Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hoping To Get Drew Barrymore To Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits In Northwest, Washington D,C., 20008 While She Is Still In Town To tASTE Her BARRYMORE Pinot Noir Made By CARMEL ROAD In California, We Already Have The Pinot Grigio! Cheers, 342 Conn. Ave. N.W. Wash. DC 202-363-4265

Drew is or was in town and it was discussed that it would be great to have her visit our FABulous store while here as we have her Pinot Grigio BARRYMORE and would love to have her present to us her Pinot Noir so that we might buy some and start selling it, too?!? How many of you like this idea?!? Comment and please share this and tweet this if you do, what fun this all would / could / SHOULD BE!!!!! One can only hope, one can only try, yes, a bit of vanity here, a whole lot of fun! I am in 150% on this one and am happy to admit it! Cheers! Happy Thursday all, /14/ 2015
Always glad to have you here in the store Elyse, great to taste this BARRYMORE Pinot Grigio Monterey 2013 from CARMEL ROAD Winery. WE have had the wine for three months now, wonderful, still here!
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COME ON BY, no need to call, just come on by and let's taste and greet and feel great and MAKE SOME NOISE for your FABulous wines Drew, I will draw you, too : quick portrait sketches as I am an artist. Cheers,  Anthony TONY Quinn 5/14/2015

THE ' Star ' of tonight's Friday tasting with Tony will be the BARRYMORE Pinot Grigio from Monterey, come , be drawn, be compelled, be swooned, be marvelled, be mesmerized, think of John and Drew Barrymore and the spirit in acting and performing that has been Barrymore for generations now ... who knows, we may even draw Drew and id Guy Drew Vineyards , oops, I mean Guy shows up that will be okay, too as we have the last of Guy's unoaked Chardonnay , 2012, from Colorado here, On Special for $14.99 that will a draw as well. And I drew him at the National History Museum a couple of years ago in the atrium with the elephant that is center-stage there. I drew Guy, I have never yet drawn Drew, yet she may still be in town promoting the BARRYMORE Pinot Grigio 2013 Monterey , CA. made by CARMEL ROAD Winery ( go to : @CarmelRoadW for more info )inery and I hope she shows up and steals the show tonight from 5-8PM, you just never know?!? JOIN US! Everyone always welcome 5/15/2015

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