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Anthony Quinn Remembers The Fine Men : Jim Stutsman & Also Joe Kennedy In His Weekley Tuesday Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits : Talking PIETRAVENTOSA, LEFT HAND CHARLIE, McPHERSON, CHATEAU GRAND TRAVERSE, TRE MONTI, PALTRINIERI, ARIZONA STRONGHOLD, ALLEGRO Winery, MEREDITH Vineyards, PERLA DEL GARDA & So Much More!

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I'M Back From My Vacation and what a ride it has been to the Outer Banks In
North Carolina and The Big Apple in New York State, and also Lewisburg,
West Virginia that is 5-10 minutes away from the wonderful Greenbrier

My drive to work this morning bathed in sunshine, heat , baby blue skies
was serene as I composed myself for what I might expect here this Tuesday
morning as I pick up the pieces where I left off, and continue. I walked
into a whole clean and bright store filled with specials in liquors and
wines that Malkit and Chris had bought in my absence, and am delighted with
what I see and have to write about this morning and share with you all.
What fun!

But this morning I spent my first hour or so here really speaking about and
finding pictures of bot Jim Stutsman and Joe Kennedy, both that have sadly
passed away in the two weeks that I have been gone. WE are all devastated
here by the loss of these two fine individuals, and we will miss them both

SUNSHINE  sure does help. Less traffic, too. I don't even have ' vacation
blues ', and yet I have great blues from the loss of both Jim and Joe. I
wonder if Joe and Jim were fans of the 60's group Cream with Ginger Baker
the drummer? Jim was a drummer for years, he started with the orchestra of
the Kennedy Center , and Joe has been a big champion of Robert's as these
fine Italian wines that we have been selling here now for a year I believe?
Perhaps they both know the song : " Sunshine Of My Love "?

SO : I will be mentioning some of both Joe and Jim's favorite wines here
for you all to come and check out for yourselves if you do not already know

JIM LIKED very much local wines made in the United States but where they
are not yet as famous as those from California, New York, Washington State
and Oregon/ Jim would champion the wines of Michigan and Ohio, Missouri,
Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and more. We have
the wines of McPHERSON here from Lubbock, Texas, and we sell the Albarino
white, $18.99, and the ' Les Copains ' Lost Draw Vineyards ', 2013, a dry
red blend of  32% Cinsault, 22% Syrah, 18% Carignan,  14% Mourvedre, and
14% Grenache, $18.99 a bottle, medium-bodied, silky, tasty, pointed and
vibrant : both wines, really lively and charming and a treat to enjoy in
this heat.

JIM ALSO LIKED the 2011 Arizona White Table wine ' Tazi ' 2011, from
Cochise county, Arizona, made by ARIZONA STRONGHOLD, On Special for $16.99
a bottle. WE also have their Chardonnay here as well : both are flavorful,
lively, balanced and wonderful food wines when outdoors, even with the
extra heat and humidity. I really like both myself and would be delighted
to drink any of these four wines I have mentioned. The Chardonnay is also
On Special for $16.99 a bottle.

JOE CUT HIS TEETH on the fine Italian wines his son Robert imports that are
made by families with real attention to detail and where the whole process,
from start-to-finish is controlled by them as they grow their own grapes
and then harvest and ferment and make wines from them.
Like Alberto Paltrinieri's  ...
1)' Leclisse ' PALTRINIERI sparkling Lambrusco, On Special for $19.99 a
bottle, ( what a lively and bracing and dried-fruit explosion of flavors to
try and take in all at once, but like fireworks in the darkened skies of
our closed mouths, you just never know quite when the next explosion of
flavors will pop! ) ...
and the...
2) ' Vigna Rocca ' 2013 Albana Secco dry white from TRE MONTI that is made
in Romagna, Italy from the indigenous dry white grape variety, Albana, and
is so rich, so highly extracted and flavorful, golden in color, bright and
a torrent of refreshing white Albana grape tastes and sensations! $18.99 a
bottle, made by Vittorio, come get some while it is still available, 14%
alcohol by volume, ... go to : www.tremonti.it for more info. 3) Primitivo
from Puglia's one of two wine-growing regions called Gioia Del Colle. the '
Alleggoria ' from PIETRAROSA, $21.99, made from 100% Primitivo, with 13.5%
alcohol by volume, this wine is medium-to-light-bodied, and silky elegant,
polished-bright-smooth : wonderful even with the heat and the humidity, a
real gem, all these wines are real gems. Cheers Joe, you are already

And about vacation, have you all had yours yet, are you currently on
vacation, how is it / was it?!?

Yes, I would have loved to have another week off, that would have been
glorious, very marvelous. But I'm thankful for the time that I had with
family and friends, that wonderful serendipitous realization of things
planned, expected and totally spur-of-the-moment.

IT SURE IS FUN to be back and see Santos again that is in the back talking
beers with our sales reps. He just spoke hotly into the phone : " Pick up
for the first time gosh darn it! " Both I and the sales rep smiled as we
heard this. It is frustrating when you need to get information on
availability, or place and order and be done with it, knowing you do not
have to call again later, and not forget to do so. We sympathize with you
Santos, really we do.


1) ' Le Freak ' Belgian-Style Imperial India Pale Ale from GREEN FLASH
Bottle Conditioned, On Special for $8.99 a 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz bottle, with 9.2%
alcohol by volume, with Amarillo Dry Hop and dual yeast fermentation ...
combining a Belgian-style triple with an American Imperial IPA : they claim
it is the first of it's kind : come try some and weigh-in on this. Cheers!

2) ' Imperial IPA Imperial India Pale Ale ' Fight Gravity from GREEN FLASH
On Special for $6.99 a bottle, ' a colossal hop blend summit nugget ' that
is ' KING of the mountain OF HOPS ', this ... ' will thrill even the
extreme beer lover. Unearth savory pine, evergreen and pineapple aromas and
experience the colassal rush ... " ...with 9% alcohol by volume, for a 1
pint , 6 fluid ounce bottle, ... from San Diego, California. Go to :
www.greenflashbrew.com for more titilating ideas of how and where and when
to best enjoy these GREEN FLASH ales ... cheers!

3) JOHNNY'S American IPA Premium microbrew India Pale Ale, a 4-pack of
16Fl. Oz cans from NOAB Brewers in Noab, Utah : " Put some hops in your
step. ... Golden in color with light malt hues and strong hop
characteristics. Its vibrant citrus aromas and bitterness are created from
the use of our bold American hops. ... "

4) Habanaero Sculpin India Pale Ale with Habanero peppers from BALLAST
POINT Brewing Company that is dedicated to the craft of making fine ale and
beer, On Special for $15.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles. From San Diego,
California, with 7% alcohol by volume,  with a great colorful catfish on
the label that I just noticed and which I absolutely love!

SANTOS TELLS ME we have : too many, they have a lot of, maybe ten there in
the front. There may be fifty now available. "

5) Imperial PUMKING Ale brewed with pumpkins from SOUTHERN TIER Brewing Co.
This 4-pack of 12-ounce bottles , with 8.6 % alcohol by volume, from
Lakewood, NY... Santos says it is number one. I know it sells really well
each year, people are so sad when we can no longer get any. This 4-pack is
On Special for $15.99. Cheers!

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LIQUEUR - LIQUOR From Jagir & Malkit :

1) Fine Reserve Calvados from France's Normandy region and made by
DOMAINE DUPONT, $37.99, I was just enjoying some of this last night with my
Swedish neighbor celebrating the life of Jim Stutsman that loved this and
bought it here all the time. Boy is it smooth and bracing and racing and
lively and bristling all at the very same time with explosions of wonderful
apples from the Pays D'Auge region of Normandy, France. Here is to you Jim!

2) Wild Cherry premium vodka with natural flavor from ERISTOFF ' Black
", On Special for $18.99 a bottle, for a liter bottle, with 20% alcohol by
volume. Come do and experience the WILD BERRY ' thing!' What fun!!!

3) Vodka from THREE OLIVES On Special for $16.99 a bottle, 40% alcohol
by volume, from England, a fine imported vodka that has stood the test of
time and this offers a great value, too! Cheers.

4) Trinidad & Tobago Caribbean rum from ANGOSTURA, Aged 5 Years,
$21.99 a bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, : " New and Very Exciting! ". Come
try some and see where you fall or glide gracefully to your chaise longue
to rest and sip and smile and fully-enjoy!

5) Bradan Orach Highland Single Malt Scotch from SPEYBURN, est. 1897,
On Special for $23.99 : got some bite and some attack, a flavor that burns
some and fully awakens the palate and other senses, and it is a great
everyday value and soulful spirit, too from Scotland!

THREE From OLD FORESTER : Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky :

1) First Bottled Bourbon , Est 1870, this Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Whisky is $23.99, 86 proof, what a fine value, tried-and-true, discover it
all over again for the very first time and be charmed and pleased.

2) First Bottled Bourbon Kentucky Straight Whisky 100 Proof '
Signature ', $27.99 a bottle : even smoother and silkier and more elegant
that the 86 proof!

3) 1870 Original Batch Old Forrester, $51.99, 45% alcohol by volume,
90 Proof, climbing the Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky ladder and getting
a whole lot for your money, SO : rediscover this gem and the other, too as


Friday, August 21st, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Eric Platt himself coming to
pour outstanding New Zealand wines of : 1) LAKE CHALICE, their ' Cracklin
Savie " Sauvignon Blanc with a bit of sparkle, their ... 2) MAIMAI dry Rose
2014, their ... 3) OLD COACH ROAD 2013 Pinot Noir for elegance and
brightness, a touch of tartness and finesse and dried accents of loved and
heartfelt fruit, and the ... 4) OLD COACH ROAD  2014 Sauvignon Blanc...
what a great lineup, we will have a wonderful Friday evening here with
Eric. Join us, never any charge.

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 ( 2-6PM ) : Chris and I are working on
something really special on this Saturday and things should be finished and
ready to reveal to you and the rest of the world tomorrow, so stay-tuned,
and check us our for more info on our Facebook page at : Cleveland Park
Wine & Spirits and also on our Twitter at : cpwinespirits, as well as on
our web page at : www.clevelandparkwines.com

CHEERS and THANKS for everything and come by and ask about some of these
FABulous wines that Jim Stutsman and Joe Kennedy love, some of which have
been written-up here, and many more than I did not have time to include.

THANKS AGAIN, happy holiday, looking forward to seeing you all again fresh
from my wonderful vacation.   TONY

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