Thursday, August 21, 2014

Reminded Yesterday , Wednesday August 20th,2014 By A Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits' Customer Of The PARADISE SPRINGS Of Clifton, VA. Winery " Sommet " Off/Dry White Blend That We Had And Were Able To Sell Her : Nice!!

YESTERDAY, WEDNESDAY afternoon a young lady came by asking if we had any PARADISE SPRINGS Of Clifton, VA. Winery ' Sommet Blanc '? She showed me a picture of it that she had taken of the label. I showed her the Norton dry red that we had, a 2011, $27.99, 13.9 percent alcohol by volume a bottle, as I walked down to see if we had any more of the off/dry Sommet white, 12.5 percent alcohol by volume, that's a blend of 43 percent Vidal Blanc, 31 percent Traminette and 26 percent Riesling : ... I WAS NOT SURE WE HAD ANY LEFT IN STOCK, AND LO AND BEHOLD THERE IT WAS !! LOVE IT, TOLD HER THE OWNERS HAD BEEN HERE, THAT I HAD BEEN THERE, that we love selling some of these fine local selections from both Virginia and Maryland. What a thrill, what a treat, what an honor and a privilege, and right in our own back yards! Love it, happy Thursday to you all ... Go to : for more info. We have the Norton and the Sommet white in stock for you all to enjoy this summer with the heat and humidity ... Anthony TONY Quinn 8/21/2014

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