Thursday, June 4, 2015

New Wine Experiences Here @ Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Northwest Washington D.C., 20008 , September 21st, 2014 Discover Albert Bichot In Burgundy France : The Secret Red & White Burgundies Are Superb! And Just This Past May 2015 We Added The ALBERT BICHOT 2012 Morgon, $20.99, Depuis 1831, With 13% Alcohol That Chris & I Really Enjoyed!

Always something to get excited about from the ALBERT BICHOT Cremant Burgundy sparkling FRench wines, to their still reds and whites , and dry rose wines, too. WE have enjoyed selling the Macon Villages dry white as well as the Saint Veran white Burgundy as well. We have also worked a lot with the ' Secret de Famille  ' 2011 Pinot Noir, $27.99,  with 13% alcohol by volume,  and some of the Cru Beaujolais over the last two-three years. Here we just added the Morgon Cru Beaujolais 100% Gamay 2012, $20.99, with 13% alcohol by volume. It is balanced, flavorful, distinct, classic style, and a delight to drink almost anytime now in this warm weather of ours now here in the Washington D.C. metropolitan region. We are always tasting and sampling as these pictures show.

We buy according to what we need at the time.

We also buy according to what feel the best values are that ALBERT BICHOT represents at the time for our Washington D.C. customers, largely from the Cleveland Park Northwest neighborhood, but many that do visit us from other parts of Washington D.C. as well as other states.

We like to taste and decide upon what we taste. We do not like to sell off of points and scores. The wine is living inside the bottle, just like you and I, and cannot and should not be reduced down to a number and score.

I tell all our reps that if they can quote me some of what the review said, and not simply the score, then I am willing to listen, but not if they cannot do this. Sadly most cannot or will not.

We are reducing and eliminating our function here in the wine business as wine retailers and those that work in restaurants when we simply quote numbers and scores and points and no words to follow. Soon we will all be like traffic cops directing people in the direction of numbers alone. Soon we will become inconsequential and not important anymore, where machines can and will do our jobs possibly. What a sad death for us retailers and restauranteurs.

Anyway, to taste and to sample and to register our impressions : that , for me is the key : selling experience and actually tasting and sharing what we know and remember from all of these wonderful tastings like this one of the ALBERT BICHOT Burgundy wines.

Some learn and share with me and Chris Bartha here at Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits at 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W., Washington D.C., 20008 : " a happenin' place and neighborhood! " Cheers, merci et venez nous voir. A la prochaine, bon Jeudi aujourd'hui, le 4 Juin, 2015 a vous tous!   Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn

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