle, and
the ...
2/ Reserve Tapestry 2010 Napa Valley Meritage Bordeaux blend, $77.99 a
bottle for you to all celebrate this Labor Day weekend in how fine the wines of
the Napa Valley are, have been and still can and will be ... cheers, our
thoughts are very much now, very heavy, too ,,, as we think of you and the
rebuilding and the work you all have ahead of yourselves, and harvest, too! Lots
on your plates now, good luck with it all, we will sell you wines and help that
way ...
4/ 2011 ' Mangus ' ARIZONA Red WINE ... FROM THE COCHISE COUNTY in Arizona,
this is a wine of elegance and finesse and perfect for this heat and humidity,
$29.99 a bottle, try some, live some, experience some, step outside your comfort
zone, and ENJOY A WHOLE LO ...
Week's Tastings :
FRIDAY, AUGUST 29TH, 2014 FROM 5 TO 8 PM : Taste the wines of Greece with
Sotiris Bafitis a selection of FABulous Greek wines!
SATURDAY, August 30th, 2014 from 2 to 6 PM : Taste the WINES OF ROBERT AND
OF SPAIN : FABulous Albarino white and red Priorat and Rioja... and more ...
THANKS for everything, call us when you need a delivery and we will come see
you, 202 363 4265 or simply come by ... TONY
TUESDAY, August 2th, 2012 ... read and enjoy it if you have any time ... TONY
We Have So Many Things to celebrate with this weekend as we say : " goodbye "
to summer and " hello " to the fall as school starts back up for many
households. It's a bittersweet moment as we are all forced to SQUEEZE the very
last drops of spirits, fun, summer, sunshine and extra warmth and humidity, the
last of the mosquitoes, too ... and turn to a more serious demeanor with more
chores, obligations, rituals and jobs that we kept at bay for short periods of
time as we relaxed and perhaps even turned off most of our electronic gizmos,
too?! Is that even possible in today's day and age? Not as easy as it once was.
READ ON : Our Weekly Wednesday, 3-Part Still ( Non-Sparkling ) Wine Sale
Tomorrow : 8/ 29 / 12 ALL DAY LONG!
1) BUY any still wine over $20 : SAVE 20% Off the marked sticker price even
if it's already On Special/SALE. 2) BUY any 12 still wines or more and SAVE
20% OFF the marked sticker price, whether On Special or not.
3) Buy 6-11 still wines and SAVE 10% OFF marked sticker prices, whether On
Special or not.THIS ALSO INCLUDES : ports, sherries, marsalas, madeiras, sakes,
box wines, all size bottles : mix it all up and cover all your needs, wants and
desires for this LABOR DAY WEEKEND!
IF YOU CAN'T COME : Call : 202-363-4265 and ask for Michel or Tony.WE DELIVER
Free in Washington D.C. for orders over $30. CALL!!!
A LADY JUST CAME asking for some Gentiane that she told me her friends was
really having trouble locating here in Washington D.C. She prefaced that with
the comment that she was turning to us for help as we had always solved many of
her searches and requests with the products she was after.
WHEN I HEARD THIS I thought to myself that I hope we have what she is looking
for this time? She pronounced the name of what she was looking for and I told
her that I had never heard of it. It was a French digestif and I was wondering
what it was and explaining that I did not know it but we decided to look at what
we had on our shelves. As we were scanning them she said : " what's that?! ".
SHE WAS POINTING TO a bottle of our BONAL Gentiane-Quina des Montagnes de la
Grande Chartreuse ST. LAURENT-DU-PONT ( Isere ), " an ouvre appetit depuis 1865
". It's a QUINQUINA Vin Aperitif ( $19.99 a 750ml bottle, 16% alcohol by volume,
once open keep chilled, product of France ? : " It is made by an infusion of
cinchona ( Quinine ), gentian, and renowned herbs of the Grande Chartreuse
mountains in a Mistelle base. As a Quinquina ( also known as " Kina ", an
aperitif wine with chinchona. It is traditionally enjoyed neat, on ice with a
twist, and in many classic mixed drinks ." It's called a Toni Aperitif de
France. I like that. We only have three bottles left. It was out of stock at our
distributor for awhile so come get some now if you are interested and celebrate
Labor Day weekend with some BONAL! Cheers.
From our " A Taste Of Cleveland Park " from our old and dear friend Pam The
Butcher Ginsberg :
1 lb. filet of lemon sole one-third c. white wine
2 roma tomatoes, chopped coarsely Juice of one lemon
2 shallots, chopped finely black pepper to taste
" Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Place sole on cooking sheet that has been covered
with foil for easy cleanup. All fish expands with heat. Cook sole for 4 to 5
minutes. While sole cooks, saute tomatoes and shallots in white wine, lemon and
pepper. Remove sole from the oven. With slotted spoon remove tomatoes and
shallots from pan, placing them on top of sole. Return sole to oven 8 to 9
minutes. Reduce heat on sauce by half. When sole is done, place sauce on bottom
of plate with sole on top. "
MICHEL. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Did you all ever make this or a version of this at
Liliana's? Would you have a Ligurian or a French wine with it? We are out of the
Ligurian white that we normally sell here and so I will mention some French
wines that I think might work brilliantly with this LEMON SOLE FOR YOUR SOUL
recipe of Pam's :
1) 2010 SAINT-BRIS " Clotilde Davenne " dry white Sauvignon Blanc ( On
Special for $16.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume, vin de Bourgogne/Burgundy. Made not
far from the Chablis Burgundy region this unique Sauvignon Blanc from Burgundy
has loads of extra body, flavor and taste to cut through and help frame better
the distinct yet refined and aromatic, delicate flavors of sole and herbs and
tomatoes to cradle our souls.
2) 2011 " La Renaudie " Sec/ Dry 100% Sauvignon Blanc white from the town
of Bergerac ( $14.99 a bottle, 13.5% alcohol by volume, a two-hour drive from
the town of Bordeaux driving into the interior and not far from the caves of
prehistoric drawings Caves le Lascaux.
THIS IS A BRIGHTER, rounder, fleshier-tasting Sauvignon Blanc that is
easy-drinking before and with the meal of the lemon sole.
3) 2011 Le Nectar des Fees in Saint-Pourcain from the Gardien
Freres/Brothers. Celebrating a famous fairy tale this dry indigenous grape
Tressalier only grows in these vineyards of Saint Pourcain that are reputed to
be the oldest in France. It's quite dry with great mineral and soaring blasts of
acids, too,
IT'S DEFINITELY A FOOD WINE, and will cut through all the flavors to be found in
Pam's dish. It's also a great value and something unique with a great story.
Google it and share it while you enjoy Pam's lemon sole this Labor Day.
4) 2010 Palais Prive dry white from the Rhone Luberon region of France,
this ( $20.99. 12.5% alcohol by volume, Caves de Bonnieux, 84480, France,
www.doyleprovence.com ) is also quite dry with bright bursts of minerals and
tangy-accenting ripples of acidity , medium-bodied and after a glass as an
aperitif you will welcome with open arms and palate some of Pam's lemon sole.
5) 2006 Bourgogne Aligote Vieilles Vignes / Old Vines of DOMAINE Henri
NAUDIN-FERRAND in Burgundy ( On Special for $17.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume,
www.naudin-ferrand.com ) is mature and complex and richly-layered and a very
serious dry white food wine where mineral and even some nut and honey flavors
are really turned up high so that they insinuate themselves, subtly infiltrate ,
permeate and saturate one's palate.
THE LEMON SOLE will float effortlessly on everyone's plate. Definitely a food
wine : it will hold it's own against many flavorful/well-seasoned dishes. Not so
much a sipping wine : too much flavor for that!
6) 2010 Ondenc / Onsec Sec - indigenous dry French white grape variety -
Par Robert & Bernard Plageoles ( $27.99, 14.5% alcohol by volume,
jennyandfrancois.com, info@jennyandfrancois.com ( 646 ) 322-4254 ) is a Jenny &
Francois Selections' complex, multi-layered, golden-colored white that is rich
and full and so thick on the palate with great feel and legs and flesh.
THIS IS AN amazingly-refreshing, powerful mouth-full of wine that must be
tasted to be believed. It's an experience all in itself and I include it as it
will hold it's own to many a vegetable or side dish and will be a great way to
bring closure to an already thoroughly delicious meal and moment.
I MIGHT RECOMMEND that you start with one of the other wines and then finish
with this Ondenc? Why not, there are always various tastes in the foods served
and it is not always easy to have one wine be the perfect foil or balance for
all those flavors? You might even make Pam's dish and serve three or four of
these wines and invite family and friends, neighbors, too and see what you all
think? It's a simple yet really tasty recipe here that Pam has provided the
Cleveland Park community. Thanks Pam. What do you think Michel? Let us know.
COME AND MIX these bottles and more and SAVE 20% on those over $20 a bottle.
Also save 20% when you mix 12 or more of them - and any other still wines, too.
SAVE 10% when you mix any of these or other still wines, you just need to buy 6
or more bottles to SAVE 10% OFF marked sticker prices. Call if you cannot come :
202-363-4265 - or respond to this email.
BEERS From Santos :
1) " Wyld " Extra Pale Ale from the UINTA Brewing Company ( On Special for
$9.99 a six-pack is certified organic from the USDA/Organic group , unleashed,
Salt Lake City, Utah, go to : uintabrewing.com for more info ) is brewed with
renewable power and is mighty tasty, too. Try some this Labor Day weekend.
2) " Monumental " I.P.A. India Pale Ale from the Port City Brewing
Company, Alexandria, Virginia ( On Special for $10.99 a six-pack of 12 ounce
bottles, 6.3% alcohol by volume, 3950 Wheeler Avenue, Alexandria, VA. 22304, )
is " really local, new and brilliant and inspirational and FUN! Great for this
Labor Day weekend : DRINK LOCAL more, more often, with gusto and pride and
smiles all around.
3) Special Release Pumpkin Ale from the SCHLAFLY / SAINT LOUIS Brewery,
Inc.Company ( On Special for $11.99 a 6-pack, 8% alcohol by volume, St. Louis,
Missouri ... " I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than
crowded on a velvet cushion " sez Henry David Thoreau ....www.schlafly.com ) :
" Schlafly pumpkin ale - celebrate the bounty of harvest with this rich, malty
ale brewed with pumpkin and flavored with spices to invoke the season of plenty.
" ALL sounds good to me ...
4) Fire Rock Pale Ale from the KONA Brewing Company ( On Special for $8.99
a six-pack of 12 ounce bottles, 6% alcohol by volume, bottled in Portsmouth, NH,
Portland, Oregon, and Woodinville, WA. From Kona, Hawaii. go to :
www.KonaBrewingCo.com for more info ) : " Since 1994 Kona Brewing Co. has been
committed to making handcrafted ales and lagers of uncompromised quality. We
invite you to visit our brewery ... "
5) Maredsous Abbaye - Abdij Triple10Triple Ale ( On Special for $11.99 a 1
Pt. 9.4Fl. Oz bottle, 10% alcohol by volume, Tradition Benedictine,, product of
Belgium, Abbaye de Maredsous, www.maredsous-usa.com, ) : " Maredsous Triple is a
high fermentation abbey beer, ... refermented in the bottle during the 2-month
aging period ... "
LIQUOR/ LIQUEUR From Ravinder Sharma :
1) 15 Year-Old GLENFIDDICH Single Malt Whisky ( On Special for $58.99,
since 1887, 40% alcohol by volume, www.glenfiddich.com ) is a great deal for a
15-Year-Old! Try some soon and SAVE. Great gift, also great to celebrate Labor
2) Smooth Ambler established in 2009 , this " Old Scout " Straight Bourbon
Whiskey ( $34.99, 49.5% alcohol by volume, aged 5 years, 99 Proof, is made by
the SMOOTH AMBLER Spirits Company in Maxwelton, WV.www.smoothambler.com ) is
Batch 1, bottled 10-27-11. Enjoy and cheers!
3) Bloody Mary Macerated flavored vodka from BELVEDERE ( On Special for
$32.99, product of Poland, 40% alcohol Polmos, Zyrardow, Polska vodka, 100%
neutral spirits distilled from Rye grain, " just add tomato juice and a squeeze
of lemon " ) : " No artificial additives or flavors are used. Only Belvedere
tastes like this : tomato, horse-radish, black pepper, red pepper and chilis ...
" Try some. GREAT for Labor Day!!!!
4) " Skinny Girl Sangria, a golden-white Sangria ( On Special for $12.99,
10.5% alcohol by volume, made with grape wine with natural flavors, ) : Open and
serve. Cheers.
WINES By Michel and Tony :
1) 2011 HUGL Weine - Austrian Dry White Gruner Veltliner in the liter
bottle ( $10.99 a liter, 13.5% alcohol by volume, product of Austria ) is
another great Labor Day weekend wine to enjoy outside with family and friends.
2) " Pink " BUG JUICE Filtrato Dolce. sweet deep rose pink color is sweet
from Rinaldi Vini, this is like a lovely pink Moscato and delicious all by
itself. For $20.99 this is a treat/ splurge to say " bye-bye " to summer and
start getting ready for the fall and cooler weather. It's so smooth and tasty
all by itself!
3) Bricco Lorella Rosato/ Rose is dry and made from the Nebbiolo grape in
Italy's Piemonte region. This Coste della Sesia 2010 from the Azienda Agricole
ANTONIOLO in Gattinara, Piemonte, Italy ( $19.99 , 13% alcohol by volume , ) is
smooth, velvety, delicate, silky and WONDERFUL. What a treat to sip slowly and
linger and pasue and close your eyes and dream and feel great as you do so.
Cheers. Great rose color, too.
4) Barbera d'Alba 2010 from CORINO, estate-bottled, ( $20.99, 14% alcohol
by volume, La Morra, Piemonte, Italy ) is bright, fresh , lively and very
fruit-forward with bright red toasty cherry and berry flavors. It's an oasis
from the heat and the humidity.
5) Piaggia " Il Sasso " Carmignano 2008 ( the " first " Super Tuscan before
it was fashionable , $37.99 a bottle, 14,5% alcohol by volume ) from MAURO
VANNUCCI is so well-balanced and focused with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc
and Merlot blended with the Sangiovese that you never, ever notice the higher
alcohol level. It's a magical red carpet wine ride high up in the sky with views
and vistas that cross your palate that you have to pause and take stock of where
you are, your life, your accomplishments, etcetera. You ultimately feel grand.
SAVE HUGE ON FRENCH WINES from William Harrison Imports coming tomorrow from the
Loire Valley, from Bordeaux and from Burgundy. Mostly reds with a GREAT DEAL,
too on some more half bottles ( 375ml ) of the Bernard Reverdy Sancerre 2010
that we sold you recently for $10.99 a half-bottle saying that if you bought two
of them we would take 10% off and get you two for under $20. Our deal tomorrow
will be better than that I believe? WE also have some PIERRE ANDRE red Burgundy
from the Hautes Cotes de Beaune 2009, Meursault 2009 and the white Reserve
2009 coming, too along with some exciting CHATEAU FLEUR DE RIGAUD 2009 Grand
Cru Saint Emilion. ALL On DEEP SALE. Get them tomorrow and save more with our
THREE-PART still ( non-sparkling ) wine SALE detailed above.
Friday, August 31st, 2012 ( 5:30-8PM ) : We have Brennan Downey here to
taste some of his excellent 1) Di LENARDO Friuli, 2) DAL MASO Veneto, 3)
SULIN Piemontese, 4) TENUTA MAZZOLINO Oltrepo Pavese and 5) GROTTA Del
SOLE Italian wines with you all : dry reds and whites and maybe a rose and some
sweet reds, too? I think so. Call for more info ( 202-363-4265 and ask for
Michel or for Tony ). NEVER any charge, join us. Saturday, September 1st,
2012 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Franceen Khang coming to taste more superlative Italian
wines from the Vias Imports portfolio. Michel and I just tried them last
Wednesday : 1) San Michele all'Adige, Pinot Blanc 2010 ( Trentino ), 2)
Fattotia del Cerro Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG 2009 ( Tuscany ), 3)
Colpetrone Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG 2007 ( Umbria ), 4) Cogno Barbera
d'Alba " Bricco dei Merli " DOC 2009 ( Piemonte ) and more still to be decided.
This will be a great Italian weekend to taste some of Italy's best to serve
later for Labor Day weekend! Join us and enjoy and relax and start celebrating
Labor Day early here! BRING FAMILY and friends, neighbors : make AN EVENT HERE
of it. Cheers.
IT'S TIME TO POST THIS WEEKLY store email and thanks for everything. Come and
SAVE here 20% OFF on the 3-Part Still Wine SALE , Wednesday, August 29th, 2012.
Call if you cannot come : 202-363-4265. Let us know what we may do for you.
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P.S. We are sorry to say that our dear customer and neighbor Elinor Sachse ( I
wrote her recipe here last week : Fabulous Mushroom Soup , remembered by her
husband Harry ) passed away last week. Our thoughts are with you Harry.
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our calender of wine tastings!
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