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Anthony Quinn Speaks Of Beer, Liquor, Wine & Asks You All To Support Kyle Supley To Tell His New York City Stories & Share Them With The World, Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 : Read, Enjoy, Be Inspired-Fired-Fed-And Amused-Bemused-Infused & Feel Good, Too!

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
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HAVE YOU EVER said to yourselves : " I am in a Cleveland Park
State-Of-Mind " ?!?

DRIVING to work I often flip into a Cleveland Park Washington D.C.,
Northwest, 20008 " Sate-Of-Mind " , and it always makes me happy and smile
as I have / we all have so many things to celebrate , remember, be so
happy for, and to look forward, too, here in Cleveland Park. Especially on
a drop-dead gorgeous day, with a nice breeze, too. Wow. I walked through my
garden out back earlier before breakfast to get my batteries charges and '
rarin'-t-go ', and that really did the trick for me. There is so much lush
green everywhere, and all our Japanese water irises and our Mustard-yellow
Yarrow, our Bee-Balm, our white Goose-Neck flowers, our Coriopsis
soon-shouting-yelling-yellows-bright-and-strong, our deep and matted orange
day lillies with bright yellow centers, our Milkweed for the Monarch
butterflies, our lavender butterfly bushes, our Coneflowers, Black-Eyed
Susans, and more are blooming, getting close to, thinking strongly about
it. Good thing I had some delicious red Lambrusco to drink last night.....

LIKE THE ' Piria ' PALTRINIERI , $14.99, 11.5% alcohol by volume,
Lambrusco Di Sorbara, ( with 70% Lambrusco Sorbara, 30% Lambrusco Salamino,
for more info go to : www.rwkimports.com, Azienda Agricola Paltrinieri
Gianfranco s.s. Sorbara, made by Alberto Paltrinieri that came to pour it
here months ago with his daughter, what a great tasting that was! ) to
drink while I grilled and ' surveyed and admired ' my domaine as I like to
say with both a smile and a smirk!

IT RAINED BUCKETS last night and cleansed everything.I loved looking out at
how everything was so squeaky-wet and where there was sheets of rain and
water going this way and that , there was all of a sudden bright sunshine,
no clouds, and everything drying as drips dropped constantly all over the
place : what a change, what a display of Nature at it's finest. I loved it.

DON'T FORGET TO SAVE HERE each Wednesday on wine ...

AN IMPORTANT CAUSE About New York To Bring To Your Attention :
Help Kyle Supley

 here with this wonderful quest of his to preserve and
record and tell/relate/share the many incredible stories of New York City
that are being lost daily as there are so many and it takes vision,
persistence, passion, money , direction, focus, imagination ( Kyle has all
of these in spades ! ) and help of all kinds to accomplish this Herculean
project/ endeavor of his that he, with the help of a few dedicated souls up
living in the Apple will help him do as long as there is some money to pay
for it all until it gets off it's feet and attracts many more that will
believe and support in all this as I do , as my family does, we can all
make a difference. Take a close look at this and do what you can. Thank you
for Kyle and the rest of us. I am thrilled to be aware of this, and want it
to work so! Cheers, TONY
Thank you for believing in my dream to document and share all that makes
this city so damn awesome.
Only 12 days remain to make it the rest of the way.
💰➡ https://www.kickstarter.com/…/kyle-supleys-out-there-a-new-… — with Alan
Quinn and 14 others.

WEDNESDAY WEEKLY Sparkling / Still-Wine 3-PART SALE :
1) BUY ANY $20 or MORE bottle of sparkling/still wine and SAVE 20% OFF the
marked sticker price.

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This includes port, sherry, marsala, madeira and sake.

Call if you cannot come 202-363-4265 : BUY some Father's Day presents this
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DON'T FORGET : we have 6-Bottle Wine-Samplers On Sale for $58.99 a bottle :
wow, six FANTABUlous wines all for under $10 a bottle each!

BUT HEY, LET'S Talk Ale / Beer / : W/ Santos :

BEER In Cans :
1) IPA 1 Pint India Pale Ale from ST-AMBROISE, brewed by Mcauslan
Brewing , Montreal Canada , On Special for $9.99 for a 4-pack of 1 pint
cans. Cheers. Go to : www.mcauslan.com for more info.

3 From OTTER CREEK : Vermont :

1) Apricot Wheat Ale brewed with natural flavor from ST-AMBROISE for a
1Pint, On Special for 9.99 for a 4-pack of 1 pint cans, with 5% alcohol by
volume, from Montreal, Canada. Cheers!

2) ' Over Easy ' Highly Crushable Ale  from OTTER CREEK Brewing
Company, in Vermont ( On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, '
from our stash to your glass ' with 4.6% alcohol by volume, ... come try

3) ' Fresh Slice ' White IPA , Brewmaster Mike Gerhardt's from OTTER
CREEK, On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack, ' brewed with a dose of coriander and
a bit of natural clementine flavor . ' , with 5.5% alcohol by volume, come
get some thrilled to have OTTER CREEK back once again, an old favorite that
has stood the test of time now for many years here in Washington D.C.

LIQUEUR / LIQUOR From Jagir & Malkit :

1) Anisette Liqueur from ALLEN'S Quality Beverages Since 1929 , $8.99
a liter bottle, with 15% alcohol by volume, made in Somerville, MA. Come
get some : really ' new and very exciting!'

2) ' Fabrizia ' Blood Orange all-natural liqueur, $18.99 a 750ml
bottle, with 27% alcohol by volume,made in a traditional way, : " Inspired
by the recipe of relatives living in the hilltop village of Platinia
overlooking the majestic Mediterranean Sea in Southern Italy, the
Mastroianni ( did I hear Marcello anyone?!? I added that! ) family has
recreated a Blood Orange liqueur that makes the rest of the family in the "
Old Country " proud. ... Fabrizia, an Italian name meaning " one who works
with his hands ",  ... all natural liqueur, serve chilled from the freezer
.... Salute! "


1) White Oak white rum from Trinidad & Tobago, Est. 1824, $14.99 for a
750ml bottle, made by ANGOSTURA / Trinidad Distillers Limited, West Indies,
with 40% alcohol by volume. This is ' new and exciting ' and a great price,
to for blending and making daiquiri with fresh strawberries or other fruit
; so refreshing! Try one, use a blender to crush the ice and everything
else up. I use some fresh fruit as well as some frozen concentrate, and I
love the results, really I do. Might have to have some tonight! I wanted to
last night as I drove back from doing an art class in French for my
daughter and her class, and two others, but I did not have any rum at home
and was too bothered by the heat to go in search of any! Argh!!!! But
tonight it is a different story ... stay-tuned ...

JUST HAPPENING : Trying Brunello DONATELLA Cinnelli Colombini   : "  Sorry
Violante missed you yesterday in the store but glad I saved you a taste of
this amazing 2010 Brunello the best since 1997. Check out the write up on
this amazing all female operated winery in this months wine spectator."
THANKS CHRIS FOR COMING  by again today with two of the five wines, I loved
both including the Riserva 2008 that I just tried after the 2010 : both are
memorable from the first whiff , loved them world-class, really classic,
flavorful, froward in every sense yet with a certain backwards thrust going
on at the same time, like dragging one's feet ever so as one advances, so
both motions at play and resulting in an even finer wine and series of
taste sensations as the wine expands and contracts, retracts, redirects,
refocused, and continues to change and grow and evolve. I loved this.

have pics that I will post for you all really soon here and on our web page
and on Facebook, too : with tweeting them to follow soon! So much trabajo a
faire : English, Spanish and French - and Italian with the wine at play
here! Love it. Stay-tuned for more. Wines to arrive in late June here.

2) Gin that is distilled & bottled in Alaska by BRISTOL BAY, On
Special for $28.99, 90 proof, , from Wasilla, Alaska : " Bristol Bay gin is
produced by Alaska Distillery, a small independent company located at the
foothills of the Alaska Range, where we handcraft spirits with ultra pure
glacier water and the finest grains." Oh yeah. Mercedes knows this Bristol
Bay and recommends it, she lit up with a beautiful smile when she saw it on
our shelves here when she and Chris came by one evening perhaps a week or
so ago. Cheers, Thanks for the ' heads-up ' Mercedes!

3) Rye Whiskey from FEW, $69.99 a 750ml bottle, from Evanston,
Chicago, Illinois is open here for tasting and sampling. Ask us and we will
pour you some and you can decide for yourselves, with 46.5% alcohol by
volume. Cheers!

WINE From Chris & Tony :

1) Reserva 2011 Sauvignon Blanc from CASA SILVA in Chile's Colchagua
Valley, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, a deep discount, is still drinking
beautifully. I sampled it with Sal and liked how distinct, flavorful,
balanced and tasty it still is and think it will provide great, immediate
enjoyment now as the temperatures soar into the nineties. I highly
recommend it!

2)  2013 Rueda Soanish dry white from HONORO VERA from the Rueda
region, On Special for $9.99 now : I liked the acidity and the freshness,
the brightness and how lively it is, a delight with a meal, any summer
meal, even outside in this heat that is mounting, lovely : with a ' sci-fi
label that will appeal to many. I did not like the label, but did like the
wine! Cheers!

3) Blanc de Cabernet Sauvignon from ALBASTRELE and made in Moldova, a
2012, $11.99, 13% alcohol by volume, I love the lusher, fuller, more ripe
and evolved and bright flavors, and thought it was marvelous, a treat :
lovely to sip. I just tried the new vintage and did not think it was either
as tasty or as distinct. Glad to have some of this left. Dmitri came by
last week and tasted me on everything in his bag of treats : a great
tasting, a great showing for the wines of Moldova. What great news. Come
get some white Cabernet Sauvignon and rock out tonight and this week.

4) Green Tea, White Wine and Honey Infused Into ONE come together in
this great warm-weather sparkler called TEAVINE  that is so refreshing and
slightly carbonated, $13.49 a bottle for the 750ml bottle, with 6.5%
alcohol by volume. It is a regular favorite here, made by James that grew
up here in Cleveland Park. Cheers!

5) Blanco Spanish Dry White, Vino De La Tierra De Castilla, 2012, On
Special, the last eight cases, for $.99 a bottle. You have all loved it and
the last of it is now back here by popular demand. Come get some while we
still have it. Cheers!

6) Monastrell/ Mourvedre 2013 made with 100% organic grapes from
Spain, made by HONORO VERA, On Special for $9.99 is so flavorful, balanced,
bright, fleshy and forward, and at this price with a chill of 30-minutes,
what a wonderful wine,dry red to enjoy now in this heat! Si! Si! Si! Si!

7) Verdelho 2012 dry white from California's Paso Robles region and
made by KENNETH VOLK Vineyard ( and tasted here this past weekend by John
Morrison ) is multi-layered, really lovely in thick skins that shed and
reveal so much depth with honey overtones, citrus and such mouth-grip-feel,
it was perhaps the best-selling here this past Saturday afternoon, everyone
loved it!

8) Languedoc 2012 Frech dry red blend from the DOMAINE Du PAS DE
L'ESCALETTE, $20.99, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, made by  Julien Zernotte
& Delphine Rousseau, really classic, balanced, a fine dry
medium-bodied-to-lighter dry, pepper and spice and earthy-flavored red to
chill 30 minutes and serve with whatever you grill or season or marinate
for awhile before serving. Cheers! Go to : www.pasdelescalette.com for more
info on this tasty red that you may enjoy thoroughly now with a meal. Sante
a tous!

8) Txakolina rose secco dry 2014 from GANETA in the Basque country,
$21.99, with 11% alcohol by volume, clean and crisp, lean and yet fluid and
silky, bright and generous enough to make it thoroughly appealing and
really perfect to enjoy even outside with all this heat and humidity ! It
showed beautifully this past Friday when Estebe Salgado the President of
Tradewinds Specialty Imports poured it himself for you all. Nice, really

9) 2011 Lozen Arizona Dry Red Blend of 35% Merlot, 32% Cabernet Franc,
25% Cabernet Sauvignon and 8% Petit Verdot, made by Tim White , made by
ARIZONA STRONGHOLD Vineyards in Camp Verde, Arizona: a wine of elegance,
very subtle and refined flavors that are perfect for this hotter weather of
ours now. Lovely, a really special treat that I highly recommend. Cheers!

Dan errasa of Wiliam Harrison Imports brought by some interesting Frenc Loire Valley wines as well as some Bordeaux for me to try. Cheers, thanks Dan, merci Dan!


Friday, June 12th, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Andrew Stover here to
taste an assortment from Austria to Uruguay and from the U.S. from Virginia
and New York State , and maybe even Texas , too?!? We will see : from the
dry red Tannat grape that is good for us, to some ever-popular Malbec, some
Pinot Blanc , too that blew me away when I tasted it recently with Andrew,
and to some lovely and bright and fruit-forward, elegant Seyval Blanc :
wow, some incredible tastes and flavors, something for everyone, really
exciting. You will see.

Saturday, June 13th, 2015 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Katie and Michael
Cavanagh coming to taste a ' new line ' of wines from Stellenbosch, South
Africa that represent flavor, value, and that drink well even with all this
heat and humidity going to be enveloping us this weekend here in Washington

JOIN US, NEVER any charge.

THANK YOU again for everything, we appreciate all your trust and faith in
us, and all your business. We are here to serve you. Always let us know
what we may do better. Cheers.

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thanks again, gracias, obregado, Merci ...   TONY  6/9/2015

WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is an old store email I wrote and published with you
all, read and enjoy it if you have time. Cheers! TONY 6/9/2015

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