Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Drank The Alain Voge 1983 Cornas Northern Rhone The Other Night, Sunday October 21st, 2012 With Barry, Katarina and Matt : Great Moment! GREAT WINE!

I was just able to add some more pictures above to complete the visual experience of this most extraordinary event on Sunday night at home with my friends and neighbors on October 21st, 2012 drinking the Alain Voge 1983 Cornas that was imported by World Shippers and bought by me when I worked at the Mayflower Wines & Spirits at the corner of M Streets N.W. and New Hampshire Avenue. Cheers, TONY
Ahhh yes, I forgot to mention that after the 1983 Alain Voge Cornas I did open a bottle of the 1983 Chateau Mouton Rothschild that was equally sublime in it's own way but that will have to wait for it's own blog. Cheers, TONY
This bottle was sublime, from start to finish. Imagine drinking a bottle of French dry Rhone red made in the northern town of Cornas in France's Rhone valley, made from the Syrah grape? Imagine that it is 29 years old and that when the cork was pulled on Sunday evening here in Annandale, Virginia that it looked like a young wine - a pretty brighter red color that shown bright and reflected the light of the day through it and looked so lovely and pretty? How could this be? How could the bouquet also be so compelling and draw me into it's realms so quickly and completely?!? I was in awe, I was mesmerized. I was pleased, teased and charmed ultimately. I must say that I was more than a willing disciple. The taste was also sublime, complete, forward, with good balance in all the components. Nothing was amiss, nothing was missing, the wine was holding beautifully and delivering a kaleidoscope of changing colors and flavors, smells and aromas and I was enjoying it all by itself without any goat's cheese or crackers that I had set out. I did not want to be distracted. I wanted to focus rightly all my energies on it as I grilled some steaks on our grill. The 1983 Cornas from Alain Voge was great from start to finish and it continued to deliver a full palate of flavors and tastes the whole time that it was open. I was never disappointed. Even at the end with the thick sediment it was still really wonderful. I tasted a bit of the grip and the grit from it and sure, it did subtly dry my tongue out some. I did not mind, I did not mind one bit. I smiled and reveled and wondered and was amused and thrilled and pleased and was feeling wonderful to have been taken along on such a wonderful adventure and journey. It was a thrill and an honor and I loved ever second that I could focus my full attentions on! I will post this now " as is " and finish it a bit later. I have included just one picture now but will include others later. Enjoy and cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn