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Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and
JOIN US TONIGHT  After Oprah's 2nd-To-Last 4PM 25th Season Finale  Show (
history-in-the-making, really stupendous ! ) W/ Wine-maker BEN GLAETZER as he
tastes his way through a selection of his wines from the HEARTLAND and the
WALLACE South Australia and Barossa Valley. This will be really a great wine
experience for you ( many of the wines will be great to enjoy thinking, too of
Oprah and her last Finale Show tomorrow - buy and serve some tonight and then )
all to take advantage of as Ben works with some interesting grape varieties
like the Dolcetto, the Lagrein, Viognier, Verdelho, Pinot Gris and Semillon
that are not the typical grapes when you think of Australia and their wines. I
like this : it's both creative-inventive and draws attention to him and his
wines and gives everyone a clear change of taste and pace in drinking Aussie
wines. The labels are clearly marked on the back and that's also a plus as it
makes it that much easier to know what you are enjoying. More labels should be
clearly marked as to give consumers the knowledge of what they are drinking at
any given point in time.

WALLACE ) thanks to Marcie Weinstein and our Epicurean reps David and now Gina.
All three have been instrumental in getting us these HEARTLAND dry red and
white blends called " Stickleback "  :  1)  Stickleback White, South Australia
2008 ( $12.49 ) is a blend of Verdelho 35%, Semillon 24%, Viognier 23% and
Pinot Gris 18% Fresh, crisp and zesty and fun, too.   2)  Stickleback Red 2008
is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon 47%, Shiraz 44%, Lagrein 5% and Dolcetto 4%. I
look forward to asking Ben why there is so little of the grapes of Dolcetto and
Lagrein in the blends? Why not more? Why not make a wine with just those two
grapes? We also sell well the WALLACE Barossa Valley Shiraz/Grenache 2008 (
$29.49). It's really a very solid and bold dry red that's best when paired with
a meal. I'd enjoy a bottle of it at the Outback Steakhouse when I go with my
family. If it was on the list or the Stickleback red blend I might think of
giving up my 220ounce Big-Bloke Fosters that I enjoy there because I can never
find a bottle on the list that I want to drink except for perhaps the CHANDON
CA. sparkling wine. Oh well, Gina and David : get them to buy these wines of
yours please!

WE ALL WILL BE MEETING Ben Glaetzer here for the first time. As far as I know
it is his first visit to Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits? Join us tonight,
Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 from 5-8PM. Never any charge. ALSO : Think that
Father's Day is coming soon and that you might want to get some bottles signed
as gifts? Be proactive and take care of this as much as you can in advance.

MANY THINGS HAPPENING As Usual HERE In Cleveland Park Our Fabulous
Neighborhood. We just received more of the LA VALLE California VALUE wines :
1) a Cabernet Franc dry red for $4.99 and  2) a White Blend also for $4.99.
That's such a deal and we have already sold-out of the first drop that we
received at the beginning of the month and getting more before the end of June.
This is good : this means that you all are embracing this wine and enjoying it
a lot. One of our regular male customers mentioned this to me this past weekend
saying what would we/ he do without this excellent value?


1) OWL HOUSE WHITE, $8.99 , California white blend from the LEDGEWOOD
CREEK Winery in Suison Valley. The owner has been here now twice and I have to
say that this white bowled me over just a couple of weeks ago when he stopped
by with Sam our rep for LVDH wines. It's so inexpensive and fun and lively and
flavorful and bright and a real treat at so little money. My wife and I enjoyed
some at home this weekend. I wanted to see how it went with food as well as all
by itself before a meal? It passed on both counts with flying colors.
2) Sweet Meliss ( Alman Brothers' song? ) Sweet Red Wine by MAD WINES,
Pleasantville, New York 10570 ( $4,49 for a 1.87ml plastic bottle - carton of 4
bottles in each pack, 10% alc. by volume, is a rose with overtones of
strawberries and raspberries and perfect to drink and enjoy just about anytime.
Cut package, fun gift, easy to transport and enjoy just about anywhere!
3) CHATEAU CARMES CANTILLAC 2009 Bordeaux dry red blend ( $9.99, 70%
Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Cabernet Franc , 13% alc. by volume ) is
part of our BIG-THEME Bordeaux-Wine-Tasting tomorrow, May 25th, 2011 from
5:30-8:30PM. Join us, no charge. Come discover 25 Bordeaux wines with us. The
2009 vintage ( as well as the 2010 ) are both exceptional years and it's true
for all the wines no matter how expensive or inexpensive. That's a good thing
because three of the wines from LVHD are under $10 a bottle.
4) Shiraz, South Australia 2008 OXFORD LANDING dry red ( $8.99 ) is nice
to have once again here in Cleveland Park. Drink some Aussie wines ( especially
some of those that cost between $10-$20 a bottle as that part of the Aussie
wine business has been hurt really badly these last two-three years and they
deserve our attention as so many of them ( like the HEARTLAND wines ) are
really very fine wines. GO AUSTRALIA! Thanks Robert Whale for starting things
for us all way back in 1985 or 1986 when for the whole year the number of cases
that came to the U.S. was five thousand or so!
5) 44 LOTE Ciarenta Cuatro Dominio Argentina Malbec, Mendoza, 2010 (
$9.99, 13% alc. by volume ) is new as of last week. I think Greg sampled this
on a Monday my day-off and so I will ask his opinion of the wine. In the
meantime it has been selling really well!
6) Viognier 2010 from the DOMAINE DE GOURNIER ( $9.99 dry white from
France ) , made by owner Maurice that comes to visit us pretty much each time
he comes to Washington D.C. and is now a dear friend here. This dry white of
Maurice's is excellent and we sell it whenever we can. It is unfortunately
often out-of-stock at the wholesaler's and so we try and get at least one wine
from Maurice here whenever we can. I took this one home this weekend and my
wife, daughter and I enjoyed a glass of it together just this past Sunday while
sitting outside on our deck with everything looking so green and verdant.

WINE VALUES At $10-$15 :

1) Viognier 2009 from the DOMAINE De MONTMARIN, Cotes De Thongue,
Southwestern, France ( $10.99, 13.5% alc. by volume ) has traditionally been
our best-selling Viognier and we are thrilled to have it back again as it, too
has been out of stock for awhile at the wholesaler level. Not any more, their
container from France is here and it is back in Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits
once again. Love it, really do.
2) Cava Spanish sparkling wine called KILA ( $10.99, 11.5% alc. by volume
) is back for the second time. It's so bright and pretty and refreshing and
perfect to combat beautifully this high humidity that is ours at least for
today. It will cut right through it and bring back the ease and the relaxation
to your features.

HEY SANTOS : What Beer's You Got For Us? :
1) Ancient Grains 100% Biodynamic ALE from Austria's MEINKLANG ( $18.99
6-pack 12 ounce bottles, 4.7% Alc. by Volume ) is here for the first time I
believe. We have sold already over the recent years the MEINKLANG wines ( Pinot
Noir is on our shelves now, " Zwerest " 2009 Blauburgunder - means Pinot Noir -
13% alc. by volume Demeter, Burgenland, Austria$16.99 - drinking beautifully
now, best with a meal ). Come try this new biodynamic beer from MEINKLAND.
2) Black Belgian-style stout beer from ALLAGASH ( $10.49, 1 pint, 9.4fl.oz
, 7.5% alc. by volume, Portland, ME 1-800-330-5385 www.allagash.com ) is " new
and exciting " here and I still have to try it. Come check it out.
3) Daura Premium Quality Lager beer of ESTRELLA Damm ( On Special for
$7.99 a 4-pack of 12 ounce bottles, www.tastingbeers.com , Barcelona, Spain )
is a barley malt lager beer with less than 6ppm gluten as a result of the
brewing process which minimizes the gluten normally present in other beers.

RAVI - RAVI - RAVI : What Liquors Have You? :
1) ROOT Art In The Age ( $34.99, 750ml bottle, USDA Organic, certified
organic neutral spirits with North American herbs and pure cane sugar, 40% alc.
by volume, ) is the " unity of art, craft, design & contemplation". Made from
Birch Bark, Smoked Black Tea, Cinnamon, Wintergreen, Spearmint, Clove, Anise,
Orange, Lemon, Nutmeg, Allspice, Cardomom and pure cane sugar. Great package,
too. What fun!
2) Red Berry 5 Times Distilled French Grape vodka from CIRO ( $30.99 ) is
bran-spanking new and exciting! Go to : www.DRINKiQ.com, www.ciroc.com,
3) Japanese Blended Whisky HIBIKI Aged 12 Years ( $66.99, 43% alc. by
volume, from SUNTORY ) is " a harmonious blend of handcrafted selected Japanese
whiskies matured in oak barrels " ,  made in Osaka, Japan. Come check it out.
Beautiful bottle for a really nice gift for Father's Day!

TONIGHT : Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 ( 5-8PM ) : We have wine-maker Ben
Glaetzer here of his Aussie wines HEARTLAND and HEARTLAND here to taste with us
and sign bottles as gifts for Father's Day. Join us, never any charge. Come
meet the man himself and enjoy this event.
WEDNESDAY, May 25th, 2011 ( 5:30-8:30PM ) Join us and bring family and
friends to our Big-Theme Bordeaux Wine-Tasting of twenty-five ( 25 ) Wines
including two sparkling wines as well as some white along with many reds. We
will have some of the great 2009 vintage for everyone to taste and evaluate as
it and the 2010 are both great vintages. Join us, never any charge.
FRIDAY, May 27th, 2011 ( 5-8PM ) : Join us when Danielle of Dionysos
Imports comes to taste a selection of her wines with us. It's always fun, it's
always a treat. You just never know what fun and exotic and special wines we
will come up with when Danielle visits. Will it be Italian or Spanish or
Argentina or Chile, France? I think Spanish and Argentina are slated for this
Friday : " new " and " value " wines for everyone.
SATURDAY, May 28th, 2011 ( 2-6PM ): Nolan of Mondo Vino Imports will be
here to taste a selection of his company's excellent wines. We may taste some
from the McMANIS CA. winery as they are so popular and sell like hotcakes here
in Cleveland Park. Join us, never any charge.

We will do instead a wine-tasting with owner and wine-maker Enrico Drei
Dona of his own winery on Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 from 5-8PM. The dinner which
was scheduled for this same day we will reschedule for Monday, June 13th, 2011.
We will get you the menu and more info ASAP. In the meantime you can always
call Kellie of Palena and reserve your seats for this extraordinary dinner with
the Emilia-Romagna wines of DREI DONA like the " Notturno " 2008 Sangiovese
$21.99, and the " Pruno " 2005 Sangiovese Superieure Reserva $45.99.
ALSO : Jed Steele or his son will be here in the store on Wednesday, June
1st. Call us about this and we will give you more information as we get it.
202-363-4265. I am hoping that who ever comes can taste wines here for an hour
or so with you all and I will let you know ASAP.

SO : It's an exciting time here and in the world now. Today is the
second-to-last day of Oprah Winfrey's show ( 25 years and going strong! Yes I
know about this show because my daughter, son and wife all love it. The latest
Lady Ga Ga album just came out, too yesterday with the song : " Baby I Was Born
This Way ", we feel so bad for all those in the United States affected by the
many tornadoes that have been sweeping through with devastation, the floods
with the Mississippi River overflowing in Memphis, etcetera, so many
developments and sudden things happening and unraveling unexpectedly. It's so
much to digest and to absorb and I think that it has been so stressful for all
of us. What to do/ where to turn/ when will the next bombshell fall on any of
us?!? So many questions. I did enjoy watching the third-to-last Oprah Winfrey
show yesterday with my family at 4 PM and watched Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise,
Beyonce Madonna, the Evencko 10-year-old girl'voice of an angel girl, John Legend and many more perform for Oprah. I was so inspired that
while it was being broadcast I sat at my computer and typed a poems based
around what was happening at the moment. You can read it at :

YOU CAN STAY CAUGHT UP WITH US at : www.clevelandparkwine.com, on Facebook at :
Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits, on Twitter at : cpwinespirits and at :
chatwine.blogspot.com. We will infact be sending more Twitter blasts out now
with the help of Megan that has volunteered her valuable services to assist us
in this. They should start momentarily and if you want to receive them you have
our address now. We have been twittering now for four months or so I believe.
Check it out and let us know what you think.

I KNOW I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS and I am sorry for that, especially if I
told you that I would be writing about something and did not remember or do it.
Sorry. I try and have a representation of our week's activities and I hope that
you like the diversity and the scope of what we cover. Let us/ me know. I will
be happy to entertain any of your thoughts as this is always a collaborative
effort. We are here only because of you and appreciate greatly all of your
support and trust and faith in what we do. We strive to always do it better.

HOW MANY OF YOU are doing and Oprah Winfrey party tomorrow? Taking off of work
and gathering around you tv's at 4PM? Come on by and buy some wines,beers,
liquor - whatever for that. We have everything here to help you enjoy tomorrow
and watch the last hour of Oprah's 25th extraordinary spree-years on national
television. What an amazing feat, and such an inspiration to so many from all
those people here and abroad that she has touched with shows on so many things
... and the positive spin she has put on being a woman and being able to do
whatever they dream/ want. I'm blown away even though I did not watch the show
religiously like the rest of my family. I still gleaned many valuable thoughts
and insights from watching when I did. Thank you Oprah, merci, gracia, prego,
and more. Will you be drinking champagne of tequila tomorrow Oprah? We have
some Crystal and Dom Perignon to celebrate with as well as some of the
excellent Claude Thibaut 2006 Virginia Monticello sparkling wine ( $41.99 ) as
well as some great dry rose champagnes from BOISEL , Epernay, France, NV Brut (
$60.99 ), CHARLES ORBAN , Troissy, Champagne NV Brut, $46.99 , and the MICHEL
ARNOULD & FILS NV Brut( Verzenay, $49.99 ) as well as many other rose
sparkling that are less expensive ... and a whole selection of dry
still/non-sparkling roses, too from around the world!  For tequila we have a
whole selection as well as the CAMPO AZUL Anejo $28.99 and the DON JULIO Anejo
On Special @ $51.99. You do know that Oprah loves both tequila and champagne,
right? CELEBRATE, celebrate and celebrate some more. This is history in the
making and really special history, too that resounds of truth and many great
things as well. Cheers, and come tonight after the Oprah show to celebrate some
more with Ben Glaetzer from 5-8PM. He's got some really good Aussie Pinot
Grigio that would also be great to enjoy tomorrow for the last Oprah show.

Please visit our website below for more information, events and specials, and
our calender of wine tastings!


If you have any orders, suggestions or questions, you may e-mail us at
[2]sales@clevelandparkwine.com or call (202) 363-4265.


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