Saturday, December 26, 2015

Soren Ludvigsen ( With Republic National Distributing ) And Robert Kennedy ( RWK Imports )Up-Close, Working, Helping, Tasting With Anthony : Thanks To You Both! Tasting Italian KUEN HOF 2013Kaiton Sudtirol Eisackler Riesling With 13.5 % Alcohol By Volume

     So glad that I got a chance to record all of this. It happens daily pretty much, and it is sometimes quite memorable as it was here today with Robert Kennedy ( RWK Imports ) , Soren Ludvigsen ( Republic National Distributing ), Augustin, and Malkit ...

     Always a great discovery, love how many of us talk with our hands, all or many of us born conductors, we direct, we motion, we emphasize, we shade and add form, delineation, shadows and lights to our words and their meanings, conveying emotion and our many messages. Robert does that, he did it here one late Tuesday when he wanted to introduce to me the KUEN HOF wines of Alto Adige, we carry now three of them, all white.

     I return now, Sunday, January 3rd, 2016  to continue this piece I should have done almost a year ago. I love taking the pictures, They, in themselves tell great stories. Thanks, grazie Robert for bringing them to our attention at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits, 3423 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Washington D.C., 20008 , 202-363-4265. Call us anytime to see what we have in stock for you.

     And then here is Soren in the background checking on his wines he sells us through Republic National Distributors that used to be called Forman Brothers at one time, a company that I worked for in the mid nineties and sold the fine wines of the Estates Division, not the Vintage division. I took Chris Collin's place when he left with his wife and daughter to head out to California to chase his. their fortunes out on the other coast! I have not seen Chris since. We worked for a glorious week or two together as he taught me the fine ropes of his accounts that included stores and embassies like the French embassy and residence.

With Marty here a regular, devoted, interested customer of ours at Cleveland Park Wine  & Spirits In Northwest, 20008 Washington D.C. , listening to Robert wax poetic with both his words and his hands about the ' new and exciting ' dry white Alto Adige he wants to sell me to have sell in the store. Was it the Riesling, the Silvaner? We will see soon enough?

Soren checks on the isdale wines we sell all the while.

It's the KUEN HOF dry Riesling 2013 Sudtirol Kaiton Eisackler dry, mineral-laden, sleek, lean, muscular and festive..

 dry Italian white! Oh yeah!

Augustin that works with us is also helping stock our shelves as all this transpires!

Soren's family makes fine wines in Australia. I have tasted the excellent Shiraz from his vineyard. Look at that great smile on your face Soren, I love it, really I do! Makes me smile, too. hanks!

     From a conversation recently Soren in late December 2015, I understand we might get a visit from you and your mother that is visiting? That would be really nice. Hope to see her this Tuesday when you stop by again on your weekly scheduled visit to talk J sparkling ( we need some of the rose that was requested yesterday early evening, Saturday, January 2nd, 2016 ), the NAKED GRAPE three-liter boxes, Gallo and Andre sparkling, Tisdale , Louis Martini, Mirassou and so many more ...

More to come, posting this ' as is ' for the moment! Cheers, happy holidays 2015 to us all, almost 2016 now!

     hanks for your help Soren, the job is team-work, and when we work together like this it all works better.

     Almost like a solemn moment here, pausing to appreciate the flavors and bouquet of that first or third, even forth sip , sniff of the KUEN HOF white?!

     Here Robert is also talking to Marty while he also talks with me. Marty loves wines and he often passes by at the same time of Robert's visits on Tuesday mornings. Maybe now it is intentional on Marty's part as he knows that often Robert has something he wants me to taste, and it is always special, always good.

     Sorry I cut you off here Marty to get a better picture of Soren, oops!

     Yes Robert, here it comes back to you, your responsibility, your task, what you have and need to do to promote and to share and to get the wines out and their messages across to all those desiring really fine dry, classic, mineral-laden, mineral-fresh, vibrant, steely, strong-yet-supple-and-soft,too : a whole three-ring circus of flavors and tastes, smells and experiences, too!

     Steady and slow, slow and steady, getting the job done right. I like that, like it a lot.

     Here Robert must be showing both Marty and me, Soren listening close by, that the flavors of the wine are giving us something special, wonderful, for us, tastes exploding on our palates, a twinge or two or even three of our nostrils as the bouquet in parts comes to all of us, sometimes quickly, sometimes fleetingly, sometimes lingering, shots, explosions in the dark, making us pay attention, follow quickly grasping for more, for definition, questioning what we just smelled or tasted, got all our attentions, made us perk up, made us want to taste and smell more, know more, get more .... the way it should be.

     Looks like Soren is headed back to check on our one-liter tetra boxes that sell so really well at $3.99  a box, the Chardonnay, the Pinot Grigio, the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Merlot I believe? Right Soren? What is their name, I cannot recollect just now? Fill in that gap for us Soren. Thanks.

     Counting the ways, let's count them on our fingers, what fun, what action, love it! So theatrical, really alive.

     Digging deep to see what cases lie buried under our displays, thanks Soren. We will go over soon what we need for you to send us tomorrow.

     I must have asked you a question Robert?  What was it? What gem, what pearl, what drop, what wisp, what kernel, what moisture and sniff of a bouquet was I after?!? I am sure you answered my question, perhaps made me think of another question to discuss with you and Marty?

     Perhaps Malkit passed by and you addressed him as he headed up to the register or back to the office? The store is always hopping even when it appears calm and collected, it is always charged, always activity and energy a-plenty!

      Augustin is always stocking our shelves, that is good, essential , really.

     The work just never ends, the tweaking, the arranging, the dusting, the moving of the bottles so that you can see their labels, the counting of bottles : fit and spiffy, thanks Soren and Augustin.

     It always comes back to the product, in this case the KUEN HOF, and for Soren it might have been the white lively, fresh, easy-drinking summer BAREFOOT that we sell and that Olivia loves! Funny, Soren knows Olivia, too. When I told him Olivia loves him and his wine he smiled. She was thrilled, too to know that it was his wine! A Big Win-Win situation, smiles erupting all around. That is what we can do best, make the connections, pull things closer together, make them more enjoyable if at all possible? Cheers all, ...

     Happy New Year 2016 all, it is now Sunday, January 3rd, 21 ... and it is sunny, bright and beautiful, breezy, too, the squirrels are having a field-day of things outside now as I typre, copy and paste and continue this blog that salutes Robert, Soren Augustin, the wines, the beers, the sprits, the retail business of it all where people gather at @CPWINESpirits to taste, to learn, to share, to enjoy, smile, laugh, listen and become a part of our glorious community here at Cleveland Park, Northwest, Washington D.C., 20008!


     Sharing, learning.

     Cheers, there is more, much more, I will add as I have time. In the meantime enjoy this ' as is ' , cheers, for more info go to : @RobertKennedy @KuenHoff @LouisMartiniWinery  @Tisdale @MirassouWinery @RepublicNationalDistributors @KWKImports all on Facebook, some with web pages, too, @AltoAdige #wine ... #WineRetail #BoutiqueWineRetail. ... and come and see me at @ Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits, in Cleveland Park : both ' happenin' places to be 2 B 2 B Seen On Scene Mis En Scene ... ' ...   Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn  1/3/2016

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Had A Great Saturday Weekend Wine-Tasting With Aleks Of The Balkan Wine Project On December 12th, 2015 From 2-6PM, Free, Everyone Welcome : All Wines Showed Magically : TRIADA 2008 Dry Red, TRAPAN Dry Teran Rose Sparkling, STOBI Zilavka White More!

I just copied this from our Facebook page at Cleveland Park Wine  Spirits and will add to it as I have the chance, What an incredible event, one of many with Aleks of the Balkan Wine Project. We rocked things as we usually do, introducing many to the wonders of the wines that are from Macedonia, Serbia, and Croatia and Albania here in this case! Cheers all, happy holidays 2015 and stay-tuned for much more.    TONY   202-363=4265 for more info, give me a call anytime, and come to the store to check out our excellent selection of these wines from Aleks!

Great tasting tonight with Aleks, did you make it today to taste?
Having a great wine-tasting with Aleks earlier.
Tasting with Aleks, helping customers, too!
Tasting today with Aleks, grand success!
Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Go to : @Balkan Wine for more info.
Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits
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Tasting earlier here with Aleks, great tasting if the @BalkanProjectWine 2-6pm, free!