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Anthony Quinn's Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits Store Email Written In August 2012 On : LEOPOLD BROS., FRIZ CELLARS Ca. Wine, ALEXANDRO Spanish Sherries From radewinds Specialty Imports, VALLE DELL' ACAE Zagra Sicilian Wine, FABBIOLI CELLARS VA. Wines, Creme Y,VEE, BERKSHIRE MOUNAIN Whiskey, GLEN GRAN Single Malt Scotch, KUBLER Swiss Absinthe, ALBEMARLE CIDER WORKS, VA., ANCHOR BREWING Company, CA. Beer, ROEGS Craft Brewery, PA., BOULEVARD BREWING Company ' Double/Wide India Pale Ale ' And Much More!

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FROM NOW ON, each and every Wednesday here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits you
can count on SAVING 20% on your still-wine ( non-sparkling wines not on sale )
purchases as we usually do every month.

TO MAKE THINGS EASIER we want to make every Wednesday our 20% OFF Still-Wine (
non-Sparkling wine SALE. We will not have the sale on Thursday anymore. This
means that each week here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits you can take
advantage of our 20% OFF SALE that is always a TWO-PART SALE :

1) BUY ANY BOTTLE $20 or over that is a still wine and SAVE 20% off the
marked sticker price.

2) BUY ANY 12 BOTTLES at any price ( even already On Sale ) and SAVE 20%
OFF the marked sticker prices.
You can add bottles of sake, marsala, madeira, sherry, as well as all size
bottles - even box wines.
You can in this way get an assortment of wines, ports, sherries, sakes,
marsalas, and madeiras : you can help stock your wine racks, bars, etcetera and
be prepared for many events.
IF YOU CANNOT COME to do this in person please call and ask for either
Michel or for Tony and we will be glad to assist you over the phone.
YOU MAY ALSO RESPOND directly to this store email and let us know how we
may help you with your selections.
IT'S SIMPLE : CALL : 202-363-4265 or EMAIL :
anthony.quinn@clevelandparkwines.com or :
EITHER OF US will be more than happy to walk you through your many

CLEVELAND PARK WINES & SPIRITS is the place to be with this heat and humidity.
It's nice and cool here and you can come in and chill-down a bit and collect
your thoughts and we will show you some of the CONSTANT, EVER-CHANGING,
continuously-growing landscape of wines, beers, spirits, apple ciders, liqueurs,
waters, sodas, and more. It's pretty amazing and it takes us by surprise and
sometimes we are caught running up to catch up to whatever " new " development
that was just proposed to us.

FOR EXAMPLE : Lindsay Marsh just showed Michel and me this past week an
assortment of the " new " whiskies from the LEOPOLD BROS. I have two here in the
office. We tasted 19 I believe? I know that we tasted a number of them and that
they are working on a " new " one that they cannot as yet divulge.

LINDSAY MARSH has come to the store now and already tasted five or so of these
LEOPOLD BROS. whiskies. They were already really well-received. When Michel and
I tried them last week we had nothing but praise for them. I think that we have
six of them now in the store. Here are two that I brought to the office :

1)  New York Apple Flavored Whisky ( $35.99, 40% alcohol by volume, Batch
No. 1226, www.leopoldbros.com, Denver, CO. 80239) made from : " ... New York
State apples marry perfectly with the subtle oak, vanilla, and raisin finish of
our whiskey in this uniquely blended spirit ". It's so rich and thick and full
on the palate. You get so much immediately and it's so nice to sip slowly and
let all the flavors spread over your tongue and seep into you many senses, too.
It's pretty amazing. Don't rush it, close your eyes, swallow in steps - always
leaving a bit still on your tongue - as the flavors explode and intensify and
multiply. it's pretty much like enjoying a good bottle of wine. You pay for the
whole bottle so get your money's worth and let the flavors and tastes linger and
make their subtle influences known fully to you. The patience will be well worth
your time and care and notice.

2) American Small Batch Whiskey from the LEOPOLD BROS - Pot Distilled from
Open-Fermented Sour Mash ( $35.99, 43% alcohol  by volume, www.leopoldbros.com,
Denver, CO. 80239 ) makes a Classic, Old Fashioned :  2 oz. Leopold Bros.
American Small Batch Whiskey, 1 sugar cube, 2 dashes of bitters and 1 large
orange peel.
LINDSAY will come here and pour these again over the next four or so
months. She is scheduled to come again in September and I will include that date
as soon as I know it.
I JUST RECEIVED an email from Lindsay and I have three other web pages to
add. This company is doing a whole lot of really good things. Check them out at
: www.NonoFogo.com, www.TequilaRack.com,www.MotherEarthBrewing.com. I have a
really good feeling about all of this and I do think that we will be a great
source for the LEOPOLD BROS whiskies for you all.

BUT HEY, this is also beer weather and I have some really fun suggestions from
Santos for you all. Here are some of them, I had to pick and to choose:

1) Double-Wide India Pale Ale " It's Twister Proof " bottle-conditioned
from the BOULEVARD BREWING COMPANY ( On Special for $10.99 a 750ml bottle, 8.5%
alcohol by volume ) is from the Smokestack Series ,
www.smokestack.boulevard.com, Kansas City, Missouri ) : " The classic India Pale
Ale is a traveler's beer, aggressively hopped to withstand the long, hot ocean
voyage to the British East Indies. ... ".
2) Dream Weaver Unfiltered Wheat Beer from the Independent Pennsylvania
TROEGS Craft Brewery( On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack, 4.8% alcohol , Hershey, PA.
www.troegs.com ) is handcrafted by the Troegs brothers.
3) Red Nectar All Natural Ale , Nectar Ales ( On Special for $12.49 a
six-pack, 5.4% alcohol by volume, www.NectarAles.com ) is something that will be
a real treat for this sunny weather that we are enjoying now as the clouds have
cleared from the morning and the sun is gearing-up to be a full-force-FULL
FACTOR for us all. Yesterday was great and so maybe the humidity will vanish and
the sunshine and blue skies will prevail once again?
4) Humming Ale from the ANCHOR BREWING Company, ( On Special for $10.99 a
six-pack of 12 ounce bottles, since 2009, San Fransisco, CA.
www.anchorbrewing.com ) : " Humming is an ancient term, used centuries ago to
describe both ales and beers. ... suits this bold, hoppy ale which we have
created to celebrate the anniversary of our first brew at 1705 Mariposa Street
... ". It's all there to read in fine print on the neck of the bottle. Come
check it out. Great taste.

CIDERS ARE SO BIG NOW, They are everywhere , especially here in the store.
Santos discovered a " new " one that we need to mention here :

1) Ragged Mountain " Virginia Apple Cider from the ALBEMARLE CIDER WORKS (
$16.99 a 750ml bottle, 9.8% alcohol by volume, www.albemarleciderworks.com,
North Garden, VA. ) : " Ragged Mountain Cider is a blend of classic apple
varieties - Albemarle, Pippin, Winesap, Staymen and others - historically grown
on and around the Ragged Mountains. This semi-dry cider pleases a wide range of
palates. It is good with spicy foods and pairs well with sharp cheeses and
fruits. "


1) Creme Yvette Delicieuse Liqueur, L'Original : the Original since 1890 (
$52.99, from France, 27.75% alcohol by volume ) : " handcrafted from a masterful
blend of all natural fruits, spices and provincial violet petals ... " makes the
famous drinks , 1) the Stratosphere :  one-quarter ounce of CREME YVETTE and top
with sparkling wine served in a fluted glass. You can also make   2)  the Pousse
Cafe : Triple Sec, Creme Yvette, Creme de Cacao, Creme De Menthe and Grenadine.
2) Berkshire Bourbon Whiskey from the BERKSHIRE MOUNTAIN distillers, Inc (
$45.99, 43% alcohol by volume, since 2007, Sheffield, MA. ) is triple distilled
utilizing a traditional pot still method and is aged in virgin American white
oak barrels. " It is round, rich and complex with hints of toffee and spice".
3) GLENGRANT Single Malt Scotch Whisky, established 1840, aged 10 Years (
$45.99, ) is " seductively smooth, fruity and rich ... delicate nutty finish ".
WE are happy to have this back once again. It's a great crowd-pleaser and a very
good value, too.
4) Swiss Absinthe Superieure from KUBLER is :  grain neutral spirits with
herbs and spices, since 1863, ( On Special for $52.99 a bottle ) is distilled in
the Val-De-Travers in Neuchatel, Switzerland, 53% alcohol by volume, a full
liter bottle , www.kublerabsinthe.com )  has been revived by Yves Kubler the
great-grandson of Kubler in 2001. It contains all natural herbs and flavors and
formulated without using of preservatives, artificial flavours or colors,
according to Swiss and European law. We have recently had a lot of interest in
this KUBLER. Note that it comes in a full liter bottle and so this is a GREAT

TITILATING WINES From Michel & Tony :


1) Tempranillo 2011 dry red from Hacienda LOS HAROLDOS ( On Special for
$8.99. Mendoza, Argentina ) is new and exciting and such a special wine to enjoy
now with or without a meal. Very smooth, no bite, medium-bodied and
fruit-forward, chill and enjoy anytime now., inside or outside.
2) 2009 Cotes Du Rhone dry red from Charles Thomas ( $8.99 ) : delicious to
enjoy slightly chilled now : medium-body, really a nicely-balanced inexpensive
dry , spicy, toasty red.
3) 2009 Gamay Noir called " Bone-Jolly " from Edmunds St. John from Eldora,
California ( $19.99 ) is a great red to chill and to enjoy anytime outside,
anytime you grill. Tasty and fresh and lively with good spice, too.
4) " Paco Rojo " dry red Virginia wine - a blend from the FABBIOLI CELLARS
is fruity and fruit-forward and a delight to enjoy chilled. This is fun, this is
fresh, this is so pleasing : I loved it the other night sitting with two Swedish
ladies, one on each side of me as we discussed life and as I had to defend all
men as there was a wee bit of men-bashing that I survived beautifully, thanks to
the Fabbioli Cellars!      5) " Falcon's Perch 2010 from the J.LOHR Estates, CA.
( On Special for $13.99 ) is a great red to enjoy now with all this intense heat
and humidity. Chill it twenty minutes and open it twenty minutes before drinking
and enjoy with or without a meal.


1)  LEVA Winemaker's Selection Chardonnay/ Dimiat and Muscat ( $10.99 )is a
new and exciting product of Bulgaria. WE are thrilled to have it here as it is
quite tasty and flavorful and something fun and different. I mean , after all
who has ever heard of the grape Dimiat? What is the character of Dimiat? What
does the Dimiat add to the Chardonnay and to the Muscat? We will have to taste
it here soon with our local rep that sells us this LEVA and she will be here as
soon as we can determine a date. More to follow.
2) Chardonnay 2011 Hacienda Los Haroldos de Mendoza ( On Special for $8.99
) that is light and unoaked and everyone this past weekend loved it when Marcie
had it open this last Saturday.
3) Grill indigenous dry white makes this " Zagra " from the VALLE DELL'
ACATE vineyard ( $19.99 ) and it's shiny bright, thoroughly refreshing and
energizing and a dream to drink now with all this humidity. It will elevate your
spirits, Medium-t-light-bodied with great minerality/ theatricality, too.
4) Alianca Dao Reserva 2010 D.O.C. Dao from the QUINTA Da GARRIDA in
Portugal, this is another flavorful, original-tasting dry and complex and
multi-layered white made from 100% of the Encruzado grape. Jody Jackman tasted
it with you all and it makes for a great food wine : anytime you marinate food
well, cook your fish in lemon and lime juice, and order out from the two Thai
restaurants here, for example. This is pretty amazing - pretty special. Do not
rush through it, take your time, relax, close your eyes, hold your breath,
swallow in " steps " and always leave something in your mouth as the flavors
will expand and explode and intensify and clarify and overall amaze you.
Wonderful, really a nice treat, especially in these humid days, you need
something like this to enjoy. Thanks Jody for bringing this Encruzado grape to
our attention. Cheers!
5) Amontillado medium-dry sherry from ALEXANDRO ( $21.99 ) are really nice
at this time of the year chilled and served with many various nuts and some
semi-hard and hard cheeses, crackers and specialty breads like Olive and also
rosemary bread.


Friday, August 17th, 2012 ( 5-8PM ) : Join us with Chris of Lanterna
Imports as we try some great French dry Rhone wines : a red, a white and a dry
rose, too. These are great summer wines that are very inexpensive and will taste
great anytime that you are outside and with family and friends. Chill all three
down and enjoy now- no need to wait, they are ready now.

Saturday, August 18th, 2012 ( 2-6PM ) : join us with Nolan Hale when we
taste  through a series of the excellent California FRITZ CELLARS WINES : the
Old Vines Zinfandel, the Chardonnay , the Cabernet Sauvignon : all from the
famous and excellent Dry Creek Valley! These are really superb wines : my father
loved this winery and it has become a favorite of mine, too.

I KNOW THAT I HAVE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING : Sorry! However, it's time to send this
email now and alert you to our new schedule with our WEEKLY WEDNESDAY SALES
mentioned above.

JOIN US TOMORROW and start saving 20% on your still wine ( non-sparkling ) sales
here. It's a Two-Part and you can find ways to make our weekly Wednesday sales
work for you. Let us help you try. Cheers and thanks for all your business and
faith in us, we appreciate it and do not take any of it for granted.   Cheers,

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