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Anthony Quinn's Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits' Tuesday Weekly Store Email , May 19th, 2010 : On John Forrest Of The FORREST Winery In New Zealand, Drinking MARTEL'S Cordon Bleu French Cognac, Meeting Melanie Ehrhardt Of Palm Bay Imports, & More!

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WE are getting ready for this long weekend of remembering, celebrating,
honoring and also getting ready for summer , the beach, the mountains,
traveling overseas, whatever escape we can plan and execute to find some
relief from the heat and the humidity and the street of life and work. WE
can help you achieve some or part of these plans and goals.

I AM especially blessed and lucky just now to be eying and slowly sipping
this rich amber-colored liquid from France called cognac, called " Cordon
Bleu ", called MARTEL. Yes, all true, come and see for yourselves, what a
lucky treat.

OUR LOCAL REP from Washington Wholesalers spoke about JACOB'S CREEK and a
wine collaboration with another winery and whether he could come and taste
me on it this next Tuesday? I said : " Yes, between 3-4PM." AS he was
packing his bag he asked me if I wanted to try some MARTEL " Cordon Bleu? "
I said : " Sure. " It took me a moment to catch my senses and to put it all
together. Looking at the bottle brought it all rushing back to me and I
smiled inwardly, the smile, like the " Codon Bleu " slowly working it's way
outward as I realize and as the silkiness of this amber works it's magic

AND WHAT MAGIC it is, I love the caramel overtones, warm and comforting and
lilting and rich and bright and , si, oui, just right, juste ce qu'il faut
maintenant! Lovely, a real-vrai treat for me to nurse my agitated throat
that has valiantly fought against the recent pollen everywhere!

AND YOU CAN HAVE all this for a measly $155.99, the taste will replace your
immediate reaction of " ouch! " , with a broad smile and a big " wow!"

MY LIFE is hard I was getting ready to type with a smile on my face as I
put a cork in an open bottle of CHATEAU SAINT-VALERY Saint-Emilion 2012 (
so open and fruit-forward, balanced , and really well-priced, tastes good
almost immediately, very round and smooth and pure and bright ), $16.99 a
bottle I believe?

WE WILL HAVE some by the end of this week when Jim Reeves comes to taste
French wines here on Saturday with you all from 2-6PM, mostly red and white
burgundy that includes two fine Cru Beaujolais of Brouilly 2013 " H.
Brac-de-la-Perriere" , $22.99, and the ' new kid-on-the-block ' that owner
Eric introduced here with you all, his Saint-Amour  ' Les Grands Vents ",
2013, $22.99. With a slight chill, lovely both. Our tastings are free, no
charge, bring family and friends, make it special.

BUT HEY, SANTOS JUST CAME BACK from vacation and brought me a gift that I
want to share with you all this evening to welcome him back. I have missed
him. It's a white he bought in El Salvador, a French white from B & G
Imports. SO : ask me for a taste along with the Saint-Emilion tonight when
you come by after work.

SPEAKING OF SANTOS now, here are some beer selections from him :

1) " Belgique DU NOIRE " 2014 bottle-conditioned ale from OVERSHORES
Connecticut, USA, $16.99, 1 Pt. 9.4 Fl Oz bottles, East Haven, Conn., : " A
rich and seductive Belgian Style Imperial Stout. ... Pair with chocolate,
orange, dates, nuts, balsamic reduction, roast vegetables, duck, lamb."
Makes me hungry just to type all of this, I love it! Cheers.

2) ' Palate Wrecker ' Imperial India Pale Ale from GREEN FLASH ( Hop
Forward & Aggressive ), On Special for $8.99 a1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz bottle with
9.5% alcohol by volume, : " Weighing in at six pounds of hops per barrel,
Palate Wrecker stands up to the happiest heavyweights in the ring. A
complex double-brewing process of mashing and sparging ... " New term for
me : sparging" ...

3) Imperial American Bock Lager aged in Bourbon barrels " Bock Bock "
from SCHMALTZ Brewing Company, On Special for $13.99 a 1Pt 6Fl. Oz bottle,
with 9.2% alcohol by volume, CliftonPark, NY, .... HEBREW, The Chosen Beer.
Try some, see what you think?

4) Double Chocolate Stout , stout brewed with natural flavor, from
ROGUE < $16.99 a 1 Pt. 9.4Fl. Oz bottle, Newport, OR, brewed with no
chemicals, preservatives or additives : wow, I like the sound of this, like
the taste, too. With 9% alcohol by volume.

LIQUEUR/ LIQUOR From Malkit & Jagir :

1) Ginger All Natural Infused with Ginger Root, for a warm, spicy
finish, from STIRRINGS, Liqueur On Special for $19.99 for a 750ml bottle,
... : " exotically lush aroma, and sweet- spicy flavor of fresh-grated
ginger ... "

2) The King's Ginger, " emphatically ginger liqueur was specifically
formulated Berry Bros in 1903 for King Edward VII ... ", $42.99 a 750ml
bottle, 41% alcohol by volume : a class-act! Glad to have it on our

3) Amaro Fratelli Ramazzotti Casa Fondata Nel 1815 ' Milano ' ,
$22.99, with 30% alcohol by volume. This is a fine staple of ours and we
are thrilled to have it back on our shelves as it shifted from one
wholesale house to another. Phew! Graham, we are ready for your next visit.


1) Rhum Agricole NEISSON from Martinique Reserve Special, a one liter
bottle ( that's more in the bottle for all ) from Thiebert-Carbet, On
Special $68.99, 42% alcohol by volume, ... lovely color, a great golden
color, I say " YES!

NEWS FLASH : Patricio of Palm Bay recommended that Melanie come here today
to see me, and in her bag-of-tricks she had three wines and one ' new '
French whisky called ' Bastille " , all four of which I have just tasted. I
told Melanie that the SELLA & MOSCA Sardinian Vermentino white, 2013,
$14.99 , is lovely and she will bring the Cannanau red to taste, as well
never have enough fine Sardinian wine. I also tasted the dry French rose
from Marselles from JEAN-LUC COLOMBO that I met years ago, and I told
Melanie I could use some of the white Cotes du Rhone now, maybe the rose,
too ... and we also trued the MONTGRAS XX 2012 85% Cabernet Sauvignon and
15% Carmenere , that was, unfortunately slightly-corked, and yet the
flavors were rich and opulent and cradling, I want to try another bottle,
$14.99, what fun. Now for Bastille Day in July we just have to finish our
plans for a tasting here with Melanie. Thanks Patrizio and Melanie.

WINE : From Chris & Tony :

1) Italian 100% Barbera dry 2014 rose from TATI, a paler, more
rose-lighter-salmon color, DELIGHTFUL balance, flavor and taste for only
$8.99 a bottle! Nice.
2) 2013 off-dry red CASTILLO Del CONDE from Valencia, $9.99, that has
more flavor and taste, more nuances, a delightful charming, appealing taste
where the flavors keep revealing other elements that they conceal
sometimes, reveal others. Chill slightly, nice for this heat and humidity!
3) Dry Greek Rose blend of Xinomavro and Moschomavro grapes, this '
DioFili ' from the SIATISTA Winery in Siatista, Greece, is a delicate color
of rose-salmon, $12.99, and drinks beautifully and is charming - engaging!
Sotiris Bafitis had it open here this past Saturday, it was a big hit, each
year it is, come get some!
4) 2012 Portuguese dry red from the Duoro region, called " Tons "
Duorum, $13.49 a bottle, a fruit-forward, more modern and brighter dry
blend of three of the many grapes that make up a port : 1) 50% Touriga
Nacional, 2) 30% Touriga Franca and ... 3) 20% Tinta Roriz. It showed
beautifully when I poured it here this Friday evening, and we sold a lot,
even some on Saturday when I tasted the last of it to our customers! Thanks
Jody, great suggestion.
5) Ginzo Premium Japanese sake " Well Of Wisdom " from TOZAI, $14.99
for a 300ml bottle, with 14.9% alcohol by volume. Contains no sulfites and
is gluten-free ; lovely taste that is rich, with anise accents, and a long
finish, too. Beautiful Cobalt Blue bottle as well. What is not to
like?!?    6) Gruner Veltliner from Carnuntum, Austria, from NETZL, $15.49
a bottle, this classic 2014 has green apples, lemon zest, is full and
refreshing, and lovely accents of pepper on the palate, too! It is a
trocken/dry bottle to enjoy even with all this heat and humidity, chill - a
great summer food wine as well.
6) 2013  dry 100% Assyrtiko

BREAKING KIWI NEWS : Owner John Forrest here from FORREST WINES to say a
few words : " always love to come and see Tony, best wines in town! Thanks


Friday, May 22nd, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : WE have Robert Kennedy pouring his
wonderful selections from Italy : all small producers, family-owned, the
very best! Some sparkling and some non-sparkling wines!

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Jim Reeves , mentioned
above coming to taste his fine wines with you all : Beajolais Cru wines,
other red and white burgundy wines, too!


1) BUY ANY $20 or more  Non-Sparkling/ Still wine and SAVE 20% OFF the
sticker price.
2) BUY ANY 6 or more Non-Sparkling/ Still wines and SAVE 15% OFF the marked
sticker prices.
3) BUY ANY 12 or more Non-Sparkling / Still wines and SAVE 20% OFF the
marked sticker prices. Call if you cannot come. This also includes port,
marsala, madeira and sake.  202-363-4265.

THANKS for all your support, we appreciate it greatly!  TONY

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