Friday, August 8, 2014

Finally Finding & Now Just Scanning These Three Photos Of Nicolas Catena, Nora Favelukes And Me ( Anthony ) Quinn Taken @ Lunch Back In Early 1990's At Bilgo Baggins Restaurant/ Cafe In Old Towne, Alexandria, VA. Talking About Getting CATENA Wines Distributed, Sold, Drunk @ Enjoyed And Known In The United States!

This was many years ago when at Bilbo Baggins the restaurant- cafe in Old Towne, Alexandria, VA. back in the early 90's would it have been? I believe so. I was invited by Nora Favelukes pictured here to come meet Nicolas Catena of Argentina to talk to him about the wine market in the United States as then he was just starting and very interested to get his wines sold and distributed here in the United States. This was at the very start and I was thrilled to have been asked to lunch, just the three of us to strategize, throw some ideas out, and help one-another sell more fine wines of Argentina. It was a great moment for me, I hope, too for Nicolas and Nora? It looks like from the pictures. I do not know who took them, if it was with my camera or one from Nicolas or Nora? I have three pictures, one also with Nicolas by himself. I am thrilled to finally be sharing them here. Cheers, happy Friday and weekend all, may it be grand. For me it already is ... 8/8/2014

Gracias Nora e Nicolas, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn     what a grand moment this was : loved it!

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