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JOIN US TONIGHT, Tuesday, May 27th, 2014, 5-8PM : Taste Mostly Italian Sparkling Wines From 5-8PM @ Cleveland Park Wines 3423 Conn. Ave. N.W. D.C., 20008 : Free With Il Pioppo, Simon N Cellars, Roanoke Imports, Robert Kennedy Imports, Vinifera Imports


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IT'S TIME FOR OUR Mostly Italian Sparkling Wine-Tasting tonight from 5-8PM - No
Charge - Everyone always welcome - when we explore the many regions of Italy
that produce great sparkling wines , world-class, that are not so well-known,
even today. We are trying to change that and make them better-known, and have
them come alive on your taste buds in such magnificent ways. These ways, too are
endless, so varied and fine and so different all of them that it's like a whole
new world opens to all of us! Come taste and see and discover for yourselves. We
have five people passionate about what they are doing and believe in these
products. Their enthusiasm will come through and it is contagious and you will
catch whatever they have!!

COME ENJOY DISCOVERING ... :  1) Sangue Di Giuda Dell'Oltrepo Pavese ' Costiolo
' CONTE VISTARINO that is a delicately sweet red : " unmistakable fruity and
rich in aroma ... Costiolo is the perfect refreshing summer drink and may be
paired well with dessert, cookies, peaches, berries, creams and spicy foods." I
remember the really satisfying ' mouth feel '. a delightful mouth-saturation
that spread to all my senses, bathing, caressing, pleasing and teasing - like
the occasional gentle breeze that catches you while swinging in an open hammock
in the spring and summer outdoors...

DISCOVER THE REGION of Oltrepo Pavese where the Bonarda grape does so well. I've
been there briefly years ago with Chef Geoff and David Bryant, Randy King and
Chris Pigott and we had the time of our lives in David's rented Fiat Hercules
minivan ...
MISSED OUR  appointment, were too late, and so they declined politely not to see
us. Too bad, their loss, we licked our wounds and survived somehow. After all,
we were in a beautiful party of Italy, ...

cool bottle shape with a regal label, too ...

COME BE AMAZED BY " Durello " flavorful and dry, complex, multi-layered Metodo
Classico V.S.Q.P.R.D. sparkling Veneto from Sandro's own SANDRO DE BRUNO. Enrico
that will pour it for you all tonight brought Sandro himself to see us and taste
with us. For both Michel and me this was a highlight of the tasting, and we also
carry Sandro's non-sparkling Brut  Durello white ( $$22.99, 12.8% alcohol by
volume ' Monti Lessini ' DOC Durello Superiore, 13% alcohol by volume, go to :
www.sandrodebruno.it for more info ...  AS WELL AS  the ' Nero Fumo ' Pinot Nero
IGT Veneto dry red, $26.99, 2009, 13.5% alcohol by volume : BOTH here in stock

ENRICO is from Veneto, Italy where this is from and knows and has spent time
with Sandro and so this will be great becasue he can tell you whatever you might
want to know, especially if you are visiting the Veneto region and might want to
visit Sandro.

SANDRO IS TRYING in his way ( as we are here ) to keep many of the indigenous
grape varieties alive and that is hard, fun, stimulating and a challenge that we
are all up to as we hear requests so often for the most popular styles that
would be Prosecco, very few people have ever heard of the Durello grape. Let's
change that tonight. Cheers.

REGIS WILL TASTE a  vino spumante Extra Dry  from SETTE Ventiquattro that we
love because it is light and dry and refreshing and inexpensive for indoors or
outdoors activities, even in the heat of the day and the bright sunshine this
SETTE vino spumante is a true delight, and so very affordable, too. I expect we
will sell lots of it tonight and have to reorder. It will become a ' regular '
for these hot days of ours.

PLEASE TASTE with Regis tonight and be sure and let us know what you think, I
believe we have a winner here on our hands.

REGIS WILL ALSO TASTE tow of the semi-sparkling wines that are not from Italy :
1) Txakoli from Zarautz, a 2012 from MOKOROA that is clean and crisp and really,
really fresh and dry! ...  2)  FLORIS Moscato 2011 from Oregon that is so lovely
in it's delicate, ethereal sweetness-without-heaviness! Wow, I love it, really I
do. Great summer-spring-hot-weather-sipping all by itself ...

COME BE CHEERED ON BY the white Lambrusco from PALTRINIERI, Emilia , Italy that
Robert will pour for you all once again. We just discovered it and poured if for
Mother's Day already and so will pour it once again tonight as it is rare, fun
and unique. You will also try the red version, as well as the dry rose version '
Leclisse ' Lambrusco. DISCOVER - uncover the world that is Lambrusco that we all
do not know yet!

ROBERT WILL ALSO POUR from magnums tonight some 1) Lombardy 100% 2008 Lugana dry
white, ...  2) some  50% Luganan and 50% Chardonnay dry white, and some ... 3)
100% Chardonnay 2008 dry white - ALL 3 sparkling of course - ALL from the same
producer, ALL only available in magnums for special events and parties. ALL
really limited in availability, buy tonight or risk not seeing them again for a
very long time!

TASTE FOR THE VERY 1st TIME with Didier tonight the amazing wines of IL
MONTICINO : 2 to try : one sparkling 2012 , one not, a 2011 : made from the
Pignoletto indiginous grape variety and wonderful. I got to try both recently
with Didier and the owner and I was blown away. There is also a dry Barbera red
but I guess that it is out-of-stock as we were going to pour some here tonight?
Pas disponible Didier?!?

THE AMAZING THING was that last night on Memorial Day itself my daughter, wife
and I polished off the half-bottle that was left from the tasting with the owner
and with Didier a week ago. It's been sitting in our refrigerator waiting for
it's moment. It did not fail : still many bubbles, still fresh and full and rich
and vibrant and lively - a true delight! I was so pleased, everyone enjoyed it
so I did not say a word. That's a testament to the fine quality. Wow!

SO : COME JOIN US tonight and really enjoy, relax and learn something , too
about the wealth that is Italy in liquid sparkling form : a revelation, one that
we will all share here together tonight!

TONIGHT @ Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits : 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington D.C., 20008, Tel : 202-363-4265. Caio, a presto, gazie ...   TONY

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